Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In-Laws Balcony Garden Update #2

Sunday afternoon we went over to my In-Laws home for corretto. I really wanted to check on the plants..... since I haven't been able to install a "Nanny Cam" as of yet :) Everything is growing very well. All of the tomato plants have little tomatoes on them. A few of the pepper plants have peppers also. The eggplants & peppers in the swc are blossoming and growing nicely.

Tomato Plants on balcony

Tiny Tomato


Eggplants and Peppers (plants purchased) in swc


  1. wow are you ever far ahead on your inlawss garden - you'll have a great harvest soon I bet!

  2. Plants look great (especially that little tomato)! I have to try growing eggplant next year.

  3. Stevie, Welcome to my blog. Their veggies are certainly coming along. My father in-law is so excited.

    MojVrt, Eggplant are really good if you plant a variety that is not bitter. Eggplant is a staple food for "The italian"

    Erin, My father in-law's garden is almost completely shaded from the large trees on the street. So, we decided to put veggies in containers on the balcony.

  4. I'm really curious about those earthboxes...maybe I'll get one just for kicks.

    Everything looks great!


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