Monday, May 10, 2010

Harvest Monday

This weeks harvest consisted of the last two heads of overwintered Romaine lettuce! Oh, and my little helper harvested another poppy!

I only have a picture of the last one...we ate the other one before I had a chance to take a picture.


  1. Looks great! It has to taste great when you ate it before taking a picture!

  2. That is a pretty looking romaine. I think I have two weeks before I can pick my first one.

  3. Lettuce seems to be the harvest theme this week and it's all looking really good. Do you have a favorite salad dressing?

  4. vrtlarcia, was very tasty!

    Daphne, Thanks, that was the last of the overwintered by mistake romaine

    Michelle, Yes, I do have a favorite salad dressing. It is a ceasar dressing. I posted the recipe in an earlier post. Hopefully, soon I will finish setting up this blog and have a recipe section!


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