Monday, June 20, 2011

Harvest Monday...........6/20/2011

This weeks harvests have been a little bit of this and that. There have been some firsts and also some lasts. I harvested the last of the beautiful Spring Blush Snap Peas and the vines were pulled on Sunday. We really really love this pea! There will definitely be a fall crop planted this year. I did manage to freeze two portions of the peas despite the fact that we really wanted to eat all of them! I also harvested the last of the garlic scapes. These scapes are going to be made into Scape & Pepper Jelly....hopefully today! This recipe was posted by Lynn at Woodridge Homestead last week.

Two more heads of the Silver Cup Cauliflower was harvested at the plots. These heads looked much better then the first ones did and weighed a whopping 4 oz each! Sorry, I forgot to take a picture and froze them yesterday. I really hope that the other two varieties do much better.

I harvested this one celery plant here at the home garden. I have no idea what is wrong with it. The leaves are all curly and deformed. All of the other plants look great though!

This nice head of lettuce weighed 10 oz. "The Italian" is using the large leaves to roll up tuna salad and pack in his lunch.

These beautiful Sugar Magnolia Purple Snap Vine Peas just started to produce at the plots! Aren't they just beautiful! We haven't eaten any yet, probably for dinner tonight.

The parsley is growing like crazy. I picked all of this in one day. I am hoping that this is all that will need to be dried for the year.

Some leaf lettuce and a spring onion.

I snuck a pound of potatoes from the plants for Father's Day dinner. They were so so good. We can't wait until it's time to harvest them!

The first two tomatoes of the season were harvested this week.....what a tease! We are so dying to taste some more!

Harvest Total for the week - 5.5 lbs.

Broccoli - 5 oz.
Cauliflower - 8 oz.
Celery - 4 oz.
Lettuce - 12 oz.
Parsley - 8 oz.
Peas Little Marvel - 10 oz.
Peas Magnolia  - 3 oz.
Peas Snow - 12 oz.
Peas Spring Blush - 2 oz.
Potatoes - 16 oz
Scapes - 3 oz
Spring Onions - 3 oz
Strawberries - 2 oz

Stop by Daphne's Dandelion's our host of Harvest Monday to see what's going on in veggies gardens around the globe!!


  1. Those peas are beautiful, as are the Spring Blush peas. Where did you find the seed?

    I can't believe you are already harvesting tomatoes... I only saw my first flower the other day.

    It all looks so good!

  2. Tomatoes already---how wonderful!
    I just got mine in the ground. Ah Michigan!

  3. Ali, I purchased both seed from Peace Seeds. Check it out they have some really interesting things.

    Sue, Those little cherry tomatoes are such a tease. I think that's the only variety of tomato that we will be harvesting for awhile.

  4. Oooh, new potatoes. I'll bet those were a treat! I haven't dug any of ours yet. You must have got your parsley out early. I had lots from the overwintered plants, but not so much yet from this years crop.

    Those purple snap peas are really pretty!

  5. Love the Sugar Magnolia Purple Snap Vine Peas. I have a thing for purple veggies :) I bet they are easy to spot on the vine. The spring potatoes must have been a treat. I don't know what is up with that poor celery plant though.

  6. Great looking harvest. Purple peas! Wow! I think Emily was growing some of those too.

  7. wow! what a haul!!! great work all around. my "regular boring peas" are doing well - i've been having bacon and pea and goat cheese pasta all week. i'm sure The Italian knows about this dish. i laughed because i used to pay big bucks for it in town. now its practically free!

    have a great monday!!!

  8. Things are really shaping up in your garden.

    Have you ever tried freezing the parsley? I did basil last year and it was great. Chopped it in the food processor with a little bit of water. Put a tablespoon in each ice cube spot in a tray then covered it with what ever water it too to fill the cube. It turned out really great and was easy to toss into anything that I was cooking all winter. Once they were froze just popped them into a zip lock bag.

  9. Great harvest Robin! I think I might actually get some cauliflower this year as well (fingers crossed). Those potatoes look amazing.

  10. Villager, Those potatoes were a real treat! I planted three varieties this year and snuck a few from each.

    Rachel, I just love purple veggies too. The only beans that I grow besides dry beans are purple pole beans. That celery tasted fine but I figured I better pull it. The rest of the celery here looks great.

    Marcia, I think that it's fun to grow different types of veggies. It's an added bonus when they are great tasting as well!

    OhioFG, Oh yeah, The Italian definitely knows all about that dish! It's such an inexpensive dish to make but so so tasty!

    Wilderness, we really don't use a lot of parsley around here. I dry some and the parsley in the garden usually makes half way through the winter. I should put some in the freezer though...thanks for the tip.

    Thomas, I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you!!!

  11. I have never had celery do that curling mutating thing - but have had tomatoes do that on occassion. Not sure what causes it though. That was smart to just pull it - just in case it is infectious.

    Your harvest this week looks good! The purple peas are really pretty - did they taste good too?

  12. Early potatoes sound like a special treat. My peas have purple flowers, but will be green peas just the same. I'm looking forward to some hopefully by the end of the week.

  13. Oh goodness everything looks wonderful! Those Sugar Magnolia Purple Snap Vine Peas look excellent. I wonder how they taste? You will have to let us know!

  14. Those purple pea is so pretty!I think I can see your reflection on your cute tomatoes...hehehe...

  15. What a great idea for Father's Day, to sneak a few! I don't think ours a far enough along.

  16. Purple peas! Fun! I grabbed some new potatoes for a Father's Day potato salad, yesterday: yummy! Can't wait for a full harvest. Thanks for the tip on Peace Seeds..I had forgotten all about them.

  17. Nice variety in your harvest! I still haven't harvested was and you're pulling out your plants. I can't believe how far ahead your growing season is! Everything look wonderful!

  18. Those peas are so pretty! I'm so glad parsley self sows so easily, I haven't planted it in years - hope yours does too, it's a pain to start in flats!

  19. OMG--tomatoes in mid-June--INcredible!! Congrats.
    BTW, I used to live on Phoenixville Pike, with a West Chester, PA address when I was a kid. My phone number (at the time) had a 696- prefix. Is this anywhere near you?

  20. What a lovely combination of veggies! I'd kill for those new potatoes....never again will I not plant them in my garden. Hey, I might be picking my first ripe tomato this evening!

  21. What a harvest :o), I love the color of those peas, I've never even seen them before :o( are you sharing seeds from them? I must have something to trade (besides my audacity to ask).

  22. That's a great harvest for a little of this and that! I wish those purple snap peas weren't so susceptible to powdery mildew, my plants were so ugly with it and it really cut the harvest short the one time I tried to grow them.

  23. Oh wow you are getting tomatoes already. I miss tomatoes. I can't wait for that season to start. Aren't I terrible? The pea season has just started and already I want to move on to the tomato season.

  24. I want to grow purple peas! Beautiful! I bet my little girl would love them too!

  25. Laura, That celery was so strange. I thought, if in doubt pull it out! We haven't eaten any of the purple peas yet. I'll do a review on them when we do.

    Emily, Those potatoes were definitely a treat! Here's hoping that you'll have some peas soon!!

    Allison, Those peas are so beautiful! I think they'll be tasty. I ate one raw and it was good!

    Malay girl, You've got better (younger) eyes then I do. I can't see it!

    Jody, "The Italian" has been looking forward to some good home grown, I thought I would sneak a few!

    Lynda, Peace Seeds has some very interesting seeds. I'm pretty sure that both varieties of peas I purchased from them are hybrids. If so, I'm ordering some more!

    Thanks Barbie, They add some beautiful color to the garden and are easy to find when picking!

    Erin, I have never had parsley sow itself here. If it makes it through the winter, the leaves are always real tough. I always have to start new parsley every year.

    ducks4you, West Chester is about an hour away from us. I used to work near Valley Forge and had some construction projects out that way.

    Granny, I can't believe that you didn't plant any potatoes this year! I want to see a picture of that first tomato!!

    Ginny, I think that the purple pea is a hybrid. I will check. If not I would be more then happy to save some seeds for you.

    Michelle, My plants have been fine. I'll keep an eye on them for signs of powdery mildew. Thanks for the tip!

    Daphne, I think that all of us gardeners can be impatient at times. We have only had a few ripe cherry tomatoes. It will be awhile before some big tomatoes ripen around here!

    Shawn Ann, I think your little girl would definitely love them! They are so pretty!


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