Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It was Transplant Tuesday

Yesterday it was so cold, damp, windy and rainy. First thing in the morning I had to go pick up some eggs from a woman that I found on Craigslist (I got the idea to look on there from Granny). They are absolutely beautiful!! They are a combination of white, brown, green and blue eggs. About a mile down the road from the Egg Lady, I stopped at a farm and picked up a bale of straw. It looks good, hopefully it won't be seedy like the straw I got last year. The farmer also had dried cow manure for a dollar a bucket, bucket included! I only had room in the trunk for one big bucket. I will be going back for more though! I don't think anything can make a gardener happier then some nice cow poo!!

When I got home I spent many hours in the basement re-potting the tomatoes and some herbs.

This is the back germinating table....full of tomatoes! I need about 80 plants for us and others. I grow tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and some herbs for family and friends. The extra plants will be sold at the flea market....if I don't kill any in the greenhouse!

Here you can see both tables.

The peppers are looking good on the table in the tool area of the basement!

and so are the eggplant! This picture makes them look bigger then they really are.....but I thought it was a cool picture.

The marigolds are coming along too.

I will be planting some peas at the plots on Thursday. So I decided to soak them in the vitamin C solution that I posted about here. The peas that were sown here at the house are finally starting to sprout. I saw a couple that had popped out of the ground and were trying to run away yesterday!

Peas Soaking

Since the weather would just not clear up, I decided to make some more seed mats, like Granny does. These are spinach mats. I really think the mats will save me a lot of time!!

It's off to the plots today!! I will do a post on what has been going on over there in a day or two.


  1. Thanks for the reminder about craigslist. We use it, but not often enough. I look for canning jars and manure on it...I hadn't thought of eggs. We usually run to the farmers market starting in June, but maybe I can find a local source too.

    Lucky you! So much room to have all those transplants. Basements are rare in the south. (Rock everywhere, builders won't even try. Too expensive)

  2. Things are really doing well - no idea where we will pop our tomatoes once they need transplanting - hopefully by then they can transfer to the greenhouse!

  3. Robin - when I read your title I thought you were transplanting to your garden already. Too early for that as I read on. Your peppers and eggplants look really good. I gave my seedlings a day in the sun on Monday but too cold to do that yesterday. Today may work for that.

  4. I love Craigslist and you can't believe the things you get on there. I would be very cautious with the cow poo. If you dont know what he is feeding, you could be spreading it all over your garden. If you uses GMO corn, feed, or hay, uses antibiotics, hormones, pesticides (and you have a 95% chance of that) you are putting gmo on your organic plants.

  5. Only gardeners would be excited to get cow manure for a buck. I'm green with envy, and your veggies will be green too!

    Great looking plants! I need to spend some time potting up today myself.

  6. You've been busy! Your peppers are much further along then mine are.

    I can't decide whether or not to soak my peas this year. I also get mixed results when I do. Last fall, I just plunked dry peas in the ground and they all just sprung up like magic.

  7. Nice strong healthy seedlings. I have the hardest time to get spinach seeds to start, maybe I should try Granny's seed mat also.

  8. tami, I wouldn't know how to live without a basement. There are very few homes built here that don't have basements. I had a large townhome project where there was rock and we blasted in order to dig the basements.

    Sue, I'm pleased with my plants so far. I started them much later then last year and they are still bigger then I antcipated.

    Marcia, the weather is supposed to be much nicer today :)

    Jane, I find a lot of things that we need on Craigslist. I will have to check to see if this is one of the organic farms in that village. We have an amazing amount of organic farms around here.

    Villager, I'm sure that the plants will enjoy the manure even more then me!! I hope you didn't notice my typo in my response to you on my Harvest Monday post. That's what happens when you respond before you have your morning coffee!

    Thomas, Peppers seem to take a long time to, I started them at the same time that I did last year. This is the first year that I have soaked my peas. The weather wasn't cooperating and I just had to do something garden related :)

    mac, I don't have the best luck growing spinach. The seedlings that I started inside were a complete failure and I ended up tossing them. I am hoping that the seed mats will work out.

  9. Everything looks wonderful! Our weather is back to normal again and should be for the 7 day outlook, but now my stuff isn't hardened off properly yet since it's hard to do in sleet LOL!

  10. Erin, all I can say about this stupid weather is "what the heck"!!!

  11. You're an indoor growing machine! 80 tomato plants, wow!

  12. Hey, now you can feed your Little Garden Helper Green Eggs and Ham! I'm sure glad you found those lovely eggs!

    I got some old straw from a Halloween decorated yard one year, free, and it was the greatest mulch, with not a weed or seed at all. I wish I could be that lucky again! I think it's about $6 a bale at the feed store. I would like to get some, but I sure don't want anything sprouting from it.

  13. Minji, I definitely have no problem growing veggies from seed...but when it comes to flowers the only ones I can grow well are marigolds and naturtiums.

    Granny, I didn't even think about what my Little Helper will think about those beautiful eggs! I hope that he is more impressed with them then his Grandpa is Florida big boat and pool!! Last year was the first year that I have ever had a problem with straw.

  14. Transplant Tuesdays has a nice ring to it. You could start a new garden blogging trend!

    Boy, you were busy potting up those healthy seedlings. I’ve been checking our local craigslist for fresh eggs as well, but haven’t had any luck. We have many local farms that I will check out soon. If not, then our local farmers markets will have some. Usually they only operate in the summer though.

    I love Granny’s seed mats. I succeeded in growing carrots using Granny’s seed mat method last year.

  15. Too bad I''m so behind on reading blogs right now. Or I could have soaked my peas in vitamin c too. Mine just got plain water.

  16. Good morning little farmer :o), you are certainly prepared to get it going :o)...I feel so behind :o(...everything looks good..I'm going to investigate about those seed maps from Granny, they sound good

  17. Rachel, I think it sounds like a good garden blogging trend too. I really need to think about what else could be included in it.

    I hope that the seed mats work for me too. I don't have the best luck with carrots or spinach.

    Daphne, Sometimes there's not enough time to get to reading all of the posts. I don't know if this year will be a good test to see how the vitamin c works. It's just so darn cold and damp out.

    Ginny, I definitely feel like a farmer again sometimes. The seed mats are definitely going to make sowing much easier and will also save a lot of seeds!

  18. Robin, have I got a story to tell you! After finally committing myself to an ominous and overdue task of repotting 50 tomato plants, I headed downstairs to get to work. When suddenly, mama called down and said, "Robin repotted too!" It was the kick I needed! It's like I said on our blog this afternoon, your fast becoming our garden muse. Thanks.

  19. Jody, Here's to great gardeners thinking alike :)

  20. Your starts are looking wonderful and you are making good use of the last of winter to get things ready so you are ready to run when the spring weather finally breaks. If you were closer I would be delighted to share some of our hens excess with you! I do share with some coworkers because we definitely get an over abundance from our little flock.

  21. Laura, Boy I wish that I lived closer to many of my garden blogger friends. The weather has been miserable all week and I have gotten a lot more done inside that will help me later in the garden. The weather forecast is going to be great for the next few days though. We will be putting in some long days at the plots to get caught up.

  22. Everything looks great, especially those peppers!


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