Monday, August 22, 2011

Harvest Monday..........8/22/2011

The harvests slowed down significantly this week due to the diseased tomato plants at the plots. We did however, have some unusual firsts for this time of the year. I didn't take a lot of pictures of the harvests this week as we were very busy with family, life and I was doing a lot of this......

Yep....the "Can Can"!!

I had to harvest two leeks from the home garden this week. I usually don't start harvesting the leeks until the fall. However, these two were a good size and the outer layer was starting to get a little slimy. I guess it was from the weather. The remaining leeks at the home garden and plots look fine and hopefully won't need to be harvested until much later this year or next. We really enjoy harvesting fresh leeks from the garden during the fall and winter to enjoy in Leek & Potato Soup on a cold day.

The first Purple Pole beans were harvested this week. I sowed the seeds very late in the season and they just started to produce this past week.

The first and only Orange Field Pumpkin of this year was harvested this week.

Total Harvest for the week: 41.71875 lbs.

Beans, Puple Pole - 8 oz.
    Burr - 6 oz.
    Japanese & Slicing - 52 oz.
Eggplant - 25 oz.
Leeks - 9 oz.
    Sweet - 58 oz.
    Hot & Spice - 35 oz.
Pumpkin - 96 oz. (6 lbs)
Tomatoes - 355.5 oz. (22.22 lbs)
Zucchini - 23 oz.

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  1. That's a picture perfect pumpkin!!!

  2. Sorry to hear about your tomatoes. Ours have been a disaster all season. The leeks sure look good. It's nice to know they can overwinter. Your canning stores must be growing by the dozens. It's such a busy time of year.

  3. Nice harvest for the week. Been lucky with the tomato plants this year they still look real health now if only the tomatoes would grow.

    Canning looks wonderful. Am ready to start but the garden isn't and next week is our first chance of frost but only 10% chance but only about 4 more weeks before have to really start worrying.

  4. You still managed to bring in over 22 lbs of tomatoes this week despite the disease problem - pretty amazing! The canning efforts look great.

  5. Your canned tomatoes look wonderful and delicious! So
    do the pickles..Will you be canning that pumpkin for pies? You've had a wonderful harvest.

  6. Thanks Dorothy, It's my first one ever!

    Jody, I think that I have put up about 200 jars of goodies so far this year! I don't think we will go hungry this winter!

    Wilderness, Boy you have a short gardening season there! Hopefully you will get your canning in before the frost hits!

    Laura, The plants at the plots are still the same. I thought that I would have to pull them on Saturday. We will see how they look tomorrow!

    Ginny, I've definitely got a lot of tomatoes and tomato puree put up for "The Italian"! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the field pumpkin yet. I have other squash that will be good for pies and baking.

    Allison, Thanks....we love it too!

  7. I'm glad you got to can! I'm almost done with my 25# of cucumbers (don't ask...LOL) and will get started on the 34# of peaches. Still no tomatoes for canning. Those leeks are gorgeous! My spring sowed batch didn't do well. I'll try again though. Beautiful pumpkin!! It reminds me that fall is right around the corner!

  8. Nice harvest Robin! I have one pumpkin this year as well but it's still mighty green and the stem is about to snap as it is lying on top of the fence. Oh well, better luck next year I guess.

    Are those little sour gherkins? They look really interesting.

  9. Funny how Mamma Nature just turns the tap off one day, isn't it? It ALL looks good!

  10. Are those chocolate cherry tomatoes? I grew those for the first time this year and they are wonderful. Your harvest looks great.

  11. Holly, I have put up a lot so far this year. My last count I was at 150 jars and I've canned more since then! I don't know what I would do with all the cucs you have! Last year I had so many that I finally just pulled the plants!

    Thomas, I think that those are a type of Burr Gherkin cuc. The seed was different then what I thought that I was buying. We haven't tasted them yet....I'll let you know!

    Tami, I really should have gotten a lot more tomatoes then we got so far this year. I'm not going to complain though....we have plenty put up for the winter!

    Jane, Those are Black Cherry tomatoes. This is the first year that I have grown them and we just love them. I will have saved seeds if you want some later this year!

  12. Our leeks are nowhere near ready for harvesting but when the are some will definitely make their way into leek and potato soup!

  13. Gesh your legs must be sore from doing all that can-caning :) Nice harvest though! That pumpkin is just perfect and i am very jealous of your leeks!

  14. Beautiful punkin! It's great to get even when you only get one.

  15. Sue, I have never had leeks ready at this time of the year. I usually don't harvest any until around October. It must have been our strange weather this summer.

    Mrs.Pickles, My legs are's the feet that get tired from all that can-caning!

    Barbie, We love our one and only pumpkin!

  16. I don't think there is anything prettier than homecanned bounty! Except maybe that pumpkin :o)

  17. Look at that pumpkin! It's great! And all those jars sitting on your counter just look like a gift! What kind of purple pole beans are those? Do they produce well? I have been growing royal burgundy bush and they just are not heavy producers!

  18. Whoa~that's a lot of "can can", how many tomato plants you have?
    The pumpkin picture is very pretty, love it.

  19. APGal, I agree, there is nothing prettier then canned goods!

    Shawn Ann, The beans are Deans Purple Pole. Yes they are pretty prolific.

    Mac, I have 42 tomato plants this year. It looks like I will get the same amount of tomatoes as I got last year with 16! It's not going to be a good tomato year....but, we have plenty put up for the year.

  20. I love all those jars. Home canned jars are just so pretty. The metal ones from the store are so ugly in comparison.

  21. Wow, that pumpkin does not get much better than that!!

  22. Everything looks beautiful, but I must say, that is one fine pumpkin.


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