Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Nice Neighbor & A Bad Critter

The other day, I took my neighbor (the wine collector) three nice Heirloom Tomatoes....and look what he brought over

A bottle of wine! I'm thinking that I should just give them three at a time....maybe that way we can get stocked up in wine for the winter :)

This morning I went over to the plots. Of course, I didn't have my camera with me. I was just going to do a quick picking and get back home. It rained all day yesterday and we were supposed to have thunder storms off and on all day today. Well, I have a couple of plants that needed added support. Then I found that someone has been eating the bell peppers! Three of the ripe Pimento Peppers were completely eaten. There was nothing left but the tops on the plant. There were about a dozen more that were either completely eaten or mostly eaten! Then there were these

The pepper in the front is a Pimento. That one was not salvagable. The other peppers had just a little bite out of each one. Not all was lost. I gave these along with another 9 or so peppers to my mother in-law. She froze some and roasted the rest.

That critter also tried to eat 3 nice ripe cantaloupe! There were just a couple of teeth marks on, I gathered them up and brought them home!

I did find the groundhog hole by the side of the cold frame. Now that I'm done doing the "can can" for the day, I have to go back over there and take care of that dang critter!


  1. I hate the way critters feel the need to sample SO MANY--why not eat ONE and be done with it. It's frustrating. I sure hope you get him!

  2. Oh no!! We don't have groundhogs here so the image I've conjured up makes me giggle but this is definitely no laughing matter!!!! Good luck keeping it out.

  3. Ouch! A ground hog! They can make a mess of things. I read about a mix to keep them away. Emily was going to try it when she saw one in her garden.

    4 T dry mustard, 3 T cayenne pepper, 2 T chili powder, 2 t cloves, 1 T hot sauce, 2 qts warm water. Mix all together in a watering can and sprinkle solution around perimeter of garden or anyplace you don't want the critters.

    Another remedy was sprinkle ground pepper on the ground but with all the rain that may wash out too fast.

    Good luck and see you Friday morning.

  4. Well that is not good at all!! At least you have some wine to drown your sorrows.

  5. Sue, I agree! I'm working on it.

    Mrs.Bok, I just came back from there and cannot find where the bugger got in from the other side!

    Marcia, I'm going to try a couple of things and see what happens.

    Mrs.P, Nope, not good. Maybe I should break open that bottle of wine!

  6. I'm always amazed that critters will eat peppers. I don't begrduge the critters' right to an existence but I wish they would stay away from MY garden - eat what Mother Nature provides, not Mother foodgardenkitchen :)

    We've had several half-eaten tomatoes on the vine recently. I'm sure it's the squirrels. Can't they just go ahead and eat the *whole* tomato??! And it looks like a deer ate all the leaves off of one pepper plant but left the actual peppers...

  7. 3 tomatoes = 1 bottle wine, now that is a good exchange rate!!

  8. Perdita, You wouldn't think that critters would eat peppers like that! It definitely loved my Pimento peppers. It ate 3 or 4 whole pimento peppers. Those critters should have better manners and eat a whole veggie and quit nibbling on everything!

    Jane, I knew you would pick up on that! How about it...I'm keeping the tomatoes to a little at a time. That way we'll get a good stock of wine for the winter. Then I'll start bringing them some canned at a time!

  9. Too bad about those peppers, but dang I wish I had people give me wine for my tomatoes. I keep giving them away, to just about everyone. And I never get wine.

  10. We have enough problems with slugs so I'm glad we don't have ground-hogs to add to our problems.

  11. Daphne, My neighbor is so funny. He recently retired and is having a blast. The UPS truck shows up constantly with cases of wine. His wife just shakes her head! He even gives me wine for lettuce!

    Sue, I hope that I get this bugger under control. I have broccoli and cauliflower to plant soon!

  12. Given your abundance of tomatoes - you should manage to get the wine cellar filled in short order. ;D

  13. I have had something sizeable feasting on my stuff as well, at least I know it's not a groundhog, we don't have them here LOL... sure has been a lot of people having trouble with them this year!

  14. For the first time ever, I found bite marks in a couple of my big tomatoes. I'm pretty sure it was a squirrel, as they were situated right where they come along the fence. No real damage, just a bit of broken skin.


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