Saturday, January 29, 2011

Started some Seeds....finally

I really think that I have my first case of "Cabin Fever", or as the Ohiofarmgirl calls it "Sloth". Although, last year was the first winter that I was not "working", I had my two year old grandson here every day all day. So, I guess that kept me a bit busy and I did not get it. It's not like I don't have anything to do around here...I really do! All of those projects that you're too busy to do in the summer and you say you are going to do in the winter. Well, truthfully, I haven't done many of them! I think that next January we are going to go on vacation for a few weeks....that's my plan anyway.

Back to the seed starting....I've had everything all ready to go for about a week now. Yesterday I finally drug myself down into the basement and got some things going.

I decided to start some herbs since they take a while to grow. I started some annual herbs; Summer Savory, Parsley, Cilantro, Rosemary & Basil. Since this is the first time that I have grown Rosemary from seed, I have no idea how long it will take to germinate and grow. The basil doesn't take as long to grow as some of the other herbs do....but, we don't have any growing right now and it sure would be nice to have some on hand!

I also started a couple of perennial herbs, Mint and Winter Savory. My Winter Savory plant died last year after many years in the herb I started a new one.  Although I have 5 or 6 pots of mint outside, we never seem to have enough for our needs. There's nothing better then nice cold "Mojoto" on a hot summer day.

Doesn't that look so so Good??

After seeing Villager's pictures of his beautiful lettuce greens he has growing inside, I decided to start some. They just looked so inviting. I know, with all of the greens slowly growing in the cold frames, I'm sure in about a month I will have way too many salad greens. Well, too many is better then none!

The lettuce varieties I started are; Romaine Little Gem Cos, Buttercrunch Butterhead & Schweitzer's Mescher Bib. These are the oldest lettuce seeds that I have and thought it would be good to use them first.

I also started a small tray of, they better get Growing!!!


  1. Good Luck on your seed sowing. The Mojoto look very refreshing much needed here since we are in Mid-Summer now.

  2. Growing some early basil and coriander (you call it cilantro) sounds like a good idea that I may try.

  3. I started seeds for the Haven Garden Project yesterday. Today is my turn. Seeds for my garden!

  4. I've never grown rosemary from seed either. Everything I hear says it is slow and a sporadic germinator, so I elected to buy some from a local place this year. I just hope I can overwinter it. We really are on the brink of what is possible. I'll put it right near the foundation of the house to help it out.

  5. Malay girl, I wish that it was summer here!!

    GLA, I call cilantro and coriander, coriander when I let it go to seed for coriander seeds.

    Liisa, Yeh...for seeds for your garden!!

    Daphne, My Rosemary always seems to die at some point no matter what I do. Now that I'm starting some from seed and have not covered probably won't die!

  6. I seem to have the winter blahs too. I am not motivated to do anything lately.

    Growing seeds is fun though. I have lettuce, spinach, and some herbs growing under the lights. I think I can harvest a mini-salad soon.

    I have never had success growing rosemary from seeds so I usually purchase a plant each year from the nursery. I keep it in a pot so I can bring in inside in the fall. Usually they die over winter, but so far so good with this last one.

  7. Hooray for your seed starts!! Herbs are next on my hit list. I've only grown basil from seed before. I can't wait to see what your herbs look like growing up!

  8. Now that is exciting! I too am trying rosemary from seed this year and have heard it's a tough one to go. But no harm in trying.

    Must make mojitos...gosh that looked good!!

  9. Sounds like you have a lot of fun things growing right now! I have mostly brassicas and cool weather greens in my trays so I can plant them out in early spring. I'll be starting my basil in March (though early basil does sound yummy).

  10. Rachel, I think that a lot of have Cabin Fever this year. Time will tell if I'm successful with the Rosemary.

    Holly, The seed starting has just begun...before I know it, I will be up to my ears in plants!!

    AP Gal, That picture was from this past summer at my Sister-in-laws house....they are so so yummy in the summer!

    Eliza, I will be starting my broccoli, cauliflower & cabbage next weekend. I will also be starting additional parsley & basil later for the garden and family.

  11. I'm with you on the "cabin fever" thing. I have projects to do, but the weather has me so miserable that I don't want to do any of them!

  12. Kaytee, I've decided that I'm going to make myself a list and a schedule of things that I really need to get done this winter...and get it done!

  13. I find that Rosemary seeds are so hard to germinate. I got 2 seedlings from it, but they didn't survive. I hope yours does much better! I have a bit of cabin fever too. It's too snowy outside to be out there.

  14. Ack-am I the only one that still has to wait a few more months???
    Well, at least I get to SEE everyone having fun....
    (and take LOTS of pictures!!!!!)

  15. It is better to have too many salad greens than not enough! And you can always plant them thickly and eat the thinnings. Besides, Spring will be here before you know it!

  16. When grown from seed, young rosemary is a brigher green and the branches are like feathers. But then the plant grows larger and develops all of the typical rosemary characteristics. I like to start new plants every 6 months so I can use the rosemary in this early and tender stage.

    I started some new seeds in mid-November and they're ready to transplant now. Germinating rosemary is somewhat similar to germinating celery - it takes a little while to get growing but then it takes off.

  17. The gardening season has started finally! I have started some onions and leeks past week and that is it for now. Next will be artichokes.
    I never grew perennial herbs from seed. I always took the shortcut and bough a plant...

  18. mimi, Hopefully the rosemary will do well.

    Sue, Don't worry, I will post pictures for your viewing pleasure :)

    Villager, I agree...can't wait for spring!!

    Jane, Thanks for the growing tips!

    ana, I'm not growing any onions from seed this year and won't be starting my leeks for a couple of weeks. We really enjoy them for winter soups.

    Most of my perennial herbs were purchased plants. Most of the perennial herbs I have had for many many years. Every once in a while something will die though.


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