Monday, September 26, 2011

Harvest Monday..........09/26/2011

I can't believe that this is the first fall Harvest Monday and the last one of September! As of yesterday morning, I thought that my harvests for the week would consist only of the last Spaghetti Squash and 5 tomatoes. Well, I was wrong! I went to the plots late in the morning on Sunday and once again came home with a great harvest!

Look at this container of sunshine!
There are still tons of peppers at the plots. I'm letting them ripen and will not pick any green ones until we have a threat of frost. The Rosa Bianca eggplant are still doing great and the other three varieties are still small. I even found a ripe Kellogg's Breakfast tomato on a dead vine! Jose, a great gardener at the plots, gave me some Yard Long Beans which are pictured here. We had them for dinner last night and I think that I may just plant a few next year.

I picked this big zucchini at the plots on Sunday. To my surprise, there are two small fruits on the plant that should be ready by the end of this week. The Spaghetti Squash is the last one of the season. We now have 8 nice squash to store for use over the winter!

To my disappointment, most of the Leeks had to be pulled. The outer layer was getting soft from all of the rain. I will slice and freeze them for use over the winter. It really doesn't look like we will have any left in the ground for over-wintering.

I also pulled the remaining bush dry beans at the plots on Sunday. There are still some dry pole beans over there that are not ready to be picked. I couldn't leave the bush beans in the ground any longer or they would just mold and rot from all this rain. I have a lot of the dry beans hanging on the back porch to finish drying. Due to all of the rain and humidity, they are not drying very well. I think that I will move them to the attic later today.

That's about it in the harvest department, with the exception of herbs. For some reason, I haven't weighed a single herb this year. There's been a lot of other things going on that I will post on during the week.

Total weighed harvests for the week - 15.625 lbs.

Beans, Purple Pole - 6 oz
Celery - 3 oz.
Eggplant - 2.75 lbs (44 oz)
Leeks - 35 oz
   Bell - 33 oz
   Hot & Spice - 39 oz
Spaghetti Squash - 2 lbs 7 oz. (39 oz)
Tomatoes - 20 oz
Zucchini - 31 oz

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  1. Looks beautiful and so colorful.
    Leaves are starting to turn here.

  2. That's a lovely container of goodies you got there! Our yardlong beans did great this year. I'll be planting more next year.

    Eggplant and peppers are going strong here too, but everything else is winding down. It's finally fall, and I'm ok with that!

  3. What a fantastic harvest! I just love it when the garden surprises us!!!

  4. Beautiful harvest. WOW what color. :-D

  5. That harvest this time of the year is great..see, all your hard labor payed off :o)

  6. You're lucky. My peppers suffered this year with the wet weather and cool temps. The beans, however were plentiful, as were the toms.

  7. I hear you on all this rain, very bad for my fall gardening mood! I went to pull some things and found mushrooms all over and the grass is so long and yucky now and won't dry out so I can mow. Your harvest box is still looking fantastic though, hopefully it will dry out asap!

  8. Beautiful and colorful harvest this week. The fall harvests are some of the most fun as they usually have lots of color and are a pleasant mixture of the last warm season crops and the first of the cool season crops. I always have difficulty drying down beans here because fall means the arrival of the wet season and it truly is wet!

  9. Robin-you need to FRAME that first photo or your harvest--the colors are just beautiful. You're still getting lots of bounty! Sorry about all the rain-We're getting it too, only I have no garden left. And I'm really sorry about your leeks--those things are so neat-you've got me convinced to try them next year!

  10. Robin nice harvest. I need to go to the plots today. I pulled all the bush beans a week ago but didn't clean them up so need to do that. Still have a lot of green peppers coming there. Not sure if they will make it however with the cooler weather.

  11. Thanks Johanna, I just noticed yesterday that there are some leaves starting to change here.

    Villager, It sounds like our gardens are in the same mode right now. Those yard long beans are just fascinating to me!

    BeeGirl, This type of garden surprise is always good!

    Barbie, It was definitely a beauty!

    Ginny, I'm am very pleased with the garden this year in spite of all the horrible weather. We have quite a bit put up for over the winter!

    Hey Todd, If you need any peppers, just let me know. I have so many. I'm going to do that post tomorrow. I have some other ideas. Will shoot you an e-mail later after I'm done making pickles.

    Erin, This weather has been horrible. You should see my sage bush!

    Laura, This is the first time that I've had a problem drying out the dry beans. The sun is shining today, hopefully I won't have to move them to the attic!

    Sue, I think that I'm going to use that picture on the blog for my harvest photo. It would make a great picture for the kitchen too!

    Thanks Wilderness, I think it's been the year of the pepper! I'm not feeling like cleaning up my plots either!

  12. Envy...envy!
    you have had a very productive season.

  13. Great harvest Robin. We must have another try at growing celery again next year as so far it has never grown successfully for us.

  14. I just love the colours of your harvest! Glad to see that somethings are still producing!

  15. Patricia, The garden has done pretty well considering the weather we have had this year.

    Sue, You should definitely give celery another try. It seems to take for ever to germinate and get big enough to plant out. But, it is well worth it since it is usually at the top of the dirty dozen list.

    Mrs.P, It was a very colorful harvest! I was going to change my blog to the fall layout...but, it is still too green out there!

  16. Robin, I'm glad to see that you have harvest after the big winds. We only had one bout with winds this year and it didn't really hurt my garden much. This time of the year always makes me a little sad as I see the plants in the Autumn of their life cycle. I will be ripping out the last of the tomato plants and putting the watering system to bed for the winter. It's been a great pleasure to follow you through out the spring and summer months as you prepared your garden plots, planted, watched them grow, and now harvested to produce. Thanks for bringing me along through the good, the bad, and ugly of garden growing for this year.

    Have a great fall day.

  17. Thanks so much David! Hopefully there will be some fall and winter harvests too! Next spring you can watch set-up the new plots all over again....I am not looking forward to that! All I can say is, we shouldn't have as many bug problems at the new location. It usually takes the bugs a couple of years to find a new garden!

  18. That is a beautiful harvest basket and I am jealous. Your leeks look just fine as well. Mine have not sized up at all and I am wondering did I plant scallions by mistake?

  19. what a beautiful unexpected harvest! My very few zucchini's are taking forever to grow since it is getting colder. Yours looks very nice!

  20. That box looks like something we see in mid July! How delicious! I've got ask, how are you still getting so many peppers and eggplants this time of year? It seems so warm still. Maybe we'll get a couple more weeks like this. Your leeks look delicious. We're getting ready to pull a few of them here too.

  21. Hi Dave V and thanks for stopping by! I wouldn't give up on those leeks. Mine are usually a lot smaller at this time of the year. I usally leave them in the ground for harvesting during the fall and winter months.

    Shawn Ann, I can't believe that zucchini. I was very surprised to see how it had grown!

    Jody, I have nothing to do with the peppers and eggplants still producing so well. I think it is the weather and some higher power!!

  22. The first pic is absolutely stunning!

  23. Beautiful harvest, I don't have any luck in growing big leeks, I think I pull them too soon.


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