Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Boy....What a Day!

The first thing this morning I went outside to do some watering. We haven't had any rain since.....I can't remember. Anyway, I found this.

Do you think it is pregnant....or just ready to burst and wake me up?

I took a chance and did the watering before I repaired the hose. All went well. So I went inside and went down in the basement to get some clothes out of the dryer. While I was down there I heard all this running around upstairs. We have hardwood floors so you can hear everything. Oh, it was just the princess "Miss Banana" doing her usual morning crazy cat business.

Or was it???? It sounded like a little more then just "Miss Banana"!! I think I have heard this commotion before....

It was the princess all right chasing one of these around the house! It's not the first time...oh no! The first time was 6AM a few years ago when I was getting ready to leave for work!

I called for "The Italian" since he was still in bed reading. He came down and took the princess upstairs and locked her in the spare bedroom. After a few minutes, Alvin (the almost blind cat) realized that something was going on and came in the house to help! Well, it really did take too long for us to chase that little chipmunk out the back door. Needless to say, the back door was closed for the day.

After that was settled I loaded up my water containers and headed for the plots. "The Italian" was going out with his daughter for a few hours so I gave him a list of things we needed from the store. The store shopping is his job, not mine. I just hate it. Things went well at the plots. The water truck is there and I spent several hours watering the entire plot. This was the first time that I have watered everything over there thoroughly. I have not been watering there much. I think that it is best for those plants not to get used to too much watering. They need to fend for themselves a bit! I was also thinking that maybe if I watered really well, it would rain! Fat chance of that!

I came home feeling good. As soon as I got home "The Italian" came in with items I requested from the store. Look what I found in the bag.....

Yep, paper towels. They were on the list. But you have to understand me. There are two big no no's in life. One, no sweat pants! I just hate them! Two, only white paper towels... oh, and only white bed sheets! I guess that is three. What is with the green dragonflies and yellow butterflies?? Yes, I'm going to have to look at them in the kitchen for a month or maybe two months.....since we hardly ever use paper towels. OK, I can live with them. I have definitely seen worse.

After the shock of the paper towels I decided to take a bath. It looked like "The Italian" and I were going to get to spend a nice relaxing evening together. So, I put on a short dress instead of my usual long tied died hippie dresses that I love to garden in.....only to realize this

Yes, that's my arm on the left and my leg on the right!! Do you think that I should have asked him to get me a stronger sunscreen at the store??? I guess it is time to start wearing my short overalls to the plots!


  1. I think all gardeners should have to post the same photo of their arms and legs after a day in the garden...funny!

  2. First I'll deal with the Paper towels! I hate just plain white towels, no character at all :o( I love those little butterflies to cheer me up while doing "kitchen duty".
    You have to admit that tan on the arm shows you enjoy natures gift :o),I'm sure the "Italian" isn't concerned that the two don't match :o) ..(at special events anyway, I'm being a dirty old lady :o)

  3. Lynda, I'm with you on all of us gardeners having to post a picture of our arm and our leg!

    Ginny, I think that all men are blind at those special events!! I know that "The Italian" is!!

  4. I love the arm/leg picture. I am pretty sure that we all look like that, unless there are some rogue naked gardeners out there!

  5. Ha! Love that photo of the leg/arm. I think I would die laughing if I had a chipmunk running in the house! We don't even have chipmunks here, but we have one squirrel in the backyard that the dogs are on a mission with. I can just imagine all the things that would get knocked over and broken if it ever got in the house LOL!

    I hate prints on paper towels too :)

  6. Tiny Gardener, I'm sure that there are some rogue naked gardeners out there!

    Erin, I can't count how many times she has brought live animals into the house! She has calmed down the past two years though. I think that her age is catching up to her. I'm so happy that I'm not the only one who hates prints on paper towels. He probably didn't even notice them :)

  7. Rogue naked gardeners? Count me OUT! LOL!

    Oh how funny, a chipmunk in the house. I worry about what might come through our pet door, but I think our back yard is fairly secure against things like marmots or skunks. A squirrel might come in, but I doubt it. I have had swallows in the house before, that came down the fireplace chimney. My daughter's cat is always bringing creatures in. A couple of weeks ago, Alicyn said "Snake, Mama". Amy looked, and all she saw was the cat's tail, so she figured that's what Ali had seen. The next day Ali's dad reached to open the sliding glass door, and as he shut it, he noticed a snake caught in the door! It had evidently been on or in his jacket sleeve, and fell out as the door was closing! They figure the cat brought it in, and Alicyn really did see a "Snake, Mama"!

  8. Great chipmuck story. My Tom-Cat brought in a flying nocturnal squirrel one night at about 11 PM into the house. Boy was that some excitement! Try catching a squirrel that can run and glide with 4 cats undefoot trying to catch him too. Here is hoping you gat some of my rain and I get some of your sunshine!

  9. Granny, She has brought in many baby bunnies, chipmunks and one bird but no snakes. I really don't like snakes. I used to have snakes near my compost pile at the farm. They would occasionaly slither over my feet and scare me half to death!

    Lexa, A flying squirrel!! Oh boy, I can see it now trying to catch that especially with the four cats trying to help!

  10. I always wish my legs looked as sun kissed as my arms! But I always walk around two-toned as well! Glad I am not alone in that.

    And oh my, what would you have done if the cat caught the chimpmunk and drug it under the bed? Funny! Well not that part. How do you manage to get your hubby to do the shopping?

  11. hey baby! your Miss Banana looks like my Little Mo. I think I have the same tan. My farmers tan is restricted to my forearms, and above sox line and below shorts. I look ridiculous. Hey you've got bugs in your kitchen! hee hee hee

  12. Know all about chasing those squirrels in the house. Many years ago there was a commotion in the old oil pot burner and mom opened it up to see what was up and apparently a squirrel had fallen down the chimney. Now if anyone remembers those stoves you know how black with soot the inside of those things were you can imagine the color of the squirrel and what the house looked like by the time we caught this critter.

  13. We regularly get mice and voles brought into the house by our ever helpful cat Sid. Usually they are half dead by then and fairly easy to get and remove - but occassionally they are quite alive and very unhappy to be inside and the focus of all the attention!

  14. I think I am a rogue naked gardener! I hate tan lines. Hey, I live on a big piece of property so I should be safe. I can't help it if the gas meter reader comes unexpected ;)

  15. APGal, My husband loves to shop and I hate it. Some things around here are the opposite. I was staining the beams in the kitchen one day and he was making dinner! I grow the veggies and he cooks most of the time. It works out well! He even does laundry....but can't be counted on to dust!

    OhioFG, Miss Banana is from one of the feril barn cats I had at the farm. She is something! I guess that you have a real farmers tan! I can see those white stripes!

    Wilderness, Oh my, what a mess that must have been!

    Jane, you sound like my one best friend. She lived in a cottage in the woods and used to do everything naked outside...even hang up the wash! You gotta give those meter readers something to get them through the week...or month! It must get quite boring out there riding around reading meters

  16. Laura, Miss Banana hardly ever kills what she catches. She just loves to play cat and mouse! Alvin, on the other hand, kills his catch instantly and just leaves it by the back door.

  17. I've been leaving the door cracked open so the dogs can go in and out while they are on "squirrel patrol" ...it never occurred to me that they might chase one of the things into the house ... well, crap!

  18. Deb, that's what I like to do and believe me it's no fun when she brings in live animals!

  19. I did the same thing this weekend since I was visiting my family. I donned some shorts and a tshirt, and every single person commented on how my arms were 12 shades darker than my legs!

    Stronger sunscreen or gardening in the buff seems to be the only two solutions to this problem.


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