Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In-Laws Balcony Garden Update #3

Sunday, the 4th of July, we went to my in-laws for a family picnic. As usual, the first thing I did is go up to the balcony to check on his veggies. Everything is growing quite well. All four of the tomato plants have set fruit. The cherry tomato has even provided some fruit for their salads. There are  peppers in the swc that very large and almost ready to harvest. Although the plants in the containers are growing well. There is a definite difference in the size and color of the plants in the swc.....they are huge and a much deeper green. As the season moves forward we will see which method is more productive.


As you can see from the last photo. Their backyard garden space is almost completely shaded all day.


  1. Beautiful! It's amazing how much life and nutrition one can cultivate from a small space when motivated -good job!!

  2. Vegetables are doing excellent, considering that they have limited space to grow roots.
    Backyard is in shade, and nice place to sit during these hot summer days.

  3. This looks great and so did your carrots from monday. Hope you are holding up in the heat. The garden is taking a beating.

  4. Thanks Erin, My in-laws are very happy to have their own veggies again.

    MojVrt, Their backyard is a nice little spot to sit in the summer.

    johanna, This heat is almost unbearable....just a couple of more days and the weather will break!

  5. I grow in a small space myself, so it was lovely to see what's growing on your in-laws balcony. Unfortuantely the one thing I can't grow outside or on the balcony are tomatoes - live in Scotland you see - too cold.


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