Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Home Veggie Garden at the end of May

It's has been one busy week in the garden. Our weather went from rain & cooler temps, right into the 90's with lots of sun and high humidity. I have to say that I'm not a big fan of hot and humid weather....so there will be no retiring in Florida for me!

With the change in weather, the greenhouse had to come down immediately. The temperature that day was in the mid 90's!

The bed in the front of this picture was covered by the greenhouse. After taking the greenhouse down I had to stake & wire the tomatoes and then put up some bunny barricade. Do you believe that I haven't seen a bunny since I put up all the fencing, made the hot pepper spray and put the trap out?? I guess that there will be no Rabbit Jambalaya until we go to New Orleans in the fall! You can't see the carrots too well that are planted between the tomatoes. They are doing really well. Some of the carrots in the pots rotted from all the rain. I am going to add some more seed to the pots this week.

The early potatoes in the bed next door are huge! They have been mulched with straw. I also put some nylon string around the bed to help keep the straw in place. They look like they are about ready to bloom. I also found a couple of cucumber beetles in there doing something :)

The snow peas in the bed next door have recovered from the haircut that they received at the hands of the bad bunnies. I also planted some tomatoes and peppers in the bed for our new neighbor.

Left Cold Frame bed planted with leeks, baby choi, lettuce, onions, dill and peppers. As one thing is done, I plant something else.  I can't believe how well the Baby Choi in the back is doing with all of this heat! I think we will be harvesting that this week.

Right Cold Frame bed planted with two tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, lettuce, dill and onions.

Some of the pretty little lettuce hiding in the cold frame beds

Spring Blush Snap Vine Peas. I am very excited about these...aren't they just beautiful!

It's hard to get a good picture of the vines. See how tall the are! They are over 6' tall and loaded with beautiful purple pink flowers!

Some celery tucked in between the garlic and english peas. The peas and garlic will be done before they get very big.

The "Little Marvel" english peas have recovered from all the rain!

I planted a few Spaghetti Squash along the fence. I put double collars on them. Last year the SVB's got all of my squash!! I hope that this works.

A little happy bell pepper. I started removing the bottom leaves from the plants a few years ago. The young man who mows my very little grass out front suggested that I remove them. It really seems to help them blossom and set.

Here's my first little baby CP! Seed from Daphne.


  1. Looking really good. I have mass destruction, garden wide. I cant believe this weather. I have never had such a bad garden season and it just started.

  2. Very nice! Isn't this weather awful? It's 91 here now and it's only 7:45 am.... ugh! Guess I'm headed out to water and come hide inside again :)

  3. Jane, It's been horrible!! It seems like the bug damage that I was having at home during all that rain has stopped. I'm sure that there will be new bugs taking their place though. I just hate this hot weather....it's like August!

  4. Erin, This weather is horrible!! I could hardly sleep last night. I guess that we need to put in a couple of the Air Conditioners already. I have to wake up so I can get over to the plots and check on things. I'm usually wide awake by 5:30!

  5. It was over 100F in our greenhouse yesterday. I hosed it down inside a couple of times to keep it cooler. Temps are supposed to be hot all this week.

    You garden is all looking good, especially that green tomato! I wouldn't give up on the Rabbit Jambalaya just yet. The bunnies may just be trying to lull you into a false sense of security. I tell you, I don't trust them! ;-)

  6. Your garden is looking very nice, I haven't seen any tom on my CP yet, just some cherry tomatoes.

  7. Villager, You may be on to something there. Maybe those bunnies think I will take the fencing down if they don't come around. The hot weather is supposed to break here tomorrow!!

    Thanks mac, I was surprised and very happy to see that little CP!

  8. You have a very nice garden, lots of space and lots of different veggie plants!

  9. We're still cool, but warming up fast. It's actually supposed to be 90 next weekend!

    If I removed the bottom leaves from my peppers, there would be no leaves at all. They just haven't shown any growth at all since I planted them out! Yours are looking sooooo good!

  10. Granny, It's been like August weather here! I can't stand it! It's supposed to cool off some time today :)

    Don't worry about your peppers. It will warm up and they will probably grow like crazy!

  11. Looking good, Robin!! I also like the Spring Blush pea -- it's beautiful!

    To try and beat the heat, I was out in the garden at 6:30 and here it's just 9:30 and I'm soaking wet from sweat. No wait!! Women don't sweat, they "perspire". (Yeah, whatever...It's as hot as Haides outside already!)

    I'm happy with my tall snow pea vines and production so far but I'll look into those you're growing. The vines on mine are almost 8 feet and soon I'll need a ladder to pick pods. I planted mine on Feb 27, when did you plant yours?

  12. Your pepper looks so nice. Mine have really stalled. I watered them with some fish emulsion yesterday to try to perk them up.

    And your baby tomato is so cute. I can't wait for my first one. It should be soon as I see a lot of blossoms now.

  13. Lynn, I was at the plots at 6:30 and home by 9. I was sweating so bad by 7 that it was running into my eyes! I feel much better....boy what a difference a shower makes!

    I planted the peas on March 22. I got them from Peace Seeds. It's a pretty cool place to get seeds. I picked a bunch of them last night and I'm sure that there will be more ready tonight.

    Daphne, My peppers are starting to take off both here and at the plots. I guess the August weather in May did it. All of my tomatoes here at the house have blossoms and quite a few have small tomatoes. I haven't checked the ones at the plots though. It's just been so hot. I get my work done over there and leave!

  14. Looking great!! I've never heard of the pepper leaf trick. So many things to remember... And the bands around your squash?? Never heard of that one either! Most impressive!

  15. hey i'm talking about you! all in good fun of course! but i AM jealous of all your berry plants!


  16. APGal, I think that I hear a new gardening trick just about every day.

    OGirl, You know, I don't even know your first name or if you have one! Thanks a bunch...you better get yourself a great big berry patch!

  17. I am really interested to hear if your collar on the squash vine works. I finally gave up (well, really the poor vines split into pieces) and pulled out all my lovely squash today because of the SVBs. I've rotated my gardens and planted companions plants, next year will be collars!
    Good luck and happy gardening,
    Cindy in TX

  18. Cindy, Thanks for stopping by. I did a little more research on the SVB's today. I think that I'm going to have to wrap the vines a bit with what...I don't know. I'll do a post on it when I decide.

  19. Wow your weather really has changed hasn't it - your plants at least seem to have thrived on all your rain ours could still do with a bit more but maybe I should be careful what I wish for!

  20. Sue, Everything has seemed to recover from the excessive rain that we had. The 4 day heat wave has ended and now there doesn't seem to be much rain in the forecast. I am hoping for a bit of rain here and there or I will have to water at the plots!

  21. Your garden is amazing. I love how organized it seems. Ours is doing alright but we don't have anything to pick yet. I probably need to water it today - the heat wave with no storms is probably wilting my plants. I can't wait to (hopefully) do some picking in the next month or so.

  22. Hi Lisa, Thanks for your kind words and stopping by. This spring has brought all of us some crazy weather to deal with. Hopefully you will be harvesting from your garden sooner rather then later!!

  23. Very interesting thuouhts you shared on removing the bottom pepper leaves, I will definitely try this on a few plants. Your plants and garden look amazing.:)

  24. Your garden looks fantastic, Robin! I'm so jealous of your potatoes. Half of mine never sprouted. When I dug down, I then noticed a series of tunnels. :(

  25. Mr.H, Removing the bottom leaves really seems to help the plants. Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you.

    Thanks Thomas, I guess that I got lucky with my potatoes. None of them rotted like many other gardeners have had happen do to the excessive rains. My potatoes were eaten by voles last year...what a bummer!


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