Monday, June 14, 2010

Harvest Monday

This week I harvested the last of the broccoli. The plants were so big and weren't producing side, I pulled the plants also. The snow peas have come to a halt. I only harvested 2 oz. of them this past week. The "Little Marvel" peas are producing very well though. I hope that they produce longer then the snow peas.

We are still enjoying a lot of Spring lettuce. Our weather was so so hot over the weekend that I'm sure that it will bolt soon. I did start some more varieties of lettuce this week. I am hoping that they will germinate quickly and we won't be too long without fresh greens.

All of the garlic is almost ready. I harvested two of the heads this week that looked like they were ready. They are a nice size. Hopefully, some of the tomatoes will start to ripen soon. I've had tomatoes on the plants for several weeks now....can't wait!

Two small heads of Broccoli

Nice fresh mixed lettuce salad

First two heads of Garlic

Harvest Total: 5.94 lbs

Broccoli - 9 oz.
Garlic - 7 oz.
Herbs - 4 oz
Lettuce - 14 oz.
Peas - 2 lbs. 2 oz.
Snow Peas - 2 oz.
Strawberries - 1 lb. 9 oz.


  1. Nice harvest! I know about that lettuce - my mature ones bolted and had to be pulled a few weeks ago but my second sowing is still too small!

  2. Lovely broccoli. I would love to have any size of broccoli heads now.

  3. Looking good! Before you know it, it will be time to start fall broccoli.

    I'm so ready to pull out my garlic too to make way for fall carrots. I'm guessing it will be a while still.

  4. Oh boy, fresh lettuce and broccoli! Nice harvest!

  5. Great looking harvest. The lettuce is so pretty. I've found that I just can't do limp tired looking store bought lettuce mix after growing my own.

    Are you growing hardneck or softneck garlic? My softnecks are refusing to size up this year.

  6. Thanks Erin, I forgot to start a second sowing until the other I'll be without for a while.

    MojVrt, You will have some broccoli sooner or later :)

    Thomas, I was just thinking that I will soon have to start the fall crop

    EG, Thanks a bunch..not as nice as your cucumbers :)

    Michelle, I can't stand the taste of store bought lettuce either :( All of my garlic are hardneck varieties.

  7. Good looking broccoli. About to start my second sewing of lettuce and I planted the garlic too late but I might get something.

  8. I wanted to say "hi" I found your blog a few days ago and have really enjoyed reading it. Your broccoli looks really good I have a hard time growing it here in Oklahoma I think I might try it again for fall.

  9. Nice harvest! Your bowl of lettuce looks so fresh and yummy, and the garlic sized up nicely for you.

    Does broccoli heads get smaller when it gets hot? I've never had broccoli growing in hot weather because the aphids ruin it before it gets too hot...

  10. Johanna, I plant my garlic in September or October. It does very well that way.

    Jeana, Welcome to my blog. I'm happy to hear that you enjoy reading it. It never hurts to try growing another crop again in the fall.

    Thanks Angela, My broccoli, cabbage & cauliflower bolted this year due to the extreme hot spells we had. Yes, it did affect the broccoli and cabbage...but, the cauliflower is doing well so far.

  11. That's a great looking bowl of lettuce. Too bad the broccoli didn't make side shoots. Does it do better in fall there like it does here?

  12. I wish I had gotten any broccoli this year. Well I did, a tiny little shoot so far. I've still got my fingers crossed.

  13. Thanks Villager, sometimes the veggies look almost too good to eat...not really :)

    I have never managed to get broccoli in for the fall. This year I will for that I'm not working in my profession.

    Daphne, Keep your fingers crossed...there is still hope!

  14. Hooray for garlic! What is your favorite way to use freshly harvested garlic?

  15. Your lettuce looks great. I think fresh salads are the garden's greatest treat. Broccoli, huh? I'm impressed.

  16. Christina, We love garlic around here too. My favorite way to use it is...give it to my husband to cook with :)

    Martha, Thanks a bunch!!

  17. My peas and broccoli seem to be doing the same thing. We already pulled two broccoli plants -- and they were yummy!

    Nice looking harvest!

  18. Very nice! Still waiting on my broccoli...

  19. Angela, I thought that the snow peas were done. Yesterday I noticed that they are blossoming again!!

    Dan, Hopefully your broccoli will produce better then mine did


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