Thursday, May 19, 2011

It Finally Stopped Raining.....

So I went outside to see how the gardens were doing. I walked out the back door and saw this!!

The Dang Squirrels had been digging in the planters! I had the citrus trees on the porch close to the house  to protect them from all the rain.

Then I went out back and found this!

Some critter had shredded this tomato plant! What the heck!! I don't know what would have done this...a bunny or a bird??

When I got to the greenhouse there were birds inside! So I zipped up the screening and headed for the plots.

When I got to the plots I found this.

 Some baby Paprika Peppers on one of the plants!

I also found these

Happy potatoes and only a few potato beetles that I squished

And some

Happy Tomatoes

The county even did this
Put some stone down on the more mud!

I hate to tell you when I got home the bunnies were running wild around the beds out back and didn't want to leave!!!! So, I headed back to the plots and got the bunny fencing. Of course it's raining again. As soon as it stops additional bunny fencing will be added to the beds out back!


  1. Sorry to hear about the pests plaguing your gardens. Just even looking at the picture of the shredded tomato plant makes my heart sink!

    Your peppers look beautiful though. I'm growing a paprika variety this year as well, although they are no where near as far along as yours

  2. Praire Cat, It was like a zoo around here today! Fortunately I have extra tomato plants and stuck another one in the ground. Last year was the first year that I planted the paprika peppers. I dried them and made paprika powder.

  3. I didn't get much beyond the first sentence of your post before I had to stop ... your reminded me that the dang 'coons got into the garbage last night and I needed to go clean it up far no bunnies here but the 'coons are a problem ... good luck keeping the critters out!

  4. Sorry about the damaged plants but congrats on the healthy ones! I'm excited for you about the peppers! Cool!

  5. It makes me sick when they destroy all that hard work. Hope the bunny fencing works. They sure are destructive!

  6. Deb, I lived in the country my entire life until I moved here. I have to say that there are more critters in the city then in the country...and the city critters are not afraid of people!

    Holly, I had another tomato that I put in it's place. It will all be fine.

    Sue, I have never had a bunny destroy a tomato plant before. That's why I have never fenced in the tomato beds.

  7. Oooh, I'd be screaming bloody murder at those buggers!

    At least you had a few good things too tho!

  8. Sounds like your day was Bad, Bad, Good, Good, Good, Good, Bad. OK, that's more goods than bads!

  9. APGal, I've got to move back to the country to get away from these darn critters!

    Granny, It's was a good day...the sun came out for awhile and all the plants are happy except for that one tomato!

  10. Oh bugger, some days are just like that. The critters are always up to no good around here too. Hope you can keep those bunnies out of the garden.

  11. God, I sure do hate squirrels....I'd love to set everyone of them on fire and just watch them run around in agony...Ha! Seriously though, they are little devils!

  12. Oh no! I would be so pissed if I came out and saw one of my tomato plants toppled. Anything but the tomatoes!

    I must have trapped and relocated a dozen squirrels and chipmunks from my garden last year.

  13. Lorie, I'll get them under control one way or another!

    EG, I'm with you. They are definitely demons!!!

    Thomas, I got the trap out and will start trapping the squirrels today. Last year I trapped 20 squirrels and life was good until September when some new ones moved in.

  14. I was sad to find that the birds snipped off my yard long beans. Sob. Luckily my back yard is well fenced. I'm guessing the rabbits can't get in, but the opossum can if it wants. It climbs trees.

  15. I have had a rabbit doing damage lately too. Not "rabbits" though ... just "rabbit". That would have been discouraging to see the plant shredded like that - but you are a woman of action and tackled the problem smartly by bringing in the barrier fencing! The plants at the plot look really healthy and happy. You must be pleased with how that is going.

  16. Daphne, It's always a challenge keeping out what ever critter decides it wants a part of the garden!

    Laura, My one cat "Miss Banana" always cleaned out all the bunny nests until last year. She is getting older and doesn't go out as much. Boy, I wish she would start helping out again with the bunnies around here!

  17. I think we all have to content with critters of some kind. Mine are the deer.

    However I would much rather content with the critters than all the stuff Mother Nature has been throwing at us lately.

  18. wilderness, I agree, Mother Nature is really giving us a time this year!

  19. Our plants would just love some of your rain - but not the bunnies!

  20. Robin,
    I had a thought ... we have raccoons, deer, squirrels, chipmunks, crows and I don't know what else ... yet I have very little problem with critters getting into my garden ... I have two small dogs who love to chase other critters ... and seem to "know" when one is in chase-able range : )

  21. I tell you, it's always something getting after our plants, isn't it! I've had tomato plants gnawed off like that before, then not eaten. It's hard to figure out. I don't trust the birds or the rabbits when it comes to the garden!

    Peppers so soon? Mine aren't planted yet, but the early tomatoes are blooming. Our rains put me behind in planting.


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