Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nasty Weather & A Fixed Tire

Mother Nature has not been cooperating with my gardening plans! I had planned to go back to the plots on Friday. Because of HER, I was not able to get back there until yesterday. I did get some work done and had planned to go back today to put up some more bunny fencing and take some pictures. Well, it is so dreary, damp and windy that I didn't go. The weather forecast is calling for rain and flood warnings Thursday and Friday. So it looks like I won't be going back there until Saturday. I really shouldn't complain since I have managed to get quite a bit done so far.

Although I'm in a bit of a mood, which is unusual for me. I do have these nice green herbs growing in the kitchen to bring a little Spring and sunshine in to the house.

Some Nice Basil

A little Cilantro

And a Fixed Tire!

Since it was too damp and windy to go out today, I wrestled with this wheel barrel tire for quite a while this morning. It has been flat and needed a tube put in it since last year. Well, I got that done! Now all I have to do is go outside and put it back on the wheel barrel!


  1. Your in-house herbs look great!

  2. Awesome! Do you want to come and fix my flat wheel barrel tire?

  3. I have a flat wheel barrel tire too... I know what you mean about the weather. We're having up to 25 cms of snow over the next two days followed by rain. Seriously???!!?

  4. It is times like this that we are reminded of who is really in charge!!

  5. I have a flat wheelbarrow tire too! Bummer, 'cause last year we filled it with that goop that's supposed to make the tire solid. I suppose the Arizona summer killed it.

    The herbs look great. I don't know why I don't try to grow some inside, because my lemon tree is loving the plant window, even if it is a north facing one.

  6. Lynda, Thanks they are growing nicely. I should have started some for inside much earlier. Now, I'm going to have to remember to start a lot more for outside!

    The Mom, I think that I will pass..that thing was a monster to fix!!

    OG, I really shouldn't complain...your weather is much much worse then ours.

    Patricia, I know....but, I want to be in charge!! I have a schedule to keep!!

    Granny, Since we have two, I didn't bother to fix this one last year. But now I need it for the plots.

    I started those down stairs in "Germinating Central" and just brought them up yesterday.

  7. Robin you are close enough to us to have similar weather. This week it is rain, rain, rain.

  8. I agree, Mother Nature is not cooperating with us. Doesn't she know we are itching to garden?!

    Your herbs look so healthy. I like to grow herbs in the winter on the kitchen windowsill too. They add a bit if freshness to dishes.

    I hope the weather cooperates with you soon.

  9. put a tube in your own tire? That's to be commended for...

  10. The herbs are looking great! I love the Thomas rain boots, too cute. PS, I sowed your hibiscus seeds today. I can't wait until they germinate!

  11. The weather here is awful too - blowing a gale at the moment.

  12. Hi Nellie, thanks for stopping by. The rain started here last night and is supposed to continue until some time tomorrow morning. Hopefully we won't have too much and I can get some work done starting on Saturday.

    Rachel, Mother Nature should stick to my schedule!

    EG, I have to say that putting a tube in that tire was not the easiest thing to do. It seems to be OK and is still holding the air this morning.

    mimi, My grandson just loves those boots! Those seeds are slow to germinate. I have one growing downstairs right now. I think that it took a couple of weeks to pop up.

    Sue, The winds have died down and we are having rain, rain, rain.

  13. A wheelbarrow tire? Now that was a chore! I replaced the tube in mine a couple of years ago, and it's no easy task. You need to be an octopus to have enough hands to make it all work at the same time without putting a hole in the new tube!

    Your herbs look very nice and healthy.

  14. I don't know if your going to get it over there, but on this side of the state we are due for 6-8 inches of stinking snow. I was going to get the peas in this weekend. :(

  15. VP, I wasn't in the best mood yesterday when I fixed, I think that helped!!

    Jane, We are not supposed to get any snow here, just rain today and tomorrow morning. It looks like your peas may have to wait another week :(

  16. I should grow herbs in my window, but never do. They sure are cheery. We are getting rain today and tomorrow. I really need to see the sun more. Constant clouds are depressing, but at least it isn't snow.

  17. Rain and more rain here, too - at least it means spring is coming!

  18. Your cilantro and basil look beautiful! That's great to know they'll grow so well indoors in a window. I have a short cilantro season due to the climate - I'll have to try this!


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