Friday, June 11, 2010

Around the Garden

The cauliflower seems to be doing well.The heads are growing nicely. I harvested the remaining broccoli heads. I had left a few of the plants in the ground for side shoots. They really weren't producing any shoots. So, I pulled the plants out. The cabbage is not doing very well. It looks like only two of the plants are going to form a head. We had such erratic weather and they really bolted. I will plant more later in the season  for a fall crop.

Largest head of cauliflower is about 5"

The beans are growing and survived their pill bug encounter.

The cucumbers are developing their true leaves.

We finally took the bay leaf tree outside. I purchased this tree 5 years ago. It was only about 3" high when I got it. It is much happier outside and is producing new shoots.

I dug up two of the garlic plants to see how the heads are forming. They are almost ready to dig up. I think that I will give them about two more weeks. Unless the leaves turn completely brown before that. I could really use the room. I have an entire 4 x 10 bed planted with garlic.

This is an Asiatic Lily planted in one of the perennial beds. I am going to start taking pictures of all of the different daylilies that I have planted and do a post on them. I believe that there are at least 20 different varieties. The tags have some how, I don't know how many names I will have with the photos.


  1. great looking cauliflower! I'll try it for the first time this fall, and hope it does as good as yours.

  2. I know what you mean about getting the bed space back - I had to evict my garlic a week early, couldn't take it anymore!

  3. Thanks Jen, I really hope that your weather improves

    EG, I've never had any problems growing cauliflower....except for that dang rabbit last year :)

    Erin, Right now the garlic is shading the lettuce...that's a good thing. I can't evict them too husband is Italian and does most of the cooking around here. I would be in big trouble without enough garlic in the house :)

  4. I agree with others, that cauliflower is beautiful. My cauliflowers didn’t start to form their heads yet.
    Garlic looks ready to be harvested.

  5. MojVrt, I just hope that the cauliflower gets nice and big! I am going to let the garlic in for a little while longer. The two that I dug looked like they were about ready. The rest are not quite ready.

  6. Since I have never been successful with cauliflower or broccoli, a head of any size is a miracle. I love it.

  7. Thanks johanna, I think that broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage are very dependent on the weather. These extreme hot spells we have had, do not help at all.

  8. That cauliflower looks amazing. No signs of heads here yet. Do you protect the heads when they are forming in any way?

    I'm ready for my garlic to be done as well. Unfortunately, I'm guessing we'll still have to wait a month or two.

  9. Thanks Thomas, I have never protected the heads when they are forming. This year, due to the weather, the leaves are huge. I will tie the leaves covering the heads for a few days when they are about ready to harvest. This will bleach the color white. That's what my mom always told me to do. She's a farm girl from way back!

    My garlic is almost ready....thank goodness!!

  10. Everything looks great! I gave up on the garlic I planted as well. I never planted it before and really needed to reclaim it for pumpkins.


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