Monday, June 6, 2011

Harvest Monday............06/06/2011

It was a pretty good harvest week. The Baby Choi is growing like gang busters!! The Pak Choi this spring was very small and bolted during the cold rainy weather. These guys are taking over the one cold frame bed. There were 14 plants in there. Yesterday I harvested 3.

Although they are not as full as they could grow to be. I had to start harvesting them due to their size.

Look at these huge leaves!

I have been picking some strawberries every morning. I have to say that I'm am very pleased with the flavor of all 3 varieties that I planted: Jewel (June), Annapolis (early June) & Ozark Beauty (everbearing).  Every single strawberry is so so sweet.

2 lbs. 7 oz. of Strawberries this week......not counting the ones that I eat when I am over at the plots!

All of the remaining Kohlrabi has been picked, one white and four purple.

The purple are quite pretty.

The hard neck garlic is starting to develop scapes.

Aren't they pretty?

Our favorite harvest of the week has been the Spring Blush Snap Peas.

The peas are being picked daily and are so so sweet. We could eat them every day!  I have to save some to freeze so we can enjoy them during the winter. I always pick my snap and snow peas before they get very big. We enjoy the younger tender peas the best.

I have also been pulling some spring onions, harvesting some herbs for cooking and cutting some very small side shoots from the Calabrese sprouting broccoli. The sprouting broccoli has not been doing as well as they should be. I guess it is from the crazy weather we have had this spring. I am hoping that the Walthan 29 will do much better.

Total Harvest for the 8.25 lbs.
Broccoli - 3 oz.
Baby Choi - 2 lbs. 1 oz.
Kohlrabi - White: 7 oz. Purple: 1 lb. 15 oz.
Scapes -  2 oz.
Spring Blush Snap Peas - 1 lb.
Strawberries - 2 lbs. 7 oz.

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  1. Impressive harvest this week Robin. I need to consider a cold frame but really have no place to put it.

  2. Thanks Wilderness, My two cold frames are put on top of the of the one raised bed. The tops are removed for the growing season and then I use them like a regular bed. This baby choi was planted out as a regular crop at the beginning of May. You could always make a cold frame top for your potato bed for use during the winter.

  3. Considering we average about 100" of snow every winter I have my greenhouses up the first of April so I am trying to do some vegetable growing in them. At that time there is usually a lot of snow still on the ground.

  4. Beautiful harvest as always. I am so jelous of your strawberries. They look so deliciously red.

  5. Our broccoli hasn't been liking the weather either. That Baby Choi is really big! I love those strawberries in your header photo.

  6. There is nothing better than fresh picked organic strawberries. Makes it hard to believe people eat those hollow, water logged ones in the grocery store.

  7. Robin, everything looks great. I love to grow the baby pac choi and always seem to have better results with it. Your garden grows beautifully.

  8. Loving that strawberry photo! Yum! My mom was saying that her strawberries were only ripening half way. She's afraid to leave them on the vine because they will spoil she says.

  9. Great harvest! That purple kohlrabi is pretty nice looking.

  10. The strawberries and garlic scapes look particularly nice! Lucky you to be enjoying sugar snap peas now. Our plants have a ways to go before we will start enjoying harvests of those too. Everything is so slow this year with our wickedly cool and wet spring.

  11. What a beautiful harvest!! Aren't strawberries great! I bet you'll have loads to come with all of the plants you put in!

  12. Great harvest, I'm glad you posted a photo of the peas, the blooms were so pretty I was anxious to see the pods!

  13. Everything looks so good. I remember last year i was ahead of you in many of my crops. This year you are way ahead of me. Enjoy those peas.

  14. We are still weeks away from strawberries here ... but I have lots of blossoms! I love the blush snap peas ... can you tell me where you bought the seed?


  15. You are so lucky: beautiful strawberries and they're sweet. Mine look good...but really sour! I don't think they got the heat they needed.

  16. Nice harvest! I'm thinking I should replace my everbearing strawberries with June bearing. It's so hard to wait for a decent harvest, even though I know it's on its way.

  17. Great harvest, your hard work paid off, those strawberries look sooooo good, so is everything else.

  18. That kohlrabi ooks wonderful. One day I'll be brave enough to try one to eat, then maybe I'll put one in my garden! LOL

  19. Robin, love your harvest. Lots of color.. red, purple, green! I was hoping to get more strawberries but the extreme heat and no rain we are having is killing things in my garden

  20. Strawberries. I dream of strawberries. This is my plants first year so I'll have to keep dreaming for another year yet. I'm glad to hear your positive review of spring blush pea. It made such pretty young plants that I'm looking forward to trying it at harvest time.

  21. Thanks Malay girl, The strawberries have been very sweet this year.

    Villager, It seems like a lot of people out here are having problems with their broccoli this year.

    Jane, I'm with bought yuck.

    Lorie, This is the first time that I planted the baby choi. I am surprised at how big it got and it's very good too!

    Marcia, Too bad about your mother's strawberries. I noticed my berries didn't start to get ripe until the temps warmed up.

    Megan, I'm not sure how prolific the berries will be this year since it is their first year. Next year should be great though.

    Erin, Those peas are to die for. They are so sweet.

    johanna, it's been a wierd year for the garden so far. Hey, haven't seen a post from you in awhile!!

    Deb, I bought the pea seeds from Peace Seeds. They have very interesting seeds.

    Lynda, Sorry to hear that you have sour berries this year. It probably was the lack of heat.

    Granny, Maybe you should have both June and everbearing that way you will be happy all summer!

  22. We only remembered to sow spring onions and radish yesterday!

  23. Perdita, Thanks...I was quite happy with it.

    Mac, yes, the hard work is starting to pay off.

    Barbie, I planted the kohlrabi without ever tasting one. I thought it was cool looking.

    OG, This is the first year for my plants too. I planted them as roots very early and decided to let them fruit the first year. Yes, the peas are yummy!

    Sue, Well you can't remember least it is still spring :)

  24. Beautiful harvest. I love those peas too. I'm sad I didn't get to really harvest peas this last week. But I'll get a lot this week. I've got some Golden Sweet snowpeas that are a pretty yellow.

  25. I am growing garlic for the first time and I noticed some of those bulges on the top today and wondered what they were. Hmm, Maybe I'll have to cut them and give them a try! Your strawberries are beautiful. Mine have been quite small. But the kiddos eat them right up! Very lovely harvest!

  26. Thanks Daphne, We just love our peas too!

    Shawn Ann, Yes, you better go cut those scapes off the garlic plants and use them.

  27. wow! great work!!!! those peas are just the business - i'll have to get some next year.


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