Monday, July 11, 2011

Harvest Monday...............07/11/2011

There were a lot of different veggies harvested this past week. Here are some pictures of what has been coming out of the garden. Click on any picture to enlarge.

Four heads of Romaine Lettuce and a few Black Cherry Tomatoes. We had some great Ceasar Salads this week!

Several Carrots of different varieties.
The carrots are starting to get ready

Peppers and Tomatoes.
The Pepperocini Peppers plants are loaded. I harvested them twice and there are a lot more to be picked today.

The Blackberries are starting to ripen. The bushes are loaded. We are definitely going to have a lot of berries. They are absolutely wonderful and sweet! The raspberries are about done.

The shelling peas are finally finished and the vines were pulled on Saturday. The Snow Peas were not nice at all. They were becoming very tough, even when small and developing peas right away. I pulled all the vines both here at the house and at the plots. Who wants tough Snow Peas? The purple peas are the only peas left and still producing nice peas. This may be the last week for them though.

As you can see, there are a lot of onions drying around here! Do you like the chairs with the onions drying on them? I removed the seats and hung the onions on them. I think that they look a little Hawaiian chairs with grass skirts on! I still haven't weighed the onions or the garlic yet. They will be added in to my total once they are cured.

Here are two more Cherokee Purples, a few Black Cherries and some MWC. They were all harvested on Sunday at the home garden.

Total weighed Harvest: 12.3875 lbs.

Blackberries - 14.5 oz.
Cabbage - Savoy - 2.25 lbs
Carrots - 8 oz
Herbs - not weighed
Lettuce - 2 lbs
Onions - To be weighed when cured
Peas - Little Marvel Shelled - 17.5 oz
Peas - Magnoila - 17 oz.
Peas - Snow - 6 oz.
   Bell - 3 oz
   Pepperocini - 12.5
Potatoes - Red - 5 oz
Raspberries - 16.5 oz
Tomatoes - 1 lb 14.2 oz

Stop by Daphne's Dandelions, our host of Harvest Monday and see what's happening in gardens around the globe!


  1. I was thinking those chairs looked like hawaiian skirts and then I read your comment about it - so YES! I did think they looked like Hawaiian grass skirts. :D

    That is quite a nice haul of onions - well done! Your Cherokee Purple tomatoes look scrumptious as well. Our black berry season starts in late August and runs into the first part of September. Our raspberry season is just getting underway. It's amazing how different and yet how much alike the different growing regions are.

  2. I'm envious of your big onions. My husband does not like raspberries or blackberries so no chance of ever growing those. My young blueberry bushes produced nothing this year so no berries of any kind for us.

  3. I'm dying for some tomatoes! I'll have to check today so see if any of the sungolds are close to ripening. Those purple podded peas are so interesting. I will have to put them on my list for next year.

    I have onion envy right now. This is the second year in a row that my onions are pitiful. I think my garden is just too shady for them.

  4. Berries!!! I would love to have some in the garden but no real room. I can't believe those peppers already. Nice harvest and all looks so healthy. Great onion crop. My peas were pulled yesterday.

  5. Those raspberries and blackberries look SO good! Are they from the canes that were in your plots?

  6. Yum! Your photo of your berries look absolutely beautiful.

  7. Wow, that's an impressive harvest for the week! I'm glad things are performing well for you...

  8. Your gardens have been so wonderful this year! I think you are about the only one! Keep up the awesome harvests and we can all slobber over it together :o)

  9. Very nice! Those pepperoncini are crazy, aren't they? I pickled several jars and still have loads on the plant, so I'm letting the next batch turn red to buy me some time LOL!

  10. Pretty, pretty purple peas! I think I need to add them to my garden next year. Things look so delicious, I may need to come and visit ;-)

    You have grown an amazing amount already this year, with the big guns, squashes, etc., to come. I am impressed.

  11. What a Harvest you have to be sure...I like the onion draped chairs too :o) you planted a lot of veggies and the results are beautiful, you really make me want more than my "Almost an Acre" do you think someone is hearing me? it's taking mighty long..:o)

  12. I know, I have tomatoes. Well, I picked three yesterday, so there! My MWC is up to the roof today, and I have no idea where to train it to next! I wonder when I'm going to get a ripe tomato from it?.

  13. I love those grass skirts! The bowl of berries is lovely. Our raspberries are done too, but the blackberries are coming on strong. Still waiting for my CP's to ripen, so I am enjoying seeing yours!

  14. Beautiful! beautiful! Need I say more?

  15. There is a thought - thatching iwth onions. :-)

  16. Those blackberries look so delicious. I wish I had some to make blackberry jam. That would be so good.

  17. The berries look divine! I love the onion drying set up :) What a great variety for the week.

  18. Everything looks beautiful...especially those big fat blackberries. :)

  19. Don't you just love cane-ripe blackberries? They are just so flavorful. Supermarket blackberries don't come close to it.

  20. I think the header picture was specially to tease me what with our poor pea harvest this year.

  21. Blackberries---oh yum, and the ONE THING I forgot to plant. Rats.

    Love the onion drying "racks"-how clever!

  22. Laura, My onion skirted Hawaiian chairs are working out pretty well. I even have room for more onions and more chairs as well! I can easliy move them under roof in case of rain!

    Marcia, This is the best onion harvest I have ever had. I think that they really like the soil at the plots.

    Thomas, The purple podded peas are producing quite well. We are also very happy with the taste. Last year I planted 129 onion seedlings and my total harvest weight was 3lbs!! It was a complete failure. I think that the bad soil, neglect and lots of sun at the plots are the trick!

    johanna, This is the first time that I have had raspberries and blackberries. We are so loving them!

    VP, yes, they are the berries that were at the plots. The blackberries are really doing well.

    Thanks gardenbliss, we are really enjoying the fresh berries!

  23. I am so impressed with your incredibly colorful harvests! Those berries, sigh, I'm just so envious... And those tomatoes - well, at least I can get some good ones at the farmer's market until mine show up some day.

  24. EG, Things are coming together after all that hard work!

    APGal, We're really grateful how well the gardens are doing this year. There should have been more prep work done at the plots and the weather has been challenging to say the least.

    Erin, Those pepperocini plants are crazy producers!! I have 4 plants. It's a good thing that I just love them and there are a couple of older Italian gardeners at the plots that I can give some to.

    Ali, The garden is coming along nicely and you will so love those purple peas!

    Ginny, maybe you need to try another approach :)

    Granny, Well you have the biggest onions on the net.....and some tomatoes too!! My MWC is way above the cage and is free ranging it now. Once that baby starts producing....there will be no stopping it!

  25. Villager, I'm happy that you are enjoying my CP's until yours are ready. Those grass skirts are just the cutest...aren't they?

    Hi RandomG, Thanks a bunch!

    Barbie, That's a great idea!

    Daphne, That's what I'm planning....some blackberry jam and a blackberry crumb pie :)

    Perdita, The onion drying set up is working well and looks cute too!

    Hi Hanni and thanks for stopping by! Those blackverries are mighty fine!

    Sherry, This is the first time that I have had them and they are to die for! The blackberries were already at the plots when we got them.....lucky us!

    Sue@GLA, I wasn't meaning to tease you, really. Maybe you can plant a fall crop.

    Sue, You can't remember everything. I forget what I did yesterday :)

  26. Michelle, Your tomatoes will show up...hopefully sooner then later!

    Hi Carol and thanks for stopping by!

  27. What a nice harvest week for you! The onions made me laugh! The things we gardeners do! Lettuce and tomatoes, wow! Look at you!

  28. hey there just found your blog. LOVE the pictures! looking forward to reading on :)

  29. Shawn Ann, Us gardeners can be pretty creative when it comes to the garden!

    Hi Mrs.Pickles, thanks for stopping by and following my blog! I'm going to hop over to your place and see what you are up to!

  30. Gorgeous, gorgeous harvests!!

  31. What a fantastic harvest! I am getting ready to harvest our onions, but I don't think I'll have enough to make skirts ;-)

  32. Megan, Thanks...we are very pleased!

    BeeGirl, Thanks for stopping by! This is my best onion harvest ever!

  33. Another impressive harvest! Did you just plant the raspberry canes for the first time this year and they produce berries during the first year?

  34. Minji, There were alot of raspberry canes at the plots. Those plants are producing quite a bit. I also planted some new canes this year and they are only producing a few raspberries.

  35. Beautiful and varied harvest, I am berry envy of your berries and tomatoes.


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