Monday, August 1, 2011

Harvest Monday........8/01/2011

The rain last Monday definitely put the tomatoes in full swing! Tuesday was the biggest overall tomato harvest day. The tomatoes harvested that day were the worst of the tomatoes this past week. Many were cracked, deformed and didn't want to ripen correctly....but, we love them anyway!

Here are some (not all) of the harvests from the past week.






I think that you get the picture....We're up to our ears in tomatoes!! I think that "The Italian" will get his much needed 100 jars of tomatoes this year!!

Total weighed harvests this week: 106.0125 lbs!!

Cantaloupe (1st of the season) - 28 oz.
Carrots (last of the spring planting) - 9 oz
   Lunga Violetta Di Firenze - 13 oz.
   Rosa Bianca - 30.5 oz.
   Red - 51 oz.
   White - 36 oz.
   Corno Di Toro - 11 oz.
   Quadrato Rosso D'Asti - 7.2 oz.
   Paprika - 6 oz.
   Pimento - 11 oz.
   Jalapeno - 13 oz.
   Pepperoncini - 11 oz.
   Serrano - 11 oz.
Tomatoes - 1442 oz. - 90.125 lbs.
Zucchini - 20 oz.

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  1. Looks like you had a good week. Everything looks fresh and yummy. You're going to be a canning machine with all those tomatoes. Happy Eating! I have a glass top stove, so I'm looking for a hot plate large enough to handle a canner. Any suggestions?

  2. So, who does the actual canning? If it's you, I sure hope the Italian does some clean-up (besides eating it!!)

    Your tomatoes look so yummy. I'm getting quite iimpatient waiting for mine!

  3. That is a lot of tomatoes - ours are just ripening steadily at the moment. Not outside though as we can't grow them outside because of blight!

  4. rmgales, I'm definitely starting to feel like a canning machine. I have no idea where you can find a large hot plate. I would search the internet. My stove top is half glass and half solid metal burners (I think it's the oldest Jenn-Air stove still in use!) I think that I have put my canner on the glass top burner before. It's at the back so I use the big metal one in the front on the other side for the canner.

    Sue, I do 95% of the canning around here, maybe more. "The Italian" does help with canning when we can peaches and pears....but, he does a lot of the cooking! He usually makes dinner and on the weekends he cooks breakfast and lunch.

    Sue, The first of the tomatoes harvested weren't all that nice. I think it was due to the excessive heat and drought conditions. They are getting much better now. I would go crazy trying to grow all of our tomatoes inside!

  5. Wow! 106+ pounds is awesome! Cracks or not, they are still good in the belly!

  6. Lots of tomatoes. You are going to be busy. I can't believe you have over 90 lbs of tomatoes. They look really good.

  7. You did have a big week of tomatoes! I had a hard time dealing with our 40lbs last week. The freezer is filling up, which is a good thing. Happy canning!

  8. Your harvest looks wonderful! I am still taping my fingers waiting for something to ripen. Im jealous.

  9. Hooray for tomato season! Your tomatoes look wonderful.

  10. I can't wait to see what he does with them all!

  11. Robin, those tomato harvest days that every gardener waits for are finally here. My five tomato plants have produced four luscious tomatoes so far with lots more on the way. The real story is cucumbers this year. They have tried to take over the world. One of my cucumbers tried to go courting by crawling along the top of the chain link fence and entwine with the cute bush ten feet away. A few days later the vine that went a courting withered and died. It think it was from rejection from the cute little bush. I suspect it was from a broken heart. Have a great day in the garden.

  12. Show off! (somebody who wishes those were her tomatoes :o) What a bounty..the slugs didn't visit your garden they like mine best :o(

  13. Johanna, I'm one busy gal already!! There's lots of canning going on around here and no space to move in the kitchen!

    Villager, I'm definitely doing the Can Can!

    Jane, Your garden will ripen sooner or later....that grand new stove is just waiting to get going!!

    Emily, Hooray for sure!!

    Barbie, Over the winter I will post some nice dishes "The Italian" makes.

    David, It sounds like there's a lot of hanky panky going on in your garden :) Enjoy those tasty tomatoes!!

    Ginny, You better not be sending those slugs up my way!! What would "The Italian" do without at least 100 jars of tomatoes???

  14. great work - my 'maters are starting to come in now. whoot!

  15. How exciting to see a melon in the pictures as well! I hope it's a good one for you :)

  16. Wow, that's a lotta 'maters!!! Enjoy!

  17. Thats one heck of a harvest! 90lbs of tomatoes. I think I would faint and then dance for joy! Do you just can them whole or do a bunch of different things?

  18. LOL, you've turned into a real farmer. Over 90 pounds of tomatoes this week? That's just obscene!

    You dun good, girlfriend.

  19. Wowza! Great tomato harvest this week! Your recent heatwave really helped put a move on the heat loving crops.

  20. Wow! Your getting a lot of tomatoes! How many plants do you have? I missed it if you already said. You have lots of other pretty stuff too!

  21. So has the tomato canning begun? That is a lot!

  22. I have tomato envy, big time! Mine are still blooming (:

  23. Whoa! Looks like a great harvest for you this week! Spread that good growing luck around!!

  24. OhioFG, you said it!

    Perdita, Oh, that cantaloupe was yummy!

    Dorothy, We are in tomato heaven!

    Mrs.P, It's definitely a lot of tomatoes. I can some plain, make salsa, catsup and will probably make some tomato juice this year.

    Granny, It's a bit crazy. My kitchen is a complete mess!

    Laura, The heat and then the rain really set everything into full swing around here...for sure!

    Shawn Ann, I have 32 plants at the plots and 10 at the home garden.

    Marcia, Oh yes, the canning has begun and it's a real mess around here.

    RandomG, Your tomatoes will arrive before you know it. You can always come over here and help me can!

    Ben, I'll try to send some of the good growing luck your way...maybe FedEX, next day??

  25. hey i saw your mention over at TMVG! yay! how fun

  26. Whoohoo the first cantaloupe. And my goodness you have a lot of tomatoes. I've started my tomato canning for the season. We will see how many I get. The tomatoes are putting out well now, but they aren't setting anymore. I think in two weeks a lot of my tomatoes will be done if they don't start setting more. But more may be too late at this point anyway.

  27. Gees Robin, you are drowning in tomatoes! That's so awesome. How many plants did you grow this year?

  28. 100 jars of tomatoes! What a great goal! I wish we had gotten 100 tomatoes out of our garden this year! Your harvests look wonderful.

  29. Wow, great harvest, lots of maters.

  30. OhioFG, Blondie here figured it out!

    Daphne, That really bad heat spell definitely stopped the plants from setting fruit! We shall see if we get a nice second flush of tomatoes later in the season.

    Thomas, I have 32 plants at the plots and 10 at the house.

    Hi there HolleyGarden. thanks for stopping by and following my blog! 100 jars is the estimate that "The Italian" figured would get him through the year.

    Mac, Yes, we definitely have a lot of maters around here!

  31. We've got to talk about tomatoes. Next year we're following your lead for sure.

  32. Jody, It's been a tough year for the tomatoes. I only have a few varieties that aren't splitting and rippening correctly....and some of those are taking their grand old time rippening. I've definitely made up my mind about certain varieties and how many I'm going to plant of each next year!

  33. What a great harvest of tomatoes. I'm still waiting for the heirlooms to start to ripen. Hopefully in the next week or so.

  34. APGal, I just found your comment in the Spam....what's with that? Yes, they are definitely good in the tummy!!

    Hi Karen, Oh, it's a great day when those heirlooms start to ripen!

  35. Hi Cassy, yes, I have been getting a lot of cracking in my tomatoes this year. I take the cracked tomatoes and cut them up and cook them down to make tomato puree and then can it. We don't want to waste anything around here.


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