Sunday, June 6, 2010


The pill bugs are taking over the bed where I have planted my purple pole beans! Last year we lost the pole beans to a hungry groundhog. I sprinkled diatomaceous earth in the bed yesterday when I noticed that they were eating the beans as they were popping up. Does anyone have a good organic solution to this problem??

Look at them munching away right in front of me!!


  1. Oh, I didn’t know that those eat beans. I have seen them, but never noticed any damage on plants.
    I don’t know the solution to your problem. I hope you solve it soon.

  2. I'll be watching for an answer to this problem, as they've been munching on my stuff too! I've done an on line search, but not found an answer. Most responses are adamant that pill bugs do not eat green vegetation, just decaying matter. I say "rubbish"! I've seen them eating everything from cabbage to marigolds. They'll easily take down a 6" marigold in one night.

  3. I am going to try beer tonight. I did find one search that said beer in containers would work on pill bugs too.

    Granny...I had 3 marigolds disappear overnight in another bed. I bet it was the pill bugs!

  4. Oh gees, I didn't know they were such a problem. I need to do some research then as I'm starting to notice them in the garden. Strange how some bugs seem to come from nowhere.

  5. yes, pillbugs will eat plants. I get them in my strawberries. But I haven't noticed them yet. Gardens Alive has Escago Supreme and it says it is good for pillbugs. I notice the pillbugs like places where they can hide, like holes in rocks or cracks in soil. I've added more decomposed compost, making deeper earth and it seems to deter them.

  6. Oh what a coincidence! I posted about pill bugs today, but I have quite a different take on them. You may enjoy my view:

  7. I have a lot of pill bugs, as well. They were eating my narrow leaf zinnias.

    I have learned that they usually don't bother plants unless they are young, tender and close to the ground.

    You can put a band of insecticidal dust around your little plants until they mature and the pill bugs should leave them alone.

    The more organic matter you have in your soil the more pill bugs you will have.

    My narrow leaf zinnias are mature and not being bothered anymore.

    I find a lot of good info at the aggie horticultural site. Good luck. :)

  8. Gloria, Meredehuit & Amy: Thanks for the suggestions and comments. I seem to have the pill bug problem under control. It looks like the diatomaceous earth has worked. I guess that it just takes a couple of days.


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