Monday, April 18, 2011

Harvest Monday.......4/18/2011

After spending over 4 hours in the basement yesterday playing with my seedlings, I decided to face the fierce winds and go outside! First I re-arranged the greenhouse/"Garden Helper's" new playhouse. I moved the toys around and set-up the shelves for the warm weather crops.

While I was out there I noticed that the cold frame crops needed some immediate harvesting. Boy, that was fun in 50mph wind gusts! I harvested the last of the overwintered Arugula and then pulled the plants. I really wanted to add a little compost to the cold frames and do some planting...but, that was totally out of the question with the high winds. I was pleasently surprised with how much I harvested!

Arugula, Lettuce, Collards, Kale & Chard
This is what I harvested on Sunday!

Total Harvest this week: 2.6875 lbs
Arugula - 5 oz.
Brussels Sprouts - 4 oz.
Chard - 10 oz.
Collards - 4 oz.
Kale - 4 oz.
Lettuce - 1lb.

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  1. What a great surprise to harvest so much from your cold frame!

  2. What a harvest Robin! I wish mine was as bountiful!

  3. Emily, It really didn't look that there was that much to harvest!

    Thomas, I think that "The Italian" and I will have enough fresh veggies for two weeks. I still have some kale and collards in the frig from last week.

  4. Wow so many variety of leaf green harvest! The cook must have enjoyed it very much.

  5. See, now I need a cold frame. My son was going to build me one last year, but I couldn't make up my mind where to put it, and it never happened.

  6. Malay, He was definitely happy about that harvest!

    Granny, Have your son build one that can be moved. Ours can actually be moved if we want to move them.

  7. Your harvest is the best! I'm really impressed! I don't have a cold frame...I use pvc pipe covered with works pretty good...but looks kinda' yucky by the end of the Winter. I probably would be better served with a nice cold-frame.

  8. Very nice harvest, it's surprising how a small box can yield so much.

  9. That's really nice haul! I know what you mean about harvesting in high winds. I've had lettuce and spinach leaves blown completely away.

  10. Great harvest! And a dangerous one too! Glad you survived the winds! I'm jealous of everyone's harvests. I'm going to try to overwinter crops next year. =0)

  11. What a nice harvest you have. I hate when I have to go out into bad weather to deal with the garden. I do it all the time, but never really enjoy it. It is more done in desperation than anything else.

  12. Lynda, I think that you would be very happy with a cold get to it!!

    Mac, I am surprised as well with how much food we get from the cold frames.

    Villager, I had quite a time keeping that Arugula from blowing away!!

    Holly, You would be surprised what you can overwinter with absolutely no protection. Last spring I had a lot of overwintered by accident crops in the spring. They survived under 4 feet of snow!

    Daphne, I know what you mean. I really don't mind working in the rain on a hot summer day...but I'm not crazy about it when it is cold and windy.

  13. Glad you did not blow away in those winds and what a nice harvest you got for braving the elements! Your cold frame is being a workhorse for you. Excellent production!

  14. Yes, I understand. We lost 3 romaine heads to high winds this spring. We replace the lost romaine with arugula. They've barely begun to sprout, and here you are harvesting it already! An inspiration!

  15. Laura, I am more then pleased with the cold frames. I don't know why we didn't build one sooner!

    Jody, I bet I know what is on your garden to-do list for the fall...a cold frame!

  16. I love the greens of springtime. Must be overcoming the winter of white that calls for a spring tonic. Nice looking harvest you braved the winds for.


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