Monday, June 28, 2010

"HOT" Harvest Monday

With all this HOT weather we had. It was a very good week in the garden. We picked the first large tomatoes....2 Cherokee Purples. We had "The Great Garlic Harvest". The second wave of Snow Peas is complete and 3 nice heads of Cauliflower were harvested as well.

Taking center stage
 The first Cherokee Purple, weighing in at 8 oz.
 CP #2 weighed 9 oz.

 "The Italian" slicing the tomatoes

 Oops...I wasn't fast enough...the sandwiches are gone!

Three nice heads of cauliflower.
Due to our ridiculously hot weather. Two of the three heads could not be left in the garden long enough to bleach out

 "The Great Garlic Harvest of 2010"
Pictured here are some of the 85 heads harvested.
It was too darn hot for me to move all of them for the picture!

Harvest Total: 13.0625 lbs.

Cauliflower: 1 lb. 13 oz.
Garlic: 9 lbs.
Peas: 1 oz.
Snow Peas: 1 lb. 2 oz.
Tomatoes: 1 lb. 1 oz.

Visit Daphnes Dandelions to see more garden harvests.


  1. That has got to be a record for the earliest large tomato. Do you remember if you got one earlier than that in previous years? It looks beautiful. We are basically in the same zone and our gardens are so different as I harvested the first peas of the season this week. i think i have another 2 weeks before I get a tomato. Garlic looks great. i am definitely doing garlic next year

  2. That tomato is big! I hope the Italian didn’t eat it all by himself?

    I keep seeing cauliflower heads and thinking when I will harvest mine. I hope it will be sometime this year...

    Do you hang your garlic this way as on picture, or upside down?

  3. OMG, that CP looks beautiful, just beautiful!

  4. So jealous of the tomatoes that they made me drool!!! :)

  5. Congrats on kicking off tomato season! Your cauliflower looks really good!

  6. Oh my the garlic! LOVELY and those tomatoes = YUM!

  7. johanna, I believe that my tomatoes are almost a month early this year. Garlic is easy to grow...give it a try.

    Moj Vrt, No...The Italian had to share with me and my best friend. We made 5 sandwiches from those two tomatoes! He had 3!!

    I leave my garlic hanging like that all year. I will move the garlic to the basement and cover it with brown paper bags for the year.

  8. It's not nice to make an old lady drool all over herself. I am so anxious for my Cherokee Purples to ripen. I've never eaten one.

  9. Thanks Megan, EG, Lisa & Erin: They were absolutely delicious :)

    Allison, Garlic is a staple in this household!!

    Granny, You will just love the CP tomatoes!! Just because you hit 100, doesn't make you old :)

  10. Oh my, what a great looking tomato! I'm not growing the CPs but I need to next year. I know they do well in our climate.

    The vampires must be running for cover, what with everyone digging their garlic. ;-) That is a nice, neat display of yours. Ours is hung every-which-way in the basement.

  11. Nice tomato, congratulations! I love cherokee purples. Just like I said to the Villager, tomatoes and cauliflowers in one harvest amazes me. If only I knew how to keep the aphids from the my cole crops in the spring I might be able to do it too...

    Great is ornamental, isn't it?

  12. Mmm...that Cherokee looks divine! I have about 4 or 5 babies that are SLOWLY ripening. I hope they look as good as yours!

  13. Villager, Once you taste a CP, you will have to plant them every year. They are one of my favorite eating tomatoes.

    I will have to take that garlic down to the basement soon. I try to have them ready for long storage before I take them down...or I would probably forget

    Thanks Angela, Do a little research and maybe you will find a solution

    Holly, The two CP's were very good for being the first. I was just out in the garden stalking my tomato plants for some more to eat..Not yet!

  14. Beautiful tomato and I love your garlic harvest as well. Spring crops have been a challenge this year because of the heat, but a blessing to the warm season crops.

  15. That's one of the best garlic harvests I've ever seen! And your cauliflower looks delicious, even if it isn't white as snow!

  16. Robin, after all the talk on everyone's blogs about CPs, I will definately be planting these next year just to see if they taste as good as everyone says.

    Your garlic looks wonderful and to think that is not all of your harvest!! WOW!!

  17. GrafizMuse, I certainly hope that this warm weather is going to be a blessing. I wonder if some of the warm weather crops will end early?

    Taylor, Thanks a bunch. The cauliflower tasted wonderful despite the color.

    Debbie, You will absolutely love the CP's for an eating tomato vs a tomato for canning or cooking. Another really tastey tomato is the Pineapple...yummy and so beautiful.

  18. Whoa, the CP looks great, this is my first year growing it, I have one at the bottom of the plant is beginning to ripen, but it's very small compare to yours.
    Love your garlic, which variety is it, they are hugh.

  19. Mac, The first on each plant were quite big for the firsts. I just looked this morning the the CP's that are starting to ripen aren't as big. I guess that was our summer garden present.

    I should have posted the types of garlic....but, I try to keep it short for Harvest Monday.

    Spanish Roja - 22 heads
    Siberian - 21 heads
    Misc (the garlic varieties I mixed up from last year) 42 heads

  20. Oh wow, that is quite a tomato. Congrats!

  21. Well that is a great garlic harvest. They look beautiful and the tomato looks absolutely delicious. I like dark coloured tomatoes.

  22. Thanks meemsnyc...I just love your kitty photo

    OG, It's enough garlic for the year plus a few extra.

  23. Oh what a fabulous CP tomato. I can't wait for my first one. I have a feeling it will be a long time from now though.

  24. I started my vegetable garden too late this year to plant any garlic, but I definitely want to try to plant some for the next season. Robin, your garlic harvest is just impressive! Does garlic bulb have to be specially ordered for planting? I don't remember seeing any at my local nursery, but that could be because it was already too late.

  25. Daphne, they were wonderful....the next CP's are not as big.

    Keith, The time to plant garlic is September or October. You cover it with some straw and it comes up in the spring. You can buy garlic to plant on-line. I purchase mine from organic growers at the garlic festival here in September. I also plant some that I grew.

  26. Beautiful tomato! It looks absolutely delicious. My cherokees need to ripen already!

  27. Mmmm, what a tomato! I used to grow CP and haven't for a long time. I remember it being tasty, maybe I'll have to try it again, if it will tolerate cooler weather.

    85 heads of garlic, almost enough to last a year. :) This year I'm experimenting with freezing chopped garlic in olive oil, I expect it will probably taste better than my garlic that comes out of storage in winter.

  28. I found your blog through Daphne's. Your Cherokee Purple looks great! Next year, I want to try some heirloom tomatoes. Thanks for the peek!

  29. Hi there, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Your harvest looks great! The same thing happened to my caulis in the summer - hot days - but they tasted so good!

  30. Thomas, it was delicious :)

    Michelle, My garlic always seems to store well and taste good in the winter.

    Dirt Lover, I only grow heirlooms and seeds that my in-laws have brought me from Italy over the years. I think that they are the tastiest.

    Funkbunny, well, at least we have the fall planting to look forward to....maybe they will do better then

  31. I know so little about gardening! I thought the cauliflower grew in white,LOL. After seeinf everyone with those tomatoes I really want some too. I'll keep my eyes open for seeds to grow some next year

  32. Those tomatoes looked great! and that Cherokee is going to be one I plant this year:o) Also the Garlic is simply divine..yummy and congratulations on their beauty..I can't wait to have harvested..


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