Saturday, April 23, 2011

This week at the Plots

Everything is slowing progressing at the plots. The days that "The Italian" is home it rains all day, so the remaining beds won't be framed out until mother nature cooperates.

Most of the planting is up to date with the exception of some onions and two special varieties of peas. The weather is supposed to be good in the beginning of the week but that could change at any time.

I planted 4 White Kohlrabi and 3 Purple with some onion sets between them on Tuesday. You can see how windy it is over there from this picture. They are all doing well.

The cabbages are getting toughened up from the wind and growing nicely as well.

I finally planted the Heritage Raspberries that I have had here at the house. I also met the people who planted the other raspberries and blackberries. The woman identified the two varieties of raspberries as Heritage and Roadside Red. I can definitely tell them apart. The blackberries are supposed to be Hull, I could not find any information on them though.

The Pak Choi that is planted at the plots seems to be doing better then the ones I have planted here at the house. That's a good sign!!

The balance of the Sagre potaoes and the Kennebecs were planted in this bed. It's hard to see where I planted them in this picture. It was so windy that day that the top of the soil dried up almost immediately.

While we are on the subject of potatoes....the dang City Squirrels were in the potato bed here at the house! They dug up one potato so I covered the top of the bed with chicken wire. I guess it is time to get the traps out!!

Have a Happy Easter!


  1. You plan and grow things so efficently.

  2. Your garden has gotten off to a great start...everything looks wonderful. You've don a ton of work!

  3. Very good progress, i'd say....those pesky squirrels are hard to deal with, and I absolutely hate them...

  4. Malay girl, I try to a lot of companion and intense planting. It always seems to work well for me.

    Lynda, It's getting there. It's probably good that we have had so much bad weather or I would probably been laid up for awhile from doing too much at a time!

    EG, I have another word for those squirrels!! They have to go!!!

  5. Hull is a great blackberry. I had them at my old place. The berries are big and tasty, but the vines can ramble a bit. I didn't trellis them, though maybe I should have.

    I feel your pain with the squirrels. They are digging up plants here in the shade garden, trying to find their acorns. Good luck with the traps!

  6. Villager, I am so happy to hear that they are a good variety of blackberry. The woman even showed me how to prune them.

    Last year I trapped 20 squirrels and my life was good all summer. Another batch moved in early in fall, so I'm going to have to get rid of them now too.

  7. You do amazing garden work. I wish we could be so successful. Funny thing's happening with squirrels at our house. Last fall we buried hundreds of useless nuts into the middle of our compost pile. The squirrels are digging them out this spring. The compost pile has become aerated by all the holes they've dug, so now we probably won't need to turn it at all.

  8. Thanks Jody, I just love the garden and could be out there playing in it all the time. I have a white garden in the front of the house and this year the squirrels planted a red tulip out there.

  9. Despite the spring winds - the plants are looking good!

  10. Our plants just need a good rain - it spitted and spotted a bit yesterday but that was it

  11. Laura, The plants are definitely getting toughened up with the wind over there....and doing very well!

    Thanks Holly

    Sue, We have been getting plenty of rain here. I am hoping that the weather will not go from too much to too little rain.

  12. That's exactly what has happened to us - one minute too wet to digplant etc - now bone dry and we're having to water!


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