Sunday, April 18, 2010

Starting this blog

This is my first attempt at starting a blog so please bear with me! I am sure the layout will change from day to day!

The garlic is growing very well this year. I can't believe how big it is already!

Here are some tomatoes in Kozy Coats. This is the first time that I have tried them. Hopefully we will have early tomatoes!

I have a temporary greenhouse that my husband bought me for my birthday two years ago. These are my peppers in their temporary housing. I am so glad that I have the greenhouse this year. The plants were too much to tend to in the house.


On the left is the basil and on the right is the parsley, cilantro and summer savory. They are all in the greenhouse for now.


We placed the temporary green house over one of the smaller raised beds. This is my grandson's cherry tomato plant.


  1. This is a beautiful site! I love the photos and info! Keep it coming!

  2. I think so, too. Nice writing!


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