Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Potatoes and Tomatoes

The potatoes seem to be doing well in the bags that I made. The little helper and I had to add straw two times this past week.

Many of the tomatoes are growing out of the top of their cloches. I covered the tops the past two nights due to the freeze warning. I certainly hope that this crazy weather is over!


  1. Are you growing potatoes in straw only, or is there also some soil in there?
    I hope you get better weather and warmer temperatures soon, so those tomatoes can be seen in their full beauty.

  2. Moj Vrt, The potato bags have about 6" of soil and compost in the bottom. I planted the potatoes in the soil and then added some straw on top. As they grow, I keep adding straw.

    This should be the end of the cold weather. It is unusual for it to be so cold now. I was hoping to take the cloches off before we go away next week....but, I don't think that I will. Our house/garden/cat sitter is a great gardener and will be able to tend to them in the cloches.

  3. It got below zero round here and we have no tomatoes out yet. Glad to see yours look okay. Yes, we are having weird weather.

  4. OG, Below zero is a bit much for this time of the year! What zone are you in? I usually have all of my flower pots planted by now!

  5. I really need to get the bulk of my tomatoes planted out but the weather doesn't seem to want to cooperate. Hopefully this is the end of it.

    Your potatoes look great! I need to some straw to my pots.

  6. I like your potato bags! Are they made out of spun landscape fabric? How big are they and how many potatoes can you plant in them?

  7. Welcome Thomas and thanks...my little garden helper likes to help with the straw.

    Angela, thanks...yes they are made out of left over landscape fabric we had. They are 2' x 2'. I put about 5 pieces in each bag. Some of the potatoes I cut in half.


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