Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July Harvest Monday!!

There was a lot of harvesting this week here at the home garden and at the plots.

Tuesday, Lots of lettuce some MWC tomatoes and a big onion from the plots.

The garlic was harvested here at the house. The garlic is not as big as last year but they are still a good size. I think that 64 heads will get "The Italian" and I through the year. I still have some garlic left from last year which will be made into minced garlic for cooking. The garlic will be weighed and added to the harvest total once it has cured.

Two heads of Chinese Tatsoi from the home garden. I have never grown this before and we are excited to see what it tastes like!

The Tatsoi washed and baged weighed in at 17 oz.

Another Tuesday harvest.
The first head of cabbage was harvested at the plots. This variety is Red Acre. It was a small dense head and quite pretty. The cabbage is really starting to head up nicely over there. The Heritage Red Raspberries are being picked daily as is the Little Marvel shelling peas and snow peas.

The Red Acre cabbage was made into pickled cabbage for "The Italian". I have never made pickled cabbage before, I hope that it's what he has his heart set on. I also picked 4.5 oz. of Pepperocini Peppers at the plots and pickled them. I just love them and could eat them on just about anything. Thanks Thomas for the seeds....they are really producing well!

The carrots at the house are starting to look good.....and look at that Black Cherry Tomato! It weighed 1 oz all by itself!

The first Cherokee Purple of season was sliced on Sunday. "The Italian" made some nice fresh bread and we had tomato sandwiches for lunch! Now we want more!

The first Cocozelle Zucchini was harvested on Sunday. It was the one that I hand pollinated and weighed 1.5 lbs. We like to pick them before they get too big. I also harvested some more Heritage Raspberries, the first blackberry and the first of the Roadside Red Raspberries (They are the smaller ones around the edge)

Here we have the Great Onion Harvest! The smaller onions at the bottom of the photo are from the house and the larger onions are from the plots. You can't tell from the photo but the onions from the plots are huge! Even the onions from the house are a good size. I harvested 46 red onions and 45 white onions so far. They are all storage type onions and have to be cured for storage. After they are cured I will weigh them and add them to my total. I estimate the weight of the onions to be at around 20 lbs. I think that there is at least 100 more onions to be harvested at the plots. It looks like we will have plenty for the year!

Total weighed Harvest for the week: 12.25 lbs.
Cabbage - 20 oz.
Carrots - 4 oz.
Cauliflower - 3.5
Dill - Not weighed
Fava Beans - Will be weighed when shelled
Garlic - Will be weighed when cured
Lettuce - 21 oz
Onions - Will be weighed when cured
Oregano - Not weighed
  Little Marvel Shelled - 13 oz.
  Magnoila - 6.5 oz.
  Snow Peas - 29.5 oz.
  Bell Yellow - 3 oz.
  Cayenne - 1 oz.
  Paprika - 2 oz.
  Pepperocini - 4.5 oz.
Raspberries - Heritage - 37 oz.
  Black Cherry - 1 oz
  CP- 4 oz.
  MWC - 5 oz.
Tatsoi - 17 oz.
Zucchini - 24 oz

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  1. Oh my goodness! What a fantabulous harvest! Your garden and your plot are really amazing! You have really out done yourself. I love your onion harvest...mine was very weak this year...I got about 10 pounds...I'll have to buy from the farmers market this year. Again, your havest this week is over the top!

  2. Very nice variety! You just have to rub it in about those tomatoes though, don't you? ;-)

  3. What a great harvest-I'm particularly jealous of the Matt's Wild Cherry toms. I'm soooo far from tomatoes yet. Sigh.

  4. I like pickled red cabbage too but also love red cabbage braised

  5. Really jealous of that garlic as ours is a total disaster this year. The rest of your harvest looks fantastic.

  6. You are an amazing gardener! Such variety! You GO girl!

  7. What a huge, varied harvest! I bet you are happy with it all. I mean, I am ecstatic just looking at it!

    What varieties of onions do you grow, and why do you think the ones you grew at the house are smaller than the ones you grew at your plots?

  8. Thanks Lynda, It was a really good harvest week for sure. It seems like all of that hard work and sweat are starting to pay off! I'm especially excited about the onions. Last year I grew them from seed and the biggest was smaller then my smallest this year! Live and learn!

    Granny, You wouldn't believe how good that tomato was!!! :)

    Sue, Those Matt's have got to be the sweetest and most productive cherry tomato out there. We just love them. I dry them and they are as sweet as candy!

    Sue@GL, I hope that the pickled cabbage tastes good. The braised cabbage sound good too!

    Greenfingers, Sorry to hear about your garlic this year. I was afraid that this garlic wasn't going to be as big as it was. But, it turned out just fine.

    Tami, Thanks a bunch!!! I'm trying!

  9. Praire Cat, I am very happy to say the least. The onions are Copra (white, plants) Stuttergarter (white, sets) Red Baron (sets) & REd Zeppelin (plants). The plants are the biggest so far. I put the sets in later and didn't harvest many of those yet. So we shall see how big they get. All of the onions that I planted are supposed to be long storage type.

  10. Oh, wow! What a bountiful harvest. Garlic and onions look wonderful. My onions have a ways to go in comparison.

  11. Praire Cat, Forgot to answer your other question. I don't know why the onions are doing much better at the plots. They must like the soil over there better then here. There are a few crops that seem to be doing exceptionally well over there and some that aren't. This year I will definitely be able to figure out what to grow there and what to grow here.

    Rachel, This weeks harvest was definitely a good one! We are very pleased and hoping for many more bountiful harvests!

  12. Am I jealous or what??? Fabulous harvest! I'm tempted by Cherokee Purple tomatoes. I don't think they're available in our zone 4. Raspberries are yummy:)

  13. Beautiful variety this week!! Wowzas! I hope you like the tatsoi. I find it very tasty!! That's quite the garlic and onion haul!!

  14. Everything looks GOOD, what a beautiful harvest! Those Cherokee tomatoes I can taste right though the screen ...My harvest for Monday is nil! Only thing the Deer have completely distroyed the garden tomatoes and had the nerve to "dump" on my lawn :o(...this is a bad day.

  15. Great harvest and everything looks so healthy. The Cherokee purple looks like that perfect tomato. Hope you enjoyed it.

  16. RandomGardener, you really have to try the CP's they are just amazing!

    Ginny, You better get Cecil to do something about those deer getting into your garden. This is out of control! You need veggies to eat!

    Johanna, What a difference a year makes! Do you remember my onions from last year??? Complete failure

  17. I'm with Granny, you're killing me with those tomato shots! ;-) I have high hopes for our CP's this year. The vines are loaded with green ones.

    That pickled red cabbage is lovely. I'll bet it tastes good too. Happy 4th of July!

  18. Fantastic! Garlic is my favorite harvest, I never get tired of walking by my curing garlic hanging in bunches, enjoy!

  19. Wow! Those onions are a thing of beauty. They obviously like the location and sun availability at the plot. Your CP tomato is eye candy too. Yum!

    All your hardwork is now translating into glorious abundance. Just rewards for all the time you put in transforming that field into a working garden. Well done!

  20. Wow your harvests look great! I'm impressed with the onions and the cabbage. My cabbage never seems to form heads.

  21. Villager, I think it will be awhile before we have any more ripe CP's. I haven't seen any more of them blushing. We haven't tasted the cabbage yet. I think it's best to let it sit for awhile to get full flavor before eating. I always find that my pickles get better with age.

    Erin, I have the garlic hanging by the back smells heavenly!

    Thanks Laura, The onions must love that soil over there. My beds here at the house have better soil, are in full sun and the onions are half the size. Yes, it seems like my hard work over there is starting to pay off.

    Emily, I am so amazed at the onions! I have never had onions get that big. My cabbage is doing much better this year then it did last year. I just wish that the remaining cauliflower would do something.

  22. A recipe for braised red cabbage is here if you are interested. It freezes well and is even better heated up the day after cooking

  23. AWESOME harvest, Robin! Those onions and garlic look fantastic. So does the red cabbage. I can't wait for our first cherokee purple tomatoes. The one you have sliced is a beaut.

    Glad to hear that the pepperoncini is producing well.

  24. have tons of onions! And everything looks very nice...yummy! The pickled cabbage looks delicious.

  25. Sue, Thanks a bunch for the link to the recipe. We are definitely going to try it when I harvest the next head of red cabbage.

    Thomas, Those pepperocini plants are producing like mad! I am so so happy! I will definitely have plenty to keep me for the year!

    SageButterfly, The onions are really doing well this year. Hopefully we will have enough to store for most of the year.

  26. Gosh, that's an unbelievable amount for the week!

  27. Hello Robin, I am new to your lovely blog and wanted to let you know that I will be a regular reader. Your harvest is amazing. The only thing I can harvest is my herbs. I could not leave without mentioning that our youngest daughter is named Robin also.

  28. What a beautiful harvest. My onions don't seem to be anywhere near to being ready. I keep cheering them on. They are bulbing up though. I think for the first year I'll have a decent onion harvest. I grow both storage and sweet types, so some will have to get eaten up in not too long.

  29. EG, It was definitely a big harvest this week!

    Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by and all of your kind words. I'm going check out your blog. There aren't many Robins out there. I had only met one person named Robin until I was 45, that year I met 3!

    Daphne, Keep cheering those onions on! They will be ready before you know it!

  30. You're bringing it in strong now! I can't wait till your tomatoes really take off.

  31. WOW is all I can say, as everyone else has already said things I would have said. :-)

    Regarding different sized onions, I'm noticing the size difference in onions grown in two different beds just 3 feet apart in my garden. I planted exactly the same onions (from sets) into two different beds, and one bed is doing much better than the other one. They have same bed size, location, soil, everything. I guess it's all just part of the garden mystery.

  32. Jody, I can't and can wait about the tomatoes. I will be up to my ears in tomatoes and canning's going to be something!

    Minji, I think that onions are fussy. They always seem to vary quite a bit in size. But the ones growing at the plots are really loving it over there!

  33. Whoa, big beautiful varied harvest, your harvest work has paid off.


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