Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award....don't worry I'm changing the rules

Since both Tami at 500 Dollar Tomato and Granny at Annie's Kitchen Garden were both so kind to award me with "The Stylish Blogger Award".....I thought that I had to participate and post some unknown facts about myself. No need to worry, I am changing the rules and will not torture anyone else with this award unless they really want it.

I have to say ladies, I don't know how stylish I am right now....I just came from working at the plots. So here we go with some unknown facts about me.

1. I love children and always wanted to have four. However, I was married to a person who did not like children and I had only two. After my divorce, I figured that I would have more children even though I was older. Well, that never came to pass. "The Italian" my true love, did not come in to my life until I was really too old to have anymore. Who wants to have children at 50???

2. Starting at the age of three, I studied tap dance, ballet & acrobatics. I have to say that I'm a pretty good tap dancer. To this day I can still do a split, back bend and many other acrobatics and occasionally entertain my father in-law at family picnics by standing on my head for long periods of time. I do however, have to warm up before I do these things now!!

3. I'm a blonde...well I used to be a natural blonde until I got older. Now some of my dear friends and family just refer to me as a blonde. For instance, I am an expert skier and can ski a black double diamond with the grace of a swan (that's what THEY say anyway).....but, I cannot stand on my skis at times.....I will just fall over for no reason at all! I am clueless when it comes to men hitting on me. I always think that they are just being nice! You get the picture...don't you??

4. I can't spell. I can engineer a bridge but can't spell it. I think that your brain can only handle so much and I have a math & science brain :) That's my excuse anyway.

5. I started college at the age of 39 and obtained a degree in Architecture with honors. I never did my 3 year internship after graduating to become licensed and went straight in to Construction Management. That's a real challenge for a 5' tall's a real man kind of job!!

6. I never really hung out with many girls while growing up. I liked hanging out with the guys much better and still do.

7. They say that I can be very curt....I don't know what everyone is talking about...I just say it as it is, to the point and not much fluff!!! Why drag everything out???


  1. I'm glad to get to know you a little more.

  2. You sound like my kind of person. Thanks for letting us get to know you better.

  3. Robin,what an interesting person you are. I bet you keep your husband guessing about you. I never was good at flirting either. Most people have to tell me when it's going on and I am really just being nice. It's a complicated world we live in and I like people that are bottom line folks. In my male brain I have no problem knowing where they stand on topics of interest.

    Have a great day being you.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I think we'd get along great! And whaddaya mean you're not stylish? IS there any better way to dress other than for working in the plots LOL?! I guess it's a good thing my hubby likes that look, since I'm seen in it a LOT! Love learning more about you!

  5. There, that didn't hurt a bit, did it?

    Friendly or flirting....Did I ever tell you about Mr. Granny and the hooker? He insisted she was just a nice lady who was trying to be friendly. When I told him what she was, he was appalled, certain I was wrong. As we left the establishment, the "nice lady" was out at the curb propositioning two guys! Mr. Granny wouldn't know "flirting" if it came up and slapped him along side the head!

    I, on the other hand, know immediately when I'm being hit upon, because it happens to me ALL the time! What?

  6. I've worked with a number of Construction Engineers and 5 foot blondes they AREN'T! I think you're my kinda' person...they call me *brash*...I just call a spade a spade!

  7. I can't even remember the last time somebody hit on me. I also think one of the greatest looks on a person is fresh from the garden, or outside. It gives a fresh, vibrant look. Last night I came in with mud on my foot, after it leaked through my garden shoe! Thanks for sharing a little bit about you.


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