Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Good, The Bad & The MISSING!!

This post was supposed to be about how well the beans are doing. After watering this morning. I went out to take an updated photo of my "Little Helper's" beans. They have been growing so fast. To my surprise, over half of his beans were gone! Somebody had a nice 4th of July dinner! I can only blame myself. I did not put chicken wire around this bed and have not sprayed it after watering.

"The Good"
The pole beans are towering at 7'. They are just getting ready to bloom!

"The Bad"
Some of my "Little Helper's" Jacob's Cattle beans have been eaten.

"The Missing"
All of my "Little Helper's" Great Northern beans are gone!

Well, at least there is enough time left in the season to plant more.


  1. Oh that is so disappointing!

  2. Oh, dear. It's easy for us to roll with the punches when it comes to gardening, but hard for the little ones to understand. I'm sure you'll find a gentle way to explain the loss to him.

  3. GrafixMuse, I am wondering how he will react we he comes home from visiting with his Mom.

    Granny, The temporary fencing is already in place and the permanent fencing will be up tomorrow. It's amazing how much he understands and remembers. He remembers the tomatoes from last year when he was only 1! I will tell him that the bunnies like the veggies just like he does and have him plant some more tomorrow morning.

  4. Those wascally wabbits! I hope the fencing does the trick. And your Helper does get the fun of planting them again!

  5. I hate when this happens. Every time it happens it makes me thing I should have extras growing in pots... yet I never do it :-)

    It going to be hot here are well, 90f and over 100f with the humidex factored in. Summer is here!

  6. You don’t think about fencing until something like this happens. I still don’t have any fence around the garden. I guess that I have to wait for my rabbit to teach me a lesson.

  7. Don't you just hate when things go missing in the night! I tend to blame every thing on chipmunks these days.


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