Monday, January 2, 2012

Harvest Monday.............01/02/2012

This week's Harvest Monday post includes the last harvest of 2011 and the first little harvest for 2012.

The Pak Choi in the one cold frame was starting to bolt. So, I pulled all of it. It really turned out to be a great year end harvest!

Not bad for the end of December....31.55 ounces!
As you can see, the bugs are still alive and doing a little nibbling on the veggies. I certainly hope that we get some seasonably cold weather this winter. If not, I am going to have a real bug problem come spring!

The last four carrots from the cold frames were pulled.

The big carrot weighed in at 4 ounces!

There was also some spinach to pick in the spinach bed.

It wasn't a lot. Just enough to put in the bottom of the fish casserole I was making with the left overs from our Christmas Eve feast.

Yesterday we stopped by the plots. I wanted to check on things since I haven't been there for a few weeks.  While I was there I harvested a little broccoli crown.

Our first harvest of 2012...weighing in at 2 ounces!

Total weighed Harvests: 2011 - 2.64 lbs., 2012 - 2 oz. 

Carrots - 8.7 oz.
Pak Choi - 31.55 oz.
Spinach - 2 oz.

Broccoli - 2 oz.

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  1. Robin, It's always nice to be able to pull something from the garden this time of the year. Perhaps someday I will be able to do that very thing. I still have dreams of being able to grow salads in my basement in the winter. However, I must get the food storage room and the seed starting station completed in the next couple months. The work schedule begins tomorrow, January 3rd. It's the first day back to school for Bradley, my grandson.

    It's been a great year so far.

  2. Broccoli in January - that's amazing! No carrots left here, I've got to do better with them next year.

    You are so right about the bugs. I'm no fan of cold weather but we do need some to get rid of the critters!

  3. Fish casserole? Seriously? Never heard of it....Broccoli is some really Hardy stuff.....

  4. David, This year is going to be a big one for you in the garden department! You better get that basement in order ASAP!

    Dave, My broccoli was a complete failure this year and now I get this little head...go figure! I also need to do a lot better with carrots this year. I'd be happy to grow half as much as Daphne!

    Jeff, I never heard of it either until a few days ago. "The Italian" was watching "Two Fat Ladies Cook" (I think that's the name) They made a fish casserole and it looked good. We had two different fishes left, I came up with my own version. It was absolutely wonderful!

  5. its so great to see anything fresh! great work on the harvest. i'd say it was enough for a stir fry. hey did your Italian see this?

    the pix are stunning... wow!

  6. Lots of great surprises! If you keep showing these weights you'll reach your 1000 lb goal for sure this year!

  7. What an awesome harvest Robin! I need to go out and pick some Asian greens as well today. It's usually hard for me since I don't get home from work until after dark when things are freezing up again.

    Your spinach looks REALLY good. Which variety is it?

  8. OFG, That was enough for a few stir fries! Nope, he didn't see it. I will have to show it to him. Those pics are great! I am having trouble receiving some of my feeds and don't always get the posts.

    Jody, I sure better hit 1000 this year! It was crazy that I din't hit it last year.

    Thomas, We just love those Asian greens! The spinach is "The Gardener getting ticked off and just throwing a ton of spinach seeds of several varieties in the bed"!!

  9. Great harvest! Your carrots are so cute. Good job on your garden. I've just been weeding my garden this past week, and it seems like soooo much work. Been working a week and not even half done. I just want to RoundUp the whole thing. Not really, but it entered my mind! Thanks for the cool pics. I am encouraged when I see your stuff.

  10. Your harvest looks great..what a blessing.
    I hope you remembered to get those Brocolli leaves..I better go get my bok choy, I think it's just enough left for a taste but I did enjoy them this year.

  11. What a great harvest and a nice year in review! Too bad your community garden is moving, all that great soil improvement and having to start over again! May 2012 be your best year ever!

  12. That's a nice little harvest for this time of year, especially for your location :) The carrots look so tasty. I can't even eat regular grocery store carrots anymore - they're just not worth it...

  13. I hate to complain about it not being very cold, after all less wood to cut. But I agree with you. I am starting to get a little nervous that there will not be enough cold to kill off the bugs. But be careful what you wish for, I would not be surprised at all if it was still snowing come June. It is just that strange lately.

  14. Did not set foot in the garden this past week, must find time this week. That's a good amount of bok choi you harvested. I too hope for some really cold weather to rid of most of the bugs.

  15. It's official.... you can quit saying you cannot grow spinach now... because obviously you can! That a nice pile of beautiful spinach. :D

    The pac choi, carrots, and broccoli are great winter harvests too. Well done with the winter gardening!

    Happy New Year to you and your family Robin - may it bring you a bounty of goodness - in the garden and out.

  16. Lori, I am happy that I encourage you! You just may have to encorage me this year too!

    Ginny, The broccoli leaves were few and far between. That groundhog did a number on them. The leaves that were there were not nice. So, I didn't pick any. Now get out there and get your bok's going to get cold!

    Thanks Mary, I am over the upsetment and depression regarding the garden move. Now, I'm just going to plan it out and keep a positive attitude.

    Perdita, We really don't eat any grocery store veggies. But, the carrots were few and far between this year. So, we are going to have to buy some organic ones somewhere this winter :(

    Jane, there is some colder weather coming in today. Maybe that will get rid of some of the bugs. I found a couple of slugs on the pak choi. The lowest temp in the cold frames has been 39 so far. That is not low enough to kill those bugs.

    Norma, The warm weather has been nice....but, it is not good for the garden and those darn bugs!

  17. OK Laura, I did grow a good spinach crop one year! I think that this spinach bed will be good come spring! New Year Blessings to you too!

  18. How wonderful to be pulling carrots! Congratulations on your 2011 harvest total! Completely inspiring!

  19. what a lovely harvest to end 2011 and start 2012!

  20. Looks like you had a nice start to 2012. I'm always amazed of how the bugs just keep going through the winter. I guess they appreciate the cold frames a little too much!

  21. Like the new photo of your grandson. I guess you got to see him this holiday.

    Wish I had spinach to harvest but it just didn't take off like last year's.

  22. That's a lovely selection. I like the sound of your fish casserole. Your broccoli looks an interesting colour - is the photo accurate? If so what variety is it?

  23. BeeGirl, We are definitely going to savor those carrots!

    MrsP, It was a great end and great beginning!

    Julie, The temps are supposed to drop drastically tonight and stay cold for a few days. Hopefully that help kill some of those bugs.

    Marcia, No, I didn't get to see my grandson for Christmas. He is in Florida. That picture is from last year.

    Liz, The fish casserole was great! No, the photo color is not accurate. There was such a glare in the kitchen and I just couldn't get the color correct. Green can be a pain like that.

  24. I am getting bugs on my kale. It is doing ok except for the fact that something is eating the leaves. Your carrots look amazing and what a cute little broccoli head.

  25. I hope you have a wonderful new year!


  26. Can't believe you're getting bugs in winter in the cold. Or a harvest. Condolences on the first and congrats on the second. And that's an amazing harvest total at over 700 lbs. Wow.

  27. What a great December harvest! I am liking the warm weather so far this winter... but I do hope it gets colder for a little while, just to kill off all these dang bugs.

  28. That is such a nice harvest for this time of year. But I'm with you. I really want some cold weather to kill the bugs off.

  29. Hi there Normal! I think that the bugs time is limited around here. A cold front is coming in today.

    Thanks Lynn, Happy New Gardening Year to you!

    Thanks Lou Murray, It was a nice end of the year harvest for sure!

    Praire Cat, I guess that the bugs love this warm weather too!

    Daphne, It looks like we will get our cold weather starting today. I just hope it doesn't last too long.

  30. Those carrots look good. We've shared lots of our carrots with the slugs and snails. We should have some broccoli in about 4 months.

  31. A beautiful harvest in the middle of the winter and a great start for 2012.

  32. Nice harvests! Your bok choy looks happier than mine, even if you did have bugs!

    It has been such a mild fall. I wish I had planted more to take advantage of the amazing weather -- I haven't had a real harvest since October, just some snips of kale. If I'd known.... but you never do, do you?

    Happy New Year to you and the Italian!

  33. Hi Martyn, Thank goodness the bugs haven't bothered any of our carrots! We didn't have enough to share!

    MKGirl, It was definitely a good start to 2012!

    Thanks Ali, That pak choi harvest almost doubled my pak choi harvest for the year. We are so enjoying it!

    It would be great if we could predict the weather!

    Happy New Year to you two too!


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