Thursday, July 8, 2010

What's Going on around the Garden

The garden is progressing quite well, despite this extreme heat wave we are having. Much to my surprise, the tomatoes seem to be continuing to set fruit. There are many small cantaloupe and muskmelons on the vines. I have yet to see any female zucchini blooms though.

There are a couple of baby Spaghetti Squash growing on the side fence.

It looks like we are going to have 3 heads of Savoy Cabbage.
The plants had bolted in the spring due to a previous heat wave. Therfore, I had to pull 4 of the plants.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I found a bud on one of the Artichoke plants this morning! The outer leaves have been turning yellow due to heat....I guess.

All of the pepper plants are producing like crazy.
This plant has a couple of large peppers that have yet to change color.

Tomato Beds

The photo on the left is the front tomato bed and the photo on the right is the two back beds. The back beds were planted three weeks earlier then the front bed. Most of the plants in the back beds are nearly 6' tall or taller. While the plants in the front bed ranges from 3' to 5'. I tested the soil a couple of days ago and the nitrogen is lower then I would like it to be in all 3 beds.

The cucumbers are really taking off. The vines are just loaded with baby cukes.

These two photos are of an unknown tomato variety. The seeds were given to me by my in-laws 4 years ago. They got the seeds when they were in Italy.

I am very concerned about this plant. The leaves and stems have been turning a very bright yellow. I remove them and then more turn yellow. I have had problems with this variety in the past. Two years ago it developed blossom end rot. Then last year, it was the first to get the blight. I have been thinking about removing the plant. There is another plant of this variety in the front bed.....which is doing well.

The "Early Pack 7" variety from the Italy seeds this year.

This is the sturdiest plant for it's size that I grown this year. (This plant was germinated very late in the season).  It looks like I will have to take it out of the pot and put it in the ground somewhere.


  1. Congrats on your artichoke! This gives me hope that maybe see one this summer.

    Beautiful cabbage. It's been bolt city around these parts lately. Unfortunately, all of my cauliflower have bolted. :(

    Thanks for the advice on the garlic! I definitely be using the paper bags.

  2. everything looks really good. I have the same problem with two of my tomato plants - bright yellow leaves. I am always so hesitant to pull the plant out. I figure, by the time it gets to the other plants, the season will be over. I have a feeling that is not a very gardenerly thing to do.
    The artichoke looks great and reminds me of when we grew a pineapple in Mexico. Great excitement and something new to watch.

  3. That artichoke is beautiful. How do they taste like? I have never tasted artichoke before.
    You are lucky to get 3 heads of cabbage. Mine never made any heads, I don’t know what is wrong with them. And my cauliflower also never grew any heads.

  4. Love the artichoke! My plants completely turned brown and melted into the ground, I don't think I will try artichoke again, here anyways! What beautiful ruffled cabbage leaves! The tomatoes love the heat, it is crazy. Me? Not so much - I was excited at the prospect of a cool forecast of 89 today, but with the humidity way up, I think it was cooler out in the garden yesterday when it was 100! Clouds are moving in, so I'll be heading out there in a few minutes to enjoy a break from the direct sun.

  5. Cool the see the Artichoke!

  6. Thomas, This is the third year that I have tried to grow artichokes.....I guess third times a charm :)

    Regarding the garlic, I put nails in the beams, hang the garlic and put one of those large brown shopping bags over them...I hope it works as well for you.

    johanna, I am wondering if this excessive heat is causing the yellowing...I really don't want to risk any other plants if it's something else.

    MojVrt, I didn't think I was going to get any heads from the spring crop. If you had a real hot spell...that could cause the cabbage not to form heads and probably the cauliflower as well.

    Erin, I have been really hating this was over 100 for a few days. I just wish it would rain!

    Dan, I think it will be fun to watch the artichoke grow...hopefully it will do well.

  7. The vegetable garden is excellent! Nice to see such a healthy crop. I too have the first carrots, cherry tomatoes and courgettes.

  8. You have a wonderful garden! I love looking at the pics! In regards to the yellowing tomato leaf issue, I know they are gone now, but maybe they needed some nitrogen. I use blood meal for a quick boost for yellow leaves. I think it's the easiest fix to try.
    Thanks for sharing all that you do in your garden! Keep it up!


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