Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Garden Planning.......Decisions, Decisions

I have been diligently working on the garden layouts for the plots. As of today, we have two plots side by side. We may get another plot. But, I am not counting on it.

I've managed to fit most everything in the smaller space. All of the paths aren't as wide as I had before. This little change has given me quite a bit more space then I thought we would have.

As many of you know, I have a lot of different varieties of seeds that I have collected over the years. Some of them I have purchased and others have been free or gifted to me. I don't plant everything that I have every year. But, I do plant a lot of different varieties each year.

I am having a hard time making a decision on the watermelons. I have four varieties and only two locations for them to be planted. I guess that I could plant two varieties in each location. However, I am concerned about cross-pollination??? For this reason I am thinking of planting two varieties.

These are the varieties of watermelon seeds that I have; Sugar Baby, Moon & Stars, Congo & Crimson Sweet. So, have any of you planted any of these varieties.....and how were they???

Here is a link to the Plots Layout. I was planning on posting this as a picture. But, I have been having technical difficulties all day!!! I also have detailed layouts completed for each bed. Once I get my computer issues under control, I will post them.

I have had nothing but problems since this computer updated last week! I can't even comment on some of your blogs!! Sorry Jane!


  1. Be happy to have so much more space this year. Plant some of what you will eat or need more of..hope that helps

  2. I'm having problems as well. I'm having to log in and out 5 or 6 times in order to make a comment "catch" in the white box. I still haven't been able to use the "reply" option they put in there. When I click on it, my screen goes almost all white and I have to shut it down to get out of there. It's frustrating.

  3. Ginny, I actually have less space this year since the new plots are 10 feet shorter. I'm making it work though! I just can't decide which watermelons to plant :)

    VP, That is exactly what is happening to me! I'm glad that I'm not the only one! I thought it was this computer. I haven't tried the new computer in "The Italian's" office though.

  4. My husband has grown Crimson Sweet and Charleston Grey for over 30 years for commercial seed production. He thinks both are great tasting. My son Sam grows Moon and Stars and Sugar Baby for commercial seed production and they are his favorites. I like them all and I'm very greatful they grow them so I don't waste space in my garden~ :)

  5. I have been having problems with comments too. The only way I was able to see them was going through the dashboard. Must be a Blogger issue.
    I can't help you with your watermelons. One plant would take up my entire potager, LOL!

  6. Strange as my Blogger is working. Have you tried visiting their help forum.

    Sorry can't advise on watermelons as I've never grown any. They're not really a favourite fruit of ours.

  7. I can't advise on watermelons either I'm afraid but I am also having issues with commenting on some Blogger blogs. For instance I can't comment on VeggiePaks at all it just comes up with a white screen. There is a series of posts on Bloggers help forum on this issue but as of yesterday there was no solution. Hope they sort it out soon.

  8. Lynda, They do take up a lot of space. Maybe I will let "The Italian" pick the varieties.

    Ed, It seems like the problem is worse today. Oh well, hopefully they will get it fixed soon.

    Sue, It sounds like a lot of people are having problems. I'm going to try another computer today and see what happens.

    Liz, That is the same thing that's happening to me. Oh well, maybe I will get more work done around here :)

  9. I'm trying to work on my planning too. I have too little of space for all that I want to grow. lol!! Glad you got the extra space this year. I hope it works out for you.


  10. We've never grown these varieties. Last year I think our watermelon was a variety very similar to Crimson sweet though. Congo and Crimson sweet will grow to be huge! Because you said your space is limited, I recommend Sugar Baby. I read that you can trellis that variety, and I saw that you have several un-designated trellises in that amazing plot graphic you created. By the way, what's going on with that graphic? Are you and "the Italian" architects or something?!

  11. I grew Sugar Babies last year, and I loved them! They are small compared to others... on average, mine were a little larger than a softball. The flavor was excellent, though, and the production was great. Plus, it is fun to have your own personal watermelon to eat.

    This year, I will be growing them again, but will also be planting a larger variety.

  12. Lynns, Thanks, I'm sure it will!

    Jody, I guess it's true that there is always a wise guy in the crowd :) Actually, all of the trellises have been designated. I will post the detailed plans on Friday.

    Prairie Cat, Thanks for your input. I think that I may grow the Sugar Baby and one of the larger varieties.

  13. I've had problems with posting comments for the past couple of days, but so far so good today.

    I haven't grown watermelon in years, but grew Sugar Baby way back then. I have those Congo seeds from the seed club, and wondering if there is room to try them in this garden. If they could be trellised I could, but I fear the fruits are too large.

  14. Granny, Blogger is better today....but there are still some blogs that I can't comment on.


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