Monday, July 18, 2011

Harvest Monday..............7/18/2011

It's starting to get a little busy in the harvest and preserving department around here! The week started out with some nice pictures of some nice harvests.

A harvest from the plots on Monday

Some beautiful tomatoes from the home garden

A pretty picture of carrots

Yes, there has been a lot of harvesting around here this week. If you are a regular at my blog, you know about the potato harvest this week. I could take many pretty pictures of many pretty harvests...but, let's be realistic. This is what is really going on around here!

There are onions

hanging on the right side of the kitchen door and garlic hanging on the left side

and more

garlic hanging on the back porch


some more onions

every where you look there are


If you go into the dining room you will find

some Raspberry Jam waiting patiently to be labeled and moved to the cupboard in the basement

There are peppers

hanging from the pot rack drying, which will be made into Cayenne Pepper and Paprika Powder. There are herbs hanging where ever I can find a place to hang them.

I come home from the plots on Sunday to find "The Italian" jamming to Nellie, frying zucchini and making a nice red sauce for some zucchini parmesan. He made 3 to be frozen and used over the winter.

I cleared a few thing from the island to take this picture. The tomatoes are coming in, the zucchini ready to be made into parmesan, some cabbage, some peppers and who knows what else. In the background you can see some of the mess Erin.

Some pickled pepperoncinis and jalapenos!

That's just some of what's happening around here! Some people may think we're a little crazy...but, we just love it!

Total harvests weighed this week: 92.75 lbs!!!!!

Blackberries - 5lbs
   Red - 1 lb. 14 oz.
   Savoy - 1 lb. 8 oz.
Carrots - 12 oz.
Garlic - 5 lbs.
Onion - weighed this week for storage
   Red - 13.53 lbs (216.5 oz)
   White - 10.72 lbs (171.5 oz.)
Peas - Magnoila - 7.5 oz.
Peppers (Hot & Spice) - 15 oz.
   Sagre Red - 7.7 lbs
   Kennebecs - 23.06 lbs
Raspberries - 2 oz.
   Home garden - 17 lbs
   Plots - 2.5 lbs.
Zucchini - 2.5 lbs

Stop by Daphne's Dandelions, our host of Harvest Monday to see what's jammin in veggie gardens and kitchens around the globe!


  1. Wonderful harvest!!!
    And how nice to come home to a man cooking. Wow--you've got a good one there!

  2. Busy times. Isn't it great! Oh, those onions! I envy you! I just can't get mine to bulb up.

  3. You are busy over there and everything looks great. My tomatoes won't be ready for at least another week or two. Peppers are just fruiting and zucchini is finished. It is funny to see how close we live and how different our gardens can produce.

  4. Wow! Those harvests are keeping you busy. It all looks great.

  5. Sue, "The Italian" does all the ethnic cooking around here, Asian, Spanish and Italian of course. I'm the meat & potatoes cook and baker. He even helps with the canning when it gets really busy!

    VP, The busy times are just beginning....I think it's going to get crazy busy!

    johanna, I think your garden is a little confused this year :) Last year we were about the same.

    Emily, It's only just begun!

  6. Harvest time is better than Christmas. It all looks so good.

  7. Jane, I agree! Lots of good food to keep us eating well throughout the year!

  8. Garden chaos in the kitchen is a good kind of whirlwind to be in! The produce is really coming on now and you are going to be busy for the next many weeks as the summer garden hits it's high season at both your home garden and the plots.

    For those of us still waiting for the first full size tomatoes of the year - those big beauties on your counter are particularly appealing. :D

  9. It is the time of year for us gardeners to be busy! You will likely be really busy with the output from the plots. Happy harvesting! Looks like the vampires won't bother you with all that garlic. ;-)

  10. I wish we have that many onion and garlic to hang on the kitchen or porch! Those onion and garlic really look decorative and not just that must taste very good for the kitchen use.

  11. 92 pounds! Wow! You both have been busy this week and the majority of the tomatoes have yet to come into their own. Right?

  12. I LOVE all your hanging veggies! And I am jealous of your Raspberry jam! I made some last weekend but cooked it up too long ;) Now I have Raspberry Taffy ! hahah

  13. Robin, Harvesting is just in the beginning stages from my garden beds. I have harvested a few cucumbers and about a half dozen green peppers. The tomatoes are still pretty green yet but then again Rutgers always take their time ripening. Once they start ripening they can overwhelm me. It's a good thing I have neighbors that will take the overflow. It sure looks like you are in the thick of harvest and preservation. Yummy things will be consumed during those cold winter months. The plots have certainly been worth the effort haven't they?

    Have a great day in the garden.

  14. Laura, It has only just begun. I'm going to go crazy once the tomatoes really start coming in!

    Villager, I'm hoping that the output from the plots will drive me crazy!

    MKGirl, I really like the look of the onions, garlic and herbs hanging all of the place! The garlic is ready for long term storage now and also some of the onions.

    Marcia, Out of 42 tomato plants only 8 at the house and 2 at the plots are starting to ripen. It's going to be crazy!

    Allison, I'm sure that you can find something to do with that raspberry taffy!

  15. Now that's a serious onion harvest! Looking at everyone's garlic pics makes me soooo tempted to harvest mine. But I MUST resist!

    I'm still waiting on my large tomatoes. SOOOO frustrating!

  16. David, the plots are just starting to produce some summer veggies for harvesting! If you don't hear a peep out of me in a couple of's because I'm drowning in tomatoes and peppers!

  17. Thomas, you must be patient!!! I know it's hard for us gardeners to do that at times! Once your big tomatoes won't know what to do with all of them! Remember last year???

  18. Well, certainly no Vamps will be coming through your front door. LOL> Looks great!

  19. Robin, your doing terrific, I'm always complaining about my "Almost an Acre" but you and the "Italian" could really use a farm..I hope you have a big space for all the jars you will be canning :o)

  20. Thanks Barbie, I wish that garlic would keep some other pests away!

    Ginny, I do a lot of canning around here! I always lived on a farm until I moved here to marry "The Italian". I have to say that I have learned how to get the most out of a small garden (before I had the plots this year)

  21. Nice harvest! How do you get the seeds out of raspberries for jam? Onions and garlic look wonderful! Do they store for long?

  22. Looks great! You are definitely into pile-up season - that's what I call the counter this time of year LOL. Amazing amount of onions, I'm in awe! They don't do well here :(

  23. Our onions are still growing and going strong so I'm hoping for a great harvest

  24. RandomGardener, I remove some (about half) of the seeds with an old food mill that was my grandmother's. You can buy a new one, but they are a bit pricey. I am sure you could find one at a yard sale or flea market for a couple of bucks.

    My garlic will store for an entire year. I still have some left from last year. The onions I planted are long storage type. We will see how long they last as this is the first year that I have had enough for more then a couple of months of storage.

    Erin, This is going to be one heck of a pile-up season. I have to get myself more organized and keep the kitchen table clear of everything except my computer monitor! Doesn't everyone have a big flat screen monitor in their kitchen??

    Sue, If your onions are still hanging in there, you will most likely have a great harvest!! I still have quite a few in the ground at the plots. They are flopping over every they might be finished this week.

  25. Good heavens, girl! You don't have a garden, you have a farm! Ninety-two pounds in one week? Just...WOW!

  26. Granny, that's what my mother in-law calls the plots....the farm! I could have hit 100 if I harvested the celery. I just didn't have the time to deal with it yesterday though. I think I will harvest it tomorrow. I'm up to my ears in freezing and canning today and I need a nap!

  27. Wow what a harvest. I can't wait for my onions to be ready, but I think they won't get pulled until August if other years are any indication. The sweet onions however are starting to look close to ready.

  28. Oh my goodness I love your harvest! Everything is so pretty! Love the stuff hanging everywhere...but now your scaring me! ;) My husband keeps telling me I am getting in over my head, and thinking about all I will have to do once everything starts coming in looks overwhelming! Hope I can do it with three little buggers buzzing around me all day! They'll be in school in a few weeks (2 of them), maybe that will help! Ha !

  29. Great Harvest! It makes me want to wish away the next month so I will be able to harvest too!! Lol

  30. Daphne, It was a big harvest for sure! August is only a couple of weeks away!

    Shawn Ann, If you can raise three children, you will have no problem putting up some veggies!! My children never went back to school until after Labor Day...poor kids!

    Mrs.Pickles, Next month will be here before you know it!

  31. Wow. Just---wow. I'm in jaw-dropping envy over your amazing harvest!!!! Great work!

  32. I am having an attack of major harvest envy here! My poor garden is limping along and I may have to shoot my poor shivering tomatoes to put them out of their misery. Someone just did a study ... we have had a total of 78 MINUTES over 80 degrees this summer!

  33. Thanks Dorothy, all of the hard work is starting to pay off!

    Deb, Just calm down and please don't shoot your tomatoes. The weather this year has just been horrible everywhere. We have had more heat waves then I can count and no rain for quite some time. I wish that Mother Nature would calm down and come to a happy medium for all of us!

  34. I'm throwing in the towel and moving next door to you!

  35. Whoa, almost 93 lbs in one week, look at those maters, peppers, and onions, congrats on your harvest.

  36. We're coming with the Apple Pie Gal! 90+ pounds in one week! And 5 pounds of blackberries! If I remember right, you inherited those beauties at the plot and cleaned them up for a new season. Is that right?

  37. APGal, I've got a tough week ahead of me weather wise, extreme heat and no rain in the forecast! So, don't be so quick to run!

    Mac, Thanks a bunch. We are going into another extreme heat wave, so I'm going to really be earning my harvests this week!

    Jody, Yes, those blackberries were at the plots when we got them. Hey, how did you manage to get some rain yesterday??? We didn't get a single drop!


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