Monday, September 12, 2011

Harvest Monday..............09/12/2011

This past week was not a nice week weather wise, here in our parts. It rained all week. The days are getting shorter, we don't have any more news on the garden, I have not been a happy camper and have not felt like blogging one bit. I have been getting some canning done which will make for some good posts at a later date.

The only harvest from the home garden that I weighed and took a picture of are two more Spaghetti Squash.

These fine babies were harvested on Tuesday or Wednesday. The green striped one was on the same vine as a few of the others I have harvested. It is now changing to a nice golden color.

The Moon & Stars watermelon from last weeks harvest was ripe...but, could have been left on the vine a bit longer. It was OK and I'm sure that it would have been sweeter if I had left it on the vine.

Sunday, I finally made it to the plots and harvested the last Moon & Stars Watermelon, a White Fortna Pumpkin, 4 Leeks and some small ears of Popcorn. The popcorn will be dried and weighed at a later date. I don't know what is with my leeks this year. They are so early and the outer layer of these four were starting to get mushy so I had to pull them. I really like to leave them in the garden and harvest them during the cold days of fall and winter.

I also harvested three Eggplant a hand full of Purple Pole beans and lots of peppers at the plots. The bean tepee fell down again from all the rain and wind this week. Unfortunately they are done for the year. I think that I will get some more eggplant and definitely  a lot more peppers from the plants at the plots.

These beautiful Habanero peppers some Serrano peppers and Pepperoncinis were also harvested from the plots yesterday. I'm working on making different types of hot, we will see how they turn out.

Here they are....the last salvagable tomatoes from the plots. The green tomatoes will be made into something that will be canned and posted about at a later date. The red tomatoes will be made in to some more tomato puree. There are also a couple of Trail of Tears dry beans in between the tomatoes. They are just starting to get ready. I think it will be a couple of weeks before most of them are ready though.

Total weighed harvests this week - 26.5 lbs.

Eggplant - 24 oz.
Leeks - 18 oz.
   Bell - 22 oz.
   Hot & Spice - 33 oz.
Pumpkin White Fortna - 34 oz.
Spaghetti Squash - 92 oz.
   Green - 67 oz.
   Red - 86 oz.
Watermelon - 48 oz.

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  1. Sorry your weather has been so gloomy. We've had frost already, so it can be worse!
    I am interested in trying leeks next year--do you feel they are "easy"? I was also wondering if you think maybe all your wet weather has made the outside mushy? They do look good, and I imagine it must be satisfying to grow something like that.

  2. Our weather is miserable too at the moment with strong winds predicted to hang around for the whole week.

  3. Sue, Poor you to have frost already. It was definitely weather related. I think the excessive heat & dry spell this summer made them bigger then usual and then all this rain the past couple of weeks. I had a smaller one turn to mush at the home garden.

    You should try growing leeks. They are easy. I grow carantan leeks. I start the seeds inside in Feb/March and plant them out when they are big enough. They take a long time to grow. Maybe you should start yours in early Feb since you have a short growing season. It is so wonderful to go outside and dig them out of the snow and cook a nice Leek & Potato soup on a cold winter day.

    Sue@GL, Sorry that you are having miserable weather too. It's depressing this time of year.

  4. I have been wondering if you got the 12 inches some of the state got. Glad to see your ok. It has been a miserable week even on this side.

  5. Nature does seem to throw up different challenges in different places - whilst you are getting drenched I'm grateful for the half an inch of rain last week - the first in a couple of months and this is supposed to be our wet season.....but then again at least I never get frost.

  6. That'a a pretty nice harvest..the melon and squash are still nice to have

  7. Those peppers and the last of the tomatoes look beautiful. My leeks are getting a bit mushy and floppy on me too. I had a horrible onion year so I am starting to use them anyways to fill in for the lack of onions until the green onions are ready for harvesting (sizing up nicely but still have a ways to go!). They are not super pretty but taste good which is what counts.

    Hope the rain gives you a break this coming week.

  8. Sorry you've been feeling down and out. Even with a crummy weather week, your harvest look great! I hope you get some sunshine and sprinkled with a bit of happy! :)

  9. Jane, I don't think that we got 12 inches of rain....but, at least 8! That's way too much!

    Liz, Lucky you to never get any frost! The weather here this year has been from one extreme to another!

    Ginny, We are going to end up with 8 nice Spaghetti Squash for over the winter! They store so well and we will definitely enjoy them!

    Laura, The sun is shining today!! I think that I'm going to slice and freeze these four leeks. I just made a batch of soup last week.

    Thanks BeeGirl, I didn't think that I was going to get much of a harvest this week.....but, I was wrong!

    APGal, I think that I'm just going through my seasonal mood change. I already went through the other change :) We just made our reservations for our fall trip to New Orleans in, that is some really happy times to look forward to!

  10. Great harvest Robin. I used to wonder why more people don't grow watermelon and then I open a homegrown one that's not completely and then realize why. Gauging ripeness is definitely an art form.

    Those Habaneros ARE beautiful! I have to admit that I've never cooked with them. I got the impression that they are extremely hot and not much else in terms of flavor. What do you do with them?

    Finally, sorry that you're feeling down. I can't imagine what it must feel like to put all of that work into building a growing space, only to have to start over again next year. Since everyone will be starting from scratch again, hopefully you'll be able to find help from extra hands.

  11. Thomas, It's definitely tricky to figure out when a watermelon is completely ripe. I hope that this last one is as it was no longer connected to the vine.

    I'm in the process of oven drying the habanero peppers today (minus the seeds). Then I'm going to grind them into a powder. My sister in-law suggested it. She says it adds a wonderful flavor to cooking.

  12. wow look at those peppers! and i love the new pix on the top of your blog. great work!

  13. That is quite the harvest! those melons look great! I hope the gloomy weather goes away soon!!

  14. OFG, I thought it was definitely time to change the pic. Before you know it, I will have to change the blog to a fall layout!

    Mrs.P, Oh, the gloomy weather is gone today and the sun is shining!

  15. We've had sort of cold evenings/night and humid days! Your harvest still looks great! Watermelon sometimes ripens a bit if left in the fridge(already cut pieces).

  16. You're drowning while I'm sweltering. It got really hot during the days (90+) and real cool at night (high forties), so the tomatoes aren't ripening very fast. This week the night temps came up a bit though.

    Your harvest looks pretty, though, and 656 pounds is nothing to sneeze at!

  17. rainy gloomy days tend to make ya feel blah don't they! Me too! I think I feel that way too when it is way too hot to even get outside! You have a beautiful large harvest once again! All that work can wear ya down too! ;)

  18. RandomG, Thanks for the watermelon tip. I sure hope that this one is nice and ripe!

    Granny, It finally stopped raining and the sun was shining today! Although 656 is a lot, last year I harvested 410 from a fraction of the space. Oh well, it was a tough gardening year for everyone.

    Shawn Ann, Thanks a bunch, I think that this whole up in the air garden move and fall in the air is what's getting to me. The rainy week didn't help either.

  19. Lovely harvest pictures, but sorry about your blah week. Maybe the rain will abate and the sunny yet gorgeous fall temperatures will help with your mood.

    At least I hope so, because I miss reading your new blog posts! :)

  20. Thanks a bunch Prairie Cat! The sun has been shining and I think that I'm over my mood!

  21. Thanks for the picture of the two spaghetti squash. I have 2 spaghetti squash plants that I got from a nursery, and I have squashes that look exactly like those hanging on my vines. The vines are so intermingled that I can tell if the different squashes are on different vines. I was beginning to wonder if maybe one of the plants was something else...


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