Thursday, July 21, 2011

What to do when it's too Hot during the day to Garden

There are a lot of things you could do on a day like could

Relax on a nice beach in the Caribbean
This is where my sister in-law is right now and it's actually 10 degrees cooler then here!

Take a nice dip in the pool with your cat

Play in the water

Not me....I got up at 5AM, hauled water over to the plots, watered the garden as fast as I could and came home. Then I turned up the AC (sorry Jane) went outside and watered the home gardens and had some more coffee. Then I watched these poor guys a bit

Paving the alley behind our house

Then I

made some chicken stock and

a lousey loaf of bread that looks like this

which should look like

this.....even the bread wouldn't form correctly from the humidity with the AC on!

Then I decided to make more of a mess

Blackberry Jam in the making!

So what are you doing today in this oppresive heat??


  1. I am so jealous of your AC right now! We actually went and bought a window unit to put in our guest room which is serving as Tiny Gardener Family Hideaway. It's too hot even to find something to eat... Sorry your bread didn't turn out!

  2. stare out the window at my garden wondering if anything is ready but won't get picked cause it is too hot to get out there!

  3. With this heat I am tempted turn the sprinkler on and act like a kid again. Sorry to hear the bread didn't turn out. However the jam looks great!!

  4. I'm being stupid like you! trying to put up some cabbage in this heat..making cornbread in the oven (it was at least pretty and delicious :o) to eat with cabbage leaves that seemed to never get done :o( I'll wait a little longer and eat more corn bread if it does.
    Thank goodness for the A/C

  5. Tiny Gardener, I'm not an AC fan, but I'm liking it now! Our city is actually giving free admission to all the city pools during the heat wave. I think that you wll be having a lot of family time in your hideaway for a few days!

    Shawn Ann, This weather is definitely going to be a stress on the garden.

    Mrs. Pickles, Go for it!!! Get out that sprinkler and enjoy yourself! I don't know how bad the bread is since I haven't sliced it. We shall see!

    Ginny, I'm about done with all this cooking and adding extra heat to the house....nappy time??

  6. Oh Trunk Beach brings back memories. So pretty. I got up at 6. My gardening chores were done by 7:30. So I went for a bike ride to the store. I pick one that is farther away than our closest one so I can get some exercise. I got back a little after 9 and took my shower. Since them I've been sticking to the AC. Occasionally I head out to water the carrots for just a minute and then come back in and am glad that I have AC. It is brutal outside.

  7. Yay! I can blame that horrible loaf I did yesterday on the humidity! I don't know why I didn't think of that, it definitely affects the dough. I can't imagine a worse job than paving or roofing this week...

  8. I love your post. Although I have to admit, when I read your title, "What to do when it's too Hot to Garden", my first thought was, only a retiree could ask a question like that. Then I saw all the hard work you've already done today and felt bad for thinking it. Thanks for the great post, and the great example of a hard working home (even in retirement)!

  9. Daphne, Yes Trunk Beach is beautiful! If you ever go to the Caribbean and want the best snorkeling in the world, go to Buck Island off of St. Croix. It is absolutely the most beautiful underwater scenery!

    Erin, It was definitely the humidity. The dough was so loose and would not form a ball. I will slice it later and see how bad it is. I could have let it brown for about 5 minutes longer...but it would have only made it browner.

  10. Jody, This so called retirement is a full time job! I used to work very long hours and my phone was 24/7....but, I had someone to clean my house and tend to things. I did a lot of gardening and canning...but not like this!

  11. ok i'm glad i'm not those guys working on the paving. sheesh! i was up and out early too. now i'm just trying to stay cool between going out and hosing everyone in the barnyard off. ugh! what a day!

    your jam looks wonderful!

  12. Our heat just "broke" about an hour ago---you could just feel that humidity going away. Wonderful. And we made it through another shot of heat with no air. Hooray. But boy, I sure was envious earlier!!!

  13. Could you put 15 degrees of your heat in an envelope and Fed Ex it overnight to Shelton, WA?... we had a high temp today of 65 degrees ... it's supposed to get all the way to 68 tomorrow...

  14. Cold glass of wine and reading your wonderful blog...with AC AND a ceiling fans hard at work. Love the cat! and hope you weren't in there with him. That cat would cut you to shreds trying to get out!

  15. Sitting in the ER room, freezing to death. The thermometer said 74F, it felt more like 54F to me!

  16. Staying inside for the hottest part of the day except not today. I was driving back and forth to Chambersburg, PA to pick up mom and bring her here for a visit. I water in the morning too with the sprinkler. It's torture out there.

  17. I actually canned beans today. If you can't beat the heat, you might as well join it;)

  18. Ohiofarmgirl, The jam turned out great, the bread...not so much

    Sue, Lucky you!! Our heat wave isn't supposed to end until Monday!

    Deb, I would gladly send you 20 degrees overnight by Fed Ex!!!

    Tami, don't think that cat looks like a sweetie pie :)

    Granny, It's a good thing it was cold in that ER :)

    Marcia, It was like a blast furnace out there. I hope that your AC was working in the car!

    Jane, Do you mean to tell me that you weren't out there just lovin that heat??? Well, with all that canning, I bet you got your pores cleaned out good!

  19. I just let the dog out and turned off the soaker hoses. It was still hot and humid outside at 10 pm: 88 degrees with 62% humidity and 73 degree dewpoint. Crazy hot weather for us in Maine.

  20. @Granny: I just read the rest of the messages. I hope everything is ok. Please know you are in my thoughts.

  21. @GrafixMuse: All's fine, Mr. Granny was having a little problem, but he's OK now.

  22. Loved that cat in the pool pic! LOL!

    You sure are ambitious for such a hot day! No heat here to speak of - and I was in the office working all day. Got home and had to put a sweatshirt jacket on to do a garden walk about. Honestly it is astounding the extremes we are both experiencing - you so hot... us so cool.

  23. We're not having a problem with heat in the UK at the moment in fact a little bit would be very welcome. The temperature fell to 48°F overnight last night and reached 68°F day time. Hope I got the C to F conversions correct. Still it's not too hot to garden!

  24. Off to garden this afternoon as it is sunny but still cool enough to garden

  25. Rachel, It looks like they are now predicting that the heat wave well end a little sooner then previously expected!! The high on Sunday is only expected to be 89 with a chance of t-storms!

    Laura, 2011 is definitely the year of extreme weather globally.

    I just love that cat!!

    Greenfingers, I would gladly send you some of our hot weather if I could. This is just crazy hot!!

    Sue, Boy, what I wouldn't do for some cool weather here right now. The plots are such a mess and need some work. For now, it's just watering early in the AM and in the evening to keep the plants alive.


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