Sunday, November 4, 2012

We're Back and Safe!

We finally made it home a few days ago from our extended vacation due to Sandy! We had a wonderful time! We were stranded in a lovely hotel on the beach in Florida for several days once we got back to the USA. By the time we got home, the power was back on. All of the frozen stores from the garden are OK since I always keep blocks of ice in the freezers downstairs.

We were very lucky that the storm didn't damage the house. It's just a big mess out there. Some of our city is still without power and a lot of traffic lights are still out. The damage around here is very bad. I watched a video on-line from our local TV station while we were stranded and couldn't believe the damage. It was taken one block from our home! Maybe I will have some time today to go out and about and take some photos of the damage almost one week after the storm.

Now, I need to get caught up on my work! Thank heavens I can work from home! I hope all of you are safe and sound!