Sunday, July 31, 2011

What's Vining Around the Gardens

There's a lot of things vining around the gardens right now. Here's a pictorial of some of what's vining around!

Three Sister's Bed "B"

Long Island Cheese Squash

Cantaloupe in slings

Gherkin Cucumbers at the plots.....planted late & poor germination. Hopefully they will catch up for a nice batch of gherkin pickles

Cucumbers at the Home Garden. They were also planted late.

But, the babies are starting!!

Three Sisters Bed "A"

Sweet Dumplings....Yum. these babies are good!

Purple Pole Beans...also planted late

The lone orange far

Little baby Sugar Baby Watermelon

White Pumpkin

So what's vining around your garden????


  1. Oh yum. I've had sweet dumpling squash. They are so good. I like them with butter and maple syrup. I guess a lot would think they don't need the extra sugar, but I love the taste mixture.

  2. I never even heard of a sweet dumpling squash. I guess I'll have to search for some. Not much vining here, the lone pot of bush cucumbers, the three pots of pickling cukes are close, the winter squash is a bush variety and minding its manners so far. Of course, there are the Fortex beans and the morning glories, and that's about the extent of my vining plants.

  3. Sweet dumpling squash - Now I never thought about growing those and since I seemed to have been pretty successful with my butternuts this year, maybe i will try them next year. Cucumbers have given me a good bushel already so I guess your behind on those.

  4. Haha, I see you have been talking to EG with those melons in a sling,...I do declare how you all have such goings on...I have nothing poor squash petered out :o( and cucumbers died a long time ago.

  5. Cucumbers are what's vining here. That's it. I planted the butternut squash very late and it's growing very slowly - not a vine yet. At this rate I doubt it will fruit before frost.

    That dumpling squash looks like something I had from a farmers market years ago but don't remember it called that. It was sooo good, better than acorn squash.

  6. That long island cheese squash is neat looking. How does that one taste?

  7. Daphne, I've never tried them with maple syrup. We just bake them with a little butter.

    Granny, Those sweet dumplings are so sweet granny. You will love them!

    Johanna, I'm way way behind on my cucs & pole beans this year. I got them in the ground much later then usual.

    Ginny, I didn't go out and buy any knee highs like EG. I just slung them up with what ever I had handy.

    Marcia, That's probably what you had...a sweet dumpling. Absolutely yummy!

    Jane, I don't know what the LI Cheese squash taste like. The seeds were given to me. They are supposed to be good for pies.

  8. You will have to report back on the LI Squash. Never heard of it! I have vining weeds, does that count?

  9. My pumpkin (Howden) is vining all over the place, but not a pumpkin on it. Last year I had 27 from one vine. Screwy summer!

  10. Vining?
    In the greenhouse we have tomatoes, grapes and melon.
    Outside on the plot we have squash, cucumbers, runner beans and sweet peas. Bindweed also tries to vine and we try to stop it - a sort of stalemate at the moment!

  11. APGal, Yes, I think that the vining weeds count! I have some of those too!

    Sue, My field pumpkin is vining like crazy too....with only one pumpkin on it. The flowers have been dropping off due to the heat. Hopefully you'll get a pumpkin or two out of that plant.

    Sue, You have quite a bit vining around your gardens. Love your photos!

  12. I love seeing the big picture! I'll have to go and take some photos too now of what's going on with the actual plants out there!

  13. Wonderful pic of all your vines! Never heard of Long Island Cheese Squash. It it will likely taste great.

  14. Wow Robin!! Your gardens look awesome!! It looks like they held up well during the heat wave. Your tomatoes look wonderful too!!


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