Sunday, June 5, 2011

Citrus Trees Update

The citrus trees haven't really been growing much...but I do think that they are happy. Look what the little Meyer Lemon tree has!!!

Little Buds!!
I'm not expecting this tiny little tree to produce fruit with the first blossoms....but I would be happy if it did!


  1. Does the lemon tree grow inside or is it hardier than I imagine?

  2. I think it's adorable and maybe it will surprise you! It certainly looks like it's trying to produce.

  3. Wouldn't that be something? Citrus fruit growing in central PA. When you get fruit I'll have to say, "I can die now, because I've seen it all!"

  4. Thanks Erin

    Sue, It is a dwarf tree that has to come inside during the winter.

    Ginny, We think that it is cute too! It would be so cool if it would produce the first time it bloomed.

    Jody, Don't die when it produces fruit!! It will most likely be next year. All of the citrus trees will spend the winter with "The Italian" in his office.

  5. Growing up in Florida, citrus trees were a dime a dozen. In out back yard we had pink and white grapefruit, orange as well as a huge mango tree. I sure miss the grapefruit, they made the best juice. Hope you lemon flowers soon.

  6. I have had a Meyer Lemon tree for over 5 years and last year was the first year it gifted me with about 5 lemons. How nice to picture "The italian" bonding with your trees!

  7. I almost lost my meyer lemon tree last year, don't know what happen, all the leaves dropped. I prune it back earlier in the spring and is now growing new leaves, hope I get some fruits later.


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