Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Home Veggie Garden Mid-March

Since we had rain this morning, I did not go to the plots. I have spent several hours over there the past two days, but have not taken any pictures. I will take pictures of the plots tomorrow and post an update on them in the next day or two.

The weather was nice this afternoon so I decided to clean out the veggie and perennial beds. Here are some photos of what is going on in the veggie department at home.

I weeded  and loosened up the soil in the two cold frames. Now all I have to do is move some of the plants around next week. There is a lot of wasted space in them.

Some Arugula and Lettuce in the cold frames.

Kale and Rainbow Chard in the cold frames

The garlic bed behind the cold frames. There is one Brussels Sprout plant from last year that looks like it may give us a harvest after all.

These little guys spent the day outside and will soon begin to spend the nights out there too.


  1. Don't you love Spring! Your plants look great! I need it to get just a tad bit warmer and then I'll get the tomatoes planted! YAHOO!

  2. Oh wow, I am so impressed that you had a brussel sprout plant that survived the winter! Amazing!

  3. Lynda, I think that spring has finally sprung!! Our last frost date is around May 7. I will be putting my early tomatoes in the ground in a couple of weeks though in Kozy Koats here at the house.

    mimi, The sprouts on my brussel sprouts never got big enough last year to eat. I was hoping that a plant or two would make it through the winter. I cut the dead and moldy leaves off....I keeping my fingers crossed!!

  4. Our rain has stopped and forecast to be nice so I'll have to put a halt on everything inside and get out there to assess my beds too!

  5. Robin, your plants look great...I read your posts and lift my hat to you for your dedication and effort. You also reminded me to get some straw for mulch!


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