Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Garden on the First Day of Winter

I decided to venture out in to the garden to take some pictures on the first day of winter. It's pretty cold and windy out today....but, the sun is shining. Boy, I wish we had some snow out there.

The Brussel Sprouts are still hanging in there. I think that I should harvest them soon. I don't know how much longer they will take the cold weather we have been having.

There are about five nice big leeks that will probably be harvested this week. I will leave the other five in the garden for a while and see how they do.

The chard is growing slowly but surely inside the cold frame.

Pak Choi inside the cold frame. I do have some bugs in the cold frames...so, I put some diatomaceous earth down...hopefully that will help.

The radishes are also slowly growing in the cold frame. I'm going to have to get "The Italian" outside to help me take some better pictures in the cold frames.

To my surprise, the rosemary is surviving this cold cold weather. I must get it covered soon if it has any chance to make it through the winter.

The sage bush is doing fine as usual...I think that some of the herbs do better when covered with snow. The oregano and thyme don't have much green on them. I usually harvest them all winter from under the snow.


  1. Interesting pics. My brussels sprouts will stay in the ground until spring. Of course, I don't have any sprouts on them yet, but they will jump out when the spring temps rise, or when normal Virginia weather comes back!

    The weatherman is predicting a White Christmas! I just can't believe this snow! The high today was 43!

  2. Everything looks great. I've never had rosemary survive where I am , but I'm always hopeful. I love the christmas lights in the cold frame. They look so festive and warm.

  3. Love your cold frame! Nice that you have a few lights inside for some added warmth for the little guys. These pictures make me want to run outside and start gardening!

  4. VP, Those Brussel Sprouts were started in March, I think. They have little sprouts on them. I never planted them before. So, I'm not sure if they will make it through the winter. I can't believe you are going to have a White Christmas! The temps here have been in the 20's - 30's during the day and in the teens every night.

    The Mom, It's been so cold here...that rosemary should be dead. I try every year by covering it and trying to protect it...and every year it will die at some point.

    Lori, I think that the lights are helping quite a bit. Next year, I will make sure that I get everything planted when they are supposed to be planted!!

  5. Plants in the cold frame are doing great. It seems that the temperatures in there are warm enough.
    Leeks and Brussels sprouts - it will be a great winter harvest.

  6. It's hard to imagine having ANYTHING alive in the garden this time of year. You have 2 plants featured that I'm going to try for the first time this coming year-leeks and brussels sprouts. Yours look great! Are they pretty easy to grow??? Any advice?

  7. MojVrt, I'm happy so far with the plants in the cold frames. I wish I had planted earlier though. It's a good experiment.

    Sue, Our weather has been a little colder then normal... in the teens every night for a couple of weeks now. This is my first year planting Brussel Sprouts, the seeds were started on 4/8 and plants moved outside 6/30. I think that I should have started them a little earlier. The leeks seeds were started on 2/19, moved outside on 4/24 and the first leeks were harvested around the end of October. I haven't had any problems growing either one. I do however, add compost to my beds twice a year.

  8. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You :-)


  9. Oh wow, that leek looks amazing! What do you cook with it? It's nice that the Rosemary is still going strong! Happy holidays.


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