Saturday, December 4, 2010

Making Sauerkraut - finally finished

One would think that I would be done canning for the season. No, I think that I have been canning all week! I worked on the mustards, then realized that I needed to make some Dutch Apple Pie Jam. When that was finished, "The Italian" informed me that we were out of Strawberry Jam. He has been on a PB&J kick lately. You would think that 12 other varieites of jam & jellies around here would be enough! Pretty soon I will have to grow peanuts to make peanut butter. Hey....that sounds like a good idea :) I just may do that if we get a plot or two at the community gardens., I went down in to the basement to get jars to make the jam. While I was down there, I thought I better check the sauerkraut. It's been down there for almost 6 weeks now. Wouldn't you know was ready to be processed!!

Well, I didn't have to process it that day. I was all out of wide mouth lids!! Yesterday, I went out and bought some lids in order to put up the sauerkraut.

That's one big pot of sauerkraut!!

When making sauerkraut, I use the method in the Ball Blue Book of preserving. It is the same recipe that is in my oldest book dating back to the 1930's. After the sauerkraut is finished fermenting and tastes the way you like it, I clean off any nasty looking cabbage on the top. This year it looked really good and there was hardly any to take off and throw out.

Next the sauerkraut is put in to a big pot and brought to a simmer. I thought that it didn't have enough brine, so I made a little extra and added it to the pot.

Once the sauerkraut is simmering, it is packed in to hot jars and processed in a boiling bath for 15 -20 minutes.

I think this batch of sauerkraut tastes better then the last batch I made. I do believe that there will be plenty to last us and our family a year!


  1. Your sauercraut looks delicious! I have been thinking about trying to make some in my grandmother's stone crocks that were passed on to me. Did you follow the quantity of cabbage in the recipe, or did you adjust it to produce this many jars? You really did a fine job!

  2. VP, I did an earlier post in the beginning of November when I started the sauerkraut. Just click on the hi-lighted word sauerkraut. I use the amount of cabbage that I have and adjust the amount of salt as I make it. It's not hard to estimate the amount of salt. I don't think that you can really mess it up too much!

  3. Robin, it looks great and you are going to enjoy this winter.

    We love it, but must confess I haven't made it since the children were small. We had a large crock, a round wooden board that fit on top of the cabbage and a rock (innovative) to weigh it down. ;) 30-40 quarts... those were the days.

    Have a relaxing weekend, will you? Put your feet up today. ;)

  4. Diana, I'm definitely going to put my feet up for the weekend. Tomorrow is BD, I get to enjoy a little pampering :)

  5. Your kraut looks fantastic! What a nice batch for your hard work!! I've never eaten homemade kraut so I don't know what it tastes like (no, I won't venture into a taste-test with store-bought gook). I love everything else cabbage-like, so why not kraut?

    Okay, you've inspired me with that photo....I need to do this next year since my husband says he likes it. We have plenty of old family crocks so all I need is a good growing season next year!

  6. Lynn, It is really easy to make. The first time I made it...I thought it was kind of gross. This time it was fine. If your family doesn't like the sour taste of the sauerkraut, you can always add a sliced apple in it when you cook it to serve. My husband's family likes it that way. I don', mother-in-law leaves some without the apple for me when she cooks it on New Year's Day.

  7. My dad used to make a sauerkraut. It was delish! His was a quick one and took only a couple of days to ferment. I'll have to give this a try one of these days.

    P.S. - That is one nice stainless steel pot!

  8. We have slightly different method of making sauerkraut. Doesn't need any processing, it is just salted, water added and kept in a jar until it is used. Fermentation process keeps it from spoiling.
    I don't make it as we eat it only few times in a year, so I just buy it.
    This one you made looks very pretty.

  9. Thomas, I have never heard of a quick way to make sauerkraut. That is my All-Clad pasta pot!

    MojVrt, I guess you could leave it in the jar until needed. It's nice to have it processed in jars though. We don't eat a lot of it. So, I may not have to make it next year.

  10. I've never made sauerkraut. Nice that you didn't have to use a pressure canner. It looks great!

  11. How is the stainless steel pot react to acid from sauerkraut?
    Thank you


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