Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tomatoes, Artichokes, Peppers, Peas & Little Cukes

The tomato plants are really taking off. Thirteen of the nineteen plants have tomatoes on them already! Two of the nineteen plants have yet to be planted. They are from the seeds that I received from Italy. I will probably plant them this weekend.

Tiffen Mennonite - Similar to a Brandywine

Eva's Purple Ball - This variety is very prolific and ripens early

Matt's Wild Cherry - a/k/a Garden Helper's Tomato

Long Winter Storage
This is the first time I have planted a winter storage type.

Imperial Artichoke
Thomas, I lied...this is one of the first batch of plants that I received. It is a bit bigger then your artichokes.

Serrano Pepper
The pepper plants are doing much better since I gave them a nice shot of fish & seaweed fertilizer. Thanks MojVrt for mentioning the fertilizer.

Little Marvel Peas
They are almost ready to pick....just a few more days!

Cucumber seedlings are coming up after only being planted 6 days prior to this picture. I was surprised to see them since we haven't had much rain.


  1. Oh, my. You have tomatoes! I do have a few teensy tiny ones, but nowhere as large as yours. I'm growing an Eva Purple Ball, too. Matt's Wild cherry is on my wish list for next year.

  2. You are very welcome. Peppers and tomatoes do need a lot of nutrients.
    Tomatoes look wonderful! You will be harvesting them in a few weeks. I still have only flowers on mine.
    That cucumber seedling did come up fast, mine took two weeks.

  3. Granny, I will have plenty of seeds to fulfill your wish.

    MojVrt, I guess the peppers just needed that little extra boost.

  4. Thank you, Robin! I'll cross Matt's off my wish list :-) I have a lot of varieties I can share with you, if you'd like. I'm going to be more careful with my taste testing this year, and only grow (and share) the ones I absolutely love.

  5. Granny, You are very welcome. Last year we did a tomato tasting at a family gathering. We took notes on flavor and uses. It was really helpful with my planning this year.

  6. Your tomatoes are a great deal ahead of mine! I'm jealous. I think some of mine may be having trouble setting fruit.


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