Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Neighborhood After Irene

Around 9:30 AM this morning, "The Italian" and I ventured out in the light rain and wind to walk around and look at the flooding and damage. We live on top of a hill about 4 blocks from one of the local city parks. Here are lots of pictures!!

First look...not bad

Hazards you don't think about

First look at the park...all of the pictures of the park are flash flooding and you can see in a lot of the pictures how much the water had already receded.

Water around a sculpture

Lots of these around the area

parking lots

this is normally a grassy area

here you can see the tiny bridge for the tiny creek that caused all this flooding

walking back

in 30 minutes the water had receded back quite a bit from this sculpture

a block and a half down our street

this is what happens when you have your side walks replaced and they cut the roots to the trees!

They were very lucky!

I am doing a separate post on the gardens after Irene.


  1. So much devastation, but it could have been much worse for everyone..

  2. Wow! Amazing the water and the sculpture!! I hope no one around you was hurt and that you/your home is in tact. That makes me mad about that tree. Never having sidewalks I didn't realize they did that! That's crazy!!!

    Take care Robin and thanks for the update! xoxo

  3. WOW! thats a lot of water - so glad your lights are back on and you all are safe.

  4. We are fine and no damage at all to the house. No one in our area was hurt that I am aware of. I am a bit tired, didn't sleep much last night. There were tornado warnings all night... so I slept downstairs with the TV on listening for the beep beep warning. I'm going nite nite...will respond to you all tomorrow!

  5. Oh, that was close for the folks in the house! Tons of water. Amazing pictures, I'll bet it was a sight in person.

  6. That is a lot to clean up Robin. We will all be doing that for the next few days. We had lots of wind and a ton of rain, but thankfully no flooding near our area. Thankful it was not as bad as it could have been. Glad your garden for the most part withstood the wind.

  7. I have yet to venture out after the storm. Dan just called on his way to work to say that his usual way is blocked off so he has to take a detour. We are still without power - it went off at midnight Sunday morning. Glad for our generator.

    Is your power back on? Nice to hear you made it through.

  8. Glad to see your power came back on! Lots of trees like that here too, nothing but the sounds of saws and generators here, we're going into day 2 of cleanup today!

  9. Thanks to all of you for thinking about us during the storm. I think that we were all pretty lucky considering what was forecasted!

    I think we will be busy for a couple of days getting everything back to normal and cleaned up!

  10. WOW, that's crazy. Hopefully no one was hurt and that person's house didn't sustain too much damage.

  11. Thomas, That house had only minor damage and no one was hurt. They are very lucky! I am sure that their insurance company won't be too happy with the contractor that put those new sidewalks in!

  12. Nice on the spot reporting. Glad the storm has subsided without any worse damage.


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