Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Working Wednesday

My little helper and I got a lot done today. We planted the peppers and eggplants this morning. Then I weeded and did some maintenance in the other beds.

Here is one of the peppers that we planted amongst the sorry looking spinach. I hope that the spinach improves. I planted it twice and the results are not that good. Maybe I should start some inside and overwinter some this fall for next year. I will keep trying though.

Sorry looking spinach

Peppers planted:
2 - Jalapeno
1 - Serrano - Tampiqueno
1 - Cayenne - Long Thick Type
1 - Hot Cherry - Red Cherry Bomb
1 - Paprika - Hungarian
2 - Orange Sweet Bell
2 - Yellow Sweet Bell - Corona
2 - Red Sweet Bell - World Beater (Ruby Giant)
2 - Corno Di Toro - Long Red Sweet Italian Bell

Here are the pepper plants we planted in pots for my in-laws. They are ready to go!

The eggplants are planted in between the cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage. Most of them have seemed to bolt a bit from this hot weather, especially the cabbage. I snipped off some of the lower leaves. I'm not sure if this will help though. I only need enough cabbage to make some sauerkraut.

2 - Early Black Egg
3 - Rosa Bianca
2 - Black Beauty

Sophia's Garden

After bathing the little helper, putting him up for a nap, I took a little break, fixed the lawn mower, then mowed the lawn! Later in the day we planted 4 tomatoes and  5 peppers in Sophia's first garden. This evening my sister in-law picked up her tomato plants, pepper plants and herbs that I grew for her. The greenhouse is finally empty of everyones plants except for mine! Now, I can focus on my coleus collection (my husband calls it the Coleus Calamity!) and annual flowers for the flower pots.

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  1. You peppers already have flowers on them! In my pepper collection, only hot peppers are flowering.

    I never had success growing spinach, also. But I am continuously trying...


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