Monday, June 7, 2010

Harvest Monday

We had a pretty good harvest this week. The spring spinach is finished. It really starting bolting with all of this hot weather we have been having. I am really pleased with the amount of spinach from this planting. I think that I will plant some heat tolerant spinach this week and see how it does.

We also had a very nice harvest of snow peas, some broccoli, lots of herbs, lettuce, scapes, one lone leek (overwintered by mistake) and strawberries.

I have already started to dry some herbs and have been freezing some of the vegetables and strawberries. I have found that drying the basil and parsley in the oven on the lowest temperature with the convection setting, is working really well. The parsley & basil have never dried with such a nice green color.

Basket of mixed lettuce, broccoli and wonderful snow peas!

Salad of mixed lettuce, strawberries and roasted almonds.

We had dinner at my sister-in-laws this past week. She made a really nice dressing with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, strawberry honey (from Italy) and a little sugar. It was great on this salad!

Ahh.....mojito made with fresh mint, nice on a hot day!

 Harvest total for the week:  9 lbs. 15 oz.

Broccoli - 9 oz.
Herbs - 9 oz.
Leeks - (overwintered) 6 oz.
Lettuce - 1 lb.
Scapes - 12 oz.
Snow Peas - 2 lbs. 2 oz.
Spinach - 1 lb. 3 oz.
Strawberries - 3 lbs. 6 oz.


  1. I would love to have some broccoli to harvest. Instead, I have just sowed it for a fall harvest.
    There is nothing like a cool drink on a hot summer day!

  2. Great harvest. The salad with strawberries and almonds looks wonderful.

  3. Nice harvest! Umm....what's a mojito? An adult beverage?

  4. That salad look REALLY yummy. And I wish I had broccoli that looked that good!

  5. Mmm... strawberries and mojitos... oh and salad too! Nice harvest.

  6. MojVrt, The broccoli was not that productive due to the extreme weather. I am hoping to plant more for the fall also.

    GrafixMuse, Thanks, The salad recipe came from my sister-in-law. It is really really good.

    EG, A mojito is an adult beverage made with rum, lime, mint and a few other things. I am going to post some recipes later this week. It will be included since "The Italian" has mastered it.

    Thomas, Thank you. The salad was great. I just harvested another head of broccoli this morning. I have only one plant left. The broccoli really didn't do as well as I had hoped.

  7. Looks delicious! My peas are nowhere near harvesting. i think i have one flower.

  8. OG, Everything tasted so good last week. We had such a heat spell. It finally cooled off last night.

    Johanna, Thanks...The snow peas are slowing down. I did harvest some regular peas this morning though. Your peas will be ready soon.

  9. What a beautiful harvest basket. I love fruit in my green salads but I've not tried strawberries, that looks too good to pass up.

  10. Lovely harvest! My neighbor makes a mango, strawberry and mixed greens salad with a balsamic vinegar/oil/sugar dressing that is really good. Of course, no green salad with fruit will ever pass Mr. Granny's lips. He just doesn't know what's good! I almost always use balsamic vinegar/oil/sugar on my salads. I usually just shake it up in a jar, but this last time I put the ingredients in the blender. When I poured it on my salad, I couldn't help but notice it looked exactly like the fish fertilizer I'd used in the garden earlier that day! I'm going back to the shake in a jar method ;-)

  11. Michelle, This was the first time that I made a green salad with fruit in it. I'm now wondering why??

    Granny, I really like dressing made with balsamic vinegar too. It's what I use 90% of the time. Please go back to mixing your dressing in a jar!!

  12. Now that is what I could use about now - a mojito. Sadly all my mint is at the other house. Maybe I'll dig one of those pots up and bring it here. Wonderful harvest!

  13. Daphne, I think that you may need two! You better run over and get that mint!

  14. Your harvest is beautiful and the salad looks soooo yummy! That's great to know that your herbs stay green with the convection setting - I'll have to try that as my herbs look sort of brown when I hang them to dry them.

  15. I love strawberries on lettuce! That salad is gorgeous. The mojito looks pretty good too. ;-)

    Add me to the list of fans of balsamic vinegar. It's on most of our lettuce salads too. I don't add sugar though.

    Our spinach bolted weeks ago. It's amazing yours has held on so long.

  16. Oh yum!
    Nothing to harvest in my garden yet!

  17. Looks good! Can't wait for my broccoli to produce.

  18. Jane, Yes the convection setting works great on the parsley & basil. Let me know how it works for you.

    Villager, My spinach was late starting. It wouldn't grow until I left town. We don't usually add sugar to our dressing either, just some herbs. In this case the honey & bit of sugar was really good.

    Meredehuit, Before you know will be tired of harvesting. It's almost that time of the season.

    Dan, Thanks a bunch. I hope that you have better luck with your broccoli then I did. Mine bolted from the extreme hot, the heads were small.


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