Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cauliflower & less Voles!!

I am so excited to see that the cauliflower plants are producing heads! All all my plants have heads ranging in size from 1/2 inch to 2 1/2 inches. I was concerned due to the extremely hot weather we have been having.

Isn't that a beautiful site?

Alvin (the 90% blind cat) is finally catching voles again. He caught two in the past 2 days. I hope that no one is offended by this picture.


  1. I hope that no one is offended by this picture

    Oh, look! The little mouse went night-night ;-)

  2. Robin, that is one beautiful cauliflower head; mine have not quite begun to form - however, we have been enjoying broccoli. As for Alvin, can I borrow his services for a while. ;) Good kitty!

  3. The cauliflower looks wonderful! I think it's awesome that your kitty eliminated the vole.

  4. Offended? No! Maybe we could rent Alvin for a week or two? :P Congrats on the cauliflower. We didn't grow any this year, but we were equally concerned about our broccoli, that thankfully has survived our erratic weather. Won't be long, and you'll be having plenty of cauliflower for dinner!

  5. I totally need a kitty!

    Congrats on your cauliflower! How exciting. No signs of little heads here.

  6. Blind cat catching a mouse - that must be a great cat!

    Very pretty cauliflower. Mine are very small and no heads yet. Last year all my cauliflower heads turned black in a few weeks. I had nothing to harvest. I hope I will have more luck this year.

  7. Granny, Great statement!

    Di, EG, CV Farm, Thomas & Moj Vrt, Thanks everyone, Alvin can see very little. He can see movement if there is a contrast in color. It is funny to watch him walk around outside. He has our backyard and my son's memorized. His hearing is very good though. He will sit in one spot for days at a time and then reach in the mulch and pull out a vole! He just starting going out regularly and hunting again since he was attacked by that feral cat. My other cat (Miss Banana) hunts bunnies & chipmunks....but she brings them in the house alive!! That is always fun!

  8. I'm new to voles. They're in my son's animal book, so I've seen a drawing of one. Are they like a cross between a mouse and a mole?

    Nice cauliflower. I'm jealous...

  9. Kate, I'm really not sure. When I first moved here. I thought they were moles. Then my neighbor told me they were voles. These have no eyes though. So, maybe I should do a little more research on them.


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