Thursday, June 24, 2010

Garden Update

I harvested all of the garlic two days ago from the bed pictured below. We have 85 heads of garlic for the year. Last year I had 65 heads and we had 6 left as of yesterday. Since we have an abundance of garlic this year. I will be able to give some of the garlic to my son. Thanks to Debbie at Connecting the Dots in My Garden Spot. I made garlic powder from about half of the garlic that was left from last year. I used the cloves that were getting soft. It turned out really nice!

It looks like the celery in this bed will be ready pretty soon. I have been harvesting some of the outer stalks and they have been used in cooking and salads. Around the perimeter of the bed are the cucumbers. They are growing quite well due to the tremendous heat we have been having.

I really wanted to plant my fall broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage in this bed. However, it doesn't look like the potato onions will be ready in the other bed in time for me to plant them there. So, I guess I will plant my dry beans here as soon as the seeds arrive.

#1 bed in back garden


The cantaloupe are flowering and growing quite well. I need to go out and check the blossoms today at some point......when it's not so hot!!

The eggplants were planted in between the early broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. There are only a few plants left in this bed now. So, the eggplants are finally taking off.

The purple pole beans survived the attack of the pill bugs. Some of the plants are over 5 feet tall already! I think that they are now growing a foot or two a day!


  1. Those beans sure can climb quick! Your cucumbers are growing well, too...

  2. I have always wanted to grow celery, but can't in my climate, so I will have fun watching yours!

  3. tEverything looks really nice. Amazing to see the differences in our gardens.

  4. How about that rain we got today? My peppers were getting watered twice a day, hopefully this good soak will get them back on a regular schedule.

    How did you store the garlic that it lasted an entire year? I've always read that it doesn't keep much past 6 months.

  5. I think I am going to make some garlic powder myself. I know we buy a lot of it, so why not make it.
    I love how you planted cucumbers. Will they make a lot shade for celery once they grow taller?

  6. EG, Everything is growing really fast right now. We have been having a heat wave.

    Erin, I hope that you enjoy watching my celery grow!

    Thanks johanna, It is amazing how our gardens are at different stages and we don't live that far apart. I did plant my squash, cucumbers and beans a bit late.

    Mike, Lucky you... We only got 10 minutes of rain today. I was really hoping for more. After the garlic is cured. I hang it in the basement and cover it with brown paper bags.

    MojVrt, The garlic powder was easy to make. The entire house smelled like a garlic factory though. The cucumbers really won't shade the celery. They are on the east side of the bed.

  7. Looking good! I need to thin the rest of my celery this weekend. I'm already starting to stockpile it in the freezer for winter soups. I love how pungent the younger stalks are.

  8. That's a lot of garlic!
    Nice garden ;)

  9. Thanks meemsnyc....I'm happy with the progress this year

    Thomas, this is only the second time that I planted celery. I have to do a little more research on when it is ready. I don't remember how much bigger it got last time. I really need to start freezing some.

    Seana, we use a lot of garlic around here!

  10. Everything looks great. Congrats on that first tomato!

  11. Ugh, pill bugs ate most of the beans I planted in my mom's garden in CA. Fortunately, I haven't seen any here in Indiana (knock on wood). Did you do anything specific to deal with the pill bugs?

  12. Thanks Vic....I am very happy with the garden so far this year.

    thyme2grow, I always have a lot of pill bugs due to the amount of compost that I add to my garden. This is the first time that I had any problems with them though. I added diatomaceous earth to the bed. It seemed to work.

  13. Robin, I am behind on reading blogs and just saw this post. Thank you for mentioning my blog. When my garlic is cured, I am going to dehydrate some and make garlic powder. I think it will be fun and my girls will enjoy it, too.


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