Friday, July 23, 2010

Garden Update

The garden is growing like crazy. It took me a couple of days after coming home to get it under control. The beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and cantaloupe had grown so much that I could not get between some of the beds. The excessive heat we are still having made it difficult for me to go out and take care of everything in one day. But, it's under control now!

I harvested over 7 lbs of cucumbers in two days after throwing out at least a dozen that got too big while we were away. The Alpine Strawberries are starting to produce very nice size fruit. It's hard for me to keep track of the strawberries harvested. My "Little Garden Helper" tends to wander over there and eat them.

I finally harvest a head of Savoy Cabbage. It weighed 2 lbs. There are two other heads in the garden that  are much firmer, but not as big in size. We will see how they do.

I also harvested a couple of Hot Cherry, Jalapeno & Hungarian Paprika peppers on Wednesday. I have the paprika peppers hanging up to dry. I am excited to see how the ground paprika turns out when they are dry.

The tomato haul for the week will be announced on Harvest Monday!!

Cabbage, Peppers, Cucumbers & Strawberries from Wednesday.

Cantaloupe are starting to grow!

The Lone Artichoke is coming along nicely.
I am hoping that the other plants start to produce as well.


  1. that artichoke is beautiful!

  2. You have quite the harvest! And wow so many cucumbers!! Like the melon, bet it will be tasty!

  3. I also have the problem to keep the track of harvested fruit. I can’t resist eating some strawberries and raspberries each time I pass by.

    I can see that you had a great tomato harvest, but I will wait for Monday to read the numbers.

  4. Looking good, girl! I just love harvesting my dinner nearly every morning.

  5. Wow, what a great cucumber harvest! Beautiful pictures. Your cantaloupe looks awesome! I know what you mean by it being a little hard sometimes on the harvest count/weight. I gave away some tomatoes and zucchini this week and forgot to weigh them. I will estimate on the conservative side.

  6. Thanks Erin, my husband is so thrilled! It's taken me 3 years to successfully grow a single artichoke!

    meemsnyc, There's more cucs in the garden...I guess I will be making pickles this weekend!

    MojVrt, All I can say is the tomato harvest will be bigger then last week.

    Thanks Granny, we are having some tastey food around here!

    Dirt Lover, There are a lot of cantaloupe out there. I hope they get enough water to be nice and never know how they are going to turn out.

  7. I bet your harvest on Monday will truly be a sight to be seen!

  8. I have one of those little "garden helpers" too. She is always eating my berries before I get to them!

  9. Oh, I missed this post somehow.
    Beautiful artichoke. I grew artichoke when I lived in Mexico with very little success and this one looks beautiful. The strawberries are gorgeous.
    Yesterdays tomato intake alone was 8lbs. I am feeling I should have weighed them every day. Off to can and freeze some.

  10. EG, Will be seeing RED on Harvest Monday!

    Shawn Ann, My "Little Helper" actually loves the cherry tomatoes more then the strawberries. He will eat them until I make him stop. Yesterday was the first time that I actually got to harvest and weigh some cherry tomatoes. He is away visiting with his Mom.

    johanna, It took me three years of trying to get ONE artichoke!
    It's amazing how much tomatoes are harvested. This is my first year weighing them.

  11. Nice work, Robin. Looks like it's time for cucumber margaritas!

  12. Thanks Vic, Cucumber Margaritas!! post the recipe please!

  13. You really have a nice and bountiful harvest. I like your tomatoes and strawberries. I am jealous of all the veggies you harvested. It seems that all of your plants are really doing well. I can’t wait to have my own harvest.


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