Wednesday, March 2, 2011

There's some Growing on in the Basement!

It looks like the germinating season is moving along! Right now I have many seedlings at various stages growing in the basement. This is just the beginning and the shuffling has already begun! I have not had too many problems so far. The leeks and celery seem to be taking for ever, but that is normal. I had originally sown both with some older seed in hopes that the seed would still be good. Well, I re-seeded both with some new seed and threw out the old.

This is the first time that I have started some spinach inside and the results have been so so. A few of the early tomatoes have formed their true leaves and my "Little Garden Helper's sunflowers are already out of control! All of the herbs including the Rosemary are doing very well.

And so it begins!!


  1. Oh yes! I just love seeing others' propagation results....

  2. I sowed my old stuff first, too! It seems that I can't bear to part with it unless necessary :) Your seedlings are looking great!

  3. Your seedlings make mine look like midgets....but I'll catch up!

  4. Your basement looks like my family room...I have seedlings EVERYWHERE! I just had the celery germinate: it took 3 weeks!

  5. Very exciting to see all the seedling growing! They look so healthy too!

  6. Wow, everything looks great! You got Rosemary to grow from seed? Amazing!!

  7. Everything looks great - the few seeds we have managed to grow under our small grow light set-up are doing well too

  8. Everything looks so good! I also have not had the best experience starting spinach indoors... I think it just isnt meant to be. I too must go through my seeds and throw out the old. Some of mine are still germinating, but the seedlings dont really look that healthy :(

  9. No seed starting here this year. I will have a seed starting station built by this time next year be in full production of seed starting. It's on the list of next winter's projects.

    Happy seed starting day.

  10. Is your spinach seed new? I always have trouble with old seed, even the previous year's.

    Seeding is starting to get nuts here. Almost time for tomatoes and the light shelves are nearly full. I'll bet you already have some tomatoes started.

    In case I forget tomorrow, Happy Birthday!

  11. EG, I's always interesting to see the different set-ups everyone has.

    Erin, Thanks, I just can't throw something out until I am sure it is no longer matter what it is.

    Granny, I'm sure with your green thumb, your seedlings will catch up in no time!

    Lynda, this is only the will be a jugle down there in a few weeks!

    Rachel, They seem happy and healthy so far!!

    Holly, Thanks a's getting exciting!!

    mimi, The rosemary did not give me a problem. Since it's my first time starting it from seed..maybe it's beginers luck!

    Sue, I'm always happy to hear that other gardeners are having success!

    David, Next year you will be doing the seedling shuffle!

    Villager, My spinach seed is new. So it may just be the gardener! Yes, I have started my early tomatoes already and they are doing well. Thanks for the BD wishes but my BD is not until December....are you trying to age me???

  12. Oops, so sorry! Blotanical told me Robin was having a birthday, but apparently it's another Robin!

  13. Ah! How exciting! You have tons of fun stuff going on! Yeah!!!


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