Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The State of the Plots............Part 2

Last week was very busy around here and I didn't post Part 2. Although things have changed a bit at the plots, here it is!

The other "Three Sisters" planting is very happy. There is popcorn, Long Island Cheese Squash, Fortna White Pumpkins, Greek Sweet Red Winter Squash (which never produced a female flower) and Trail of Tears Beans planted here. As you can see, the grass in the paths is very happy too. I was going to weed wack it today...but, didn't get to it.

Here are some dry beans, some leeks to the left and a few small broccoli & cauliflower in Bed #2. There are also dry beans planted in Bed #1 between the Brussels Sprouts in the back right of the picture.

This is the one Aspargus bed. There are Sadies Horse Beans and Trail of Tears beans growing up the fence in the back. All of the bushy stuff to the left of the asparagus is parsley. They are supposed to be good companion plants.

The tepee planted with Dean's Purple Pole Beans is really tall. I think about 8' right now. I will be surprised if this is still standing after Irene makes her way through our area this weekend!

Some broccoli & cauliflower was finally planted at the end of Bed #2 today. Don't mind the convalescing mummy tomato plants in the background. They are still, that's a good thing!

The Bell Peppers are huge! You can't tell from this picture, but, they are at least 3' high and loaded with peppers!

The hot & spice peppers are doing great also! They aren't as tall as the bells, but they are loaded with peppers! I left the celery (right end of pic) in the ground and it doesn't look all that bad. I can dry some of the leaves and freeze some of the stalks that are good.

The two remaining Moon & Stars watermelons are growing like crazy in spite of the little nibble that the groundhog took out of the one!

The Burr Gherkin Cucumber plants are growing like crazy! They are in between the two trellises were the cantaloupe and Korean melons were growing. I removed those vines today. You can also see some more convalescing mummy tomato plants in the background.

There are at least 4 more Fortna White Pumpkins on the vines....looking good!

And the zucchini plants are still producing!!

Well, that's all the Happy Stuff going on at the plots, with the exception of fall raspberries starting to ripen!!

So, what kind of Happy Stuff do you have going on in your garden??


  1. Oh My! Everything looks so lucious and healthy! Those bell peppers must be a world record! I love a beautiful garden!

  2. The pepper plants really are monsters! What's your trick???

  3. I'm thinking! Where is she going to put all that harvest?
    I'm jealous of those peppers! Mine did nothing but grow tall without a bloom any where and in the side garden ..all they did was bloom and produce midgets that some were for the compost:o( good going..soon you will get some rest when the snow flies :o)

  4. I too want to know your trick with peppers!

    Most of my peppers were victims of poor garden design this year, but I have some in the hoophouse. Not enough, but some.

    The plots look great, I hope Irene give you a pass.

  5. I hope your beans make it through Irene! All looks good! You are such a trooper taking care of a garden at home AND going and taking care of a garden elsewhere! That is some work!

  6. Awesome garden post. Everything looks great. You have a ton of stuff.

  7. Wow, everything looks stunning! Bittersweet for me looking at it, since in a best case scenario only my garden will be obliterated this weekend!

  8. You have so much to look forward to still. Your pepper plants are amazing. We got them, but not like that. It's funny. I see that you have used cloth strips to tie up your tomatoes. Belle has done exactly the same thing here. We're hoping that you'll have a huge harvest of fall produce. It looks like you will from here.

  9. I hope hurricane Irene does not topple down much in your garden - so many lovely tall growers at this point in the season. Your garden is doing beautifully and the variety of items producing for you right now is exceptional.

    Batten down the hatches!

  10. Mutant peppers-my gosh. Beautiful! What's your secret? Are you out there in the middle of the night talking to them???

    Hope you (and your garden) stay safe from the storm.

  11. Lots to look forward to picking for a time to come. We haven't had to mow our grass paths much this year - one advantage of it being really dry.

  12. Thanks Lynda, Those pepper plants are monsters! I have never seen pepper plants that big before.

    APGal, Those pepper plants must love the soil over there. I don't think that I even fertilized them.

    Ginny, I have no idea what I'm going to do with all those peppers. I already have enough frozen, roasted and pickled for the year. Most of them from here on out will go to my in-laws & sister in-law for freezing and roasting. Don't you be talking about snow already!

    Ali, Those peppers must love the soil there, the weather this year and being neglected! I haven't done a thing with them.

    Shawn Ann, I hope that Irene takes a hike out to sea! Believe me, the garden plots do not get that much attention!

    Thanks Lorie, I didn't realize how much I have left over there until I did this post.

  13. Amazingly beautiful green going on at the plots. This must have been a good year for peppers, mine are growing very well too surpassing the small tomato cages I used for some support.

    It will be a busy weekend harvesting what we can before Irene comes up the coast.

  14. Erin, I think that Irene will end up doing a lot of damage for us on the east coast if she stays on her current path. We shall see!

    Thanks Jody, Don't those tomato plants look funny now that I have trimmed them way back? They look like they are ready for Halloween!

    Laura, It's so windy at the plots to begin with...we shall see what happens when Irene moves through!

    Sue, I think that passive gardening is the trick with those peppers :)

    Sue @GLA, My paths grew like crazy the past couple of weeks from the rain and cooler temps. It's quite embarassing how messy they look.

    Rachel, It looks like we are supposed to have storms off and on up until Irene comes through. I guess I be harvesting what I can in the rain.

  15. wow--I'm impressed. I can barely manage to care for the garden in my backyard, much less drive somewhere else and care for one. I hope Irene isn't too terrible & your garden survives.

  16. Great selection of beans! (and squashes etc). Is there hope of further tomatoes from the convalescing plants?

  17. I can't believe how good everything looks for this time of year. You must have really bribed the garden gods good this year :)

  18. Wow, 3 foot tall peppers? What are you feeding those things?!? The Brussels Sprouts look pretty tall as well. Looks like you have some fall garden going after all. :-)

  19. Those peppers are looking great! Normally I have great peppers, but not this year....although mine are finally growing and bushing out, there's a chance they'll do well yet! I finally got a decent picking (12 pounds) of tomatoes today. I may even have enough to can a few pints now that our temps are up in the 90s and nights are finally warm.

  20. Dorothy, They are not sure how much we will get from Irene yet. There are several projected paths. I'm going to tie rope and use stakes to try to keep the teepee from blosing away today. Everything else will have to ride out the storm. We may end up with a lot of green peppers!

    Mal, There are a lot of green tomatoes on those plants. I am getting some ripe ones every day. Time will tell how long they hold out.

    Jane, How did you know what I did :)

    Villager, I haven't fed those pepper plants a thing! The onions and peppers really seem to like the soil over there! Yes, we will have some fall crops this year. I'm just a little behind getting some things in the cold frame beds here at the house. They will have to wait until after Irene passes through now.

    Granny, Congrats on finally getting a food tomato harvest! It is starting to feel like fall here :(

  21. Not too many happy things going on in the garden right now. Things didn't go well while I was gone. So a lot has to get ripped out and replanted.

  22. Daphne, sorry to hear that your garden didn't do well while you were away. We shall see how our gardens are once Irene passes through. I have a feeling there will be a lot more work to do!

    Thanks Vanessa, I will be posting pics of the gardens after Irene passes through. Who knows how things will look then!

  23. I'm so glad that your Long Island Cheese squash from the seeds I sent are doing well. Do you have any photos posted of the habanero plants? We had an amazing harvest of habaneros last year! It is super prolific!


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