Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saturday's gardening work

Yesterday was spent on plants and plantings for others.

My husband and I set up four tomatoes in pots for my in-laws on their second floor porch. (Birthday present for my father in-law) The tomatoes are in large pots with tomato cages and Kozy Koats. They have too much shade in their yard for veggies to do well. Later this week we will plant some peppers in smaller pots and place them with the tomatoes. My sister in-law gave him a nice self-watering pot for growing some more veggies! They will have a balcony garden this year!

 Earlier in the morning, my little garden helper and I helped our neighbor Sophia plant some herbs in her first garden. She has always helped me in my garden and loves gardening. Her grandfather is a tomato farmer in Ghana Africa. Sophia came here 5 years ago and has been my buddy ever since she arrived. We are going to plant more herbs, tomatoes and peppers in her garden.


  1. Those pink things I’m guessing that you need them to keep plants warm? They look very pretty and decorative!

  2. They are water cloches. They do keep the plants warm. They also keep the plants at a more constant temperature since they are filled with water. They are also supposed to make the plants more productive. Our weather here has been so unpredictable this spring. It will be 90 one day and then we will have a frost. I am going to remove them from our plants in about a month. I will leave these on my in-laws plants though.


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