Saturday, February 5, 2011

Little Garden Helper's Birthday

My "Little Garden Helper" is growing up so fast! Yesterday was his 3rd Birthday. My niece takes him to CC (you know the place with the big mouse) and that is where he wanted to have his Birthday party. I'm not going to post the 100+ pictures that I took...just a couple.

He had a great time playing lots of games, riding rides, climbing around and he had me jumping through an entire song!! That was a good work out get ready for all that upcoming garden work!

And then there was some Birthday Cake....not as good as Nana's...but, it was chocolate!


  1. So cute-Happy Birthday to the little man. He reminds me of my grandson--I haven't seen him since last July. It's hard being so far away.....

  2. Happy Birthday to him, looks like he had a ton of fun! PS, there is a CC in walking distance to our house, and I have never been inside. It's always very noisy with electronic games and such. :)

  3. What a darling boy! Such fun at that age!

  4. Happy birthday to him! It looks like he had a lot of fun!

  5. Sue, It must be very very hard having your grandson so far away.

    Mimi, I really don't like that place it's too noisy.

    Thanks Laura, he is getting to be so funny with some of the things that he says!

    ana, He had a great time!

  6. Oh, I remember going there when my boys were little. There was even a few times during one long, wet winter that I would take them just to play while I knitted and watched them. Very noisy, very visually stimulating. Not so bad in the late morning during the week, though. Course, that was 20 years ago! Ahhh, good times! Your little one looks so sweet. Glad you are able to spend time with him. I hope when we have grand kids they are that close.

  7. Happy birthday, little helper! My, what a big boy.

    Alicyn saw his photo and said "That me?" They do look a lot alike.


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